Tuesday, December 29, 2009

REMEMBERING 2009 - Let's play a game!


See how many bloggers' screen names you can name! Then see how many bloggers' real names you can name! I know the answers to the screen names, but I don't know everyone's real names! If the avatar belongs to you, fill in your information and add anything else you want us to know about you - your profession, your family, your favorite Blogging Memory of 2009.

1 - 12

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13 - 24

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25 - 36

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37 - 48

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49 - 60

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Most of these bloggers are from the early FOX days, so all you newbies I've never met on Lugnuts, please identify yourself so I can add you to the collage!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Name That Film: Farewell Edition

Come by and check our major announcement! Click the title of this post to see what I mean.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Sports fans, your outlet for expressing your ire is back! After a hiatus of a few months, Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? is back. You know you have some object of your ire in the sports world that you want to call out BIG TIME. I know I do! Let's get started!

NFL on Fox crew: These guys ALL, to a man, picked the NY Giants over Carolina. ALL of them totally DISSED Carolina, calling them a fluke, treating their beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings in front of a national audience as such. WELL GUYS, TIME TO EAT AND SUCK ON SOME CROW! What a beatdown the Panthers put on the NY Giants today! With a Dallas win tonight, the Giants will be playing golf after next Sunday. Because you all dissed Carolina, it's time for you guys to taste some tread!

NFL Schedule Makers: WHY, on God's green earth, did you schedule the woeful Washington Redskins on a SUNDAY NIGHT GAME? They were PUTRID against the equally putrid NY Giants. A better matchup would have been Steelers-Ravens. For scheduling the God-awful Redskins on a Sunday night, and subjecting the nation to that crap, whoever is responsible for this debacle gets thrown under the Bus.

Lamar Odom: all you had to do was move the box a few FREAKING INCHES one way or the other, and all would be well. Instead, you left it there and tripped over it, taking a header down the stairs and causing you to miss a game. Common sense SHOULD tell you to MOVE THE FREAKING BOX! But you didn't, you missed a game because of it, and nearly cost the Lakers a sure win. Because of NOT moving the box and missing a game because of it, you get thrown under the Bus.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to chime in with yours!

Man's Game, Random Excerpt

Another excerpt from a book I'm working on.

Bang the title to read.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bud Shootout Changes

The latest off-season blog from Monday Morning Crew Chief is up. Just click the title.

Friday, December 25, 2009

No Championship for JJ in 2010

What's that, you say? Jimmie won't win the championship in 2010? I know what you're thinking- 'How can you be so sure?" "Are you psychic or something?" "Does the Beagle have insider information?"

No, I don't have inside information, and no, the Beagle isn't psychic. So how do I know that Jimmie won't win the championship in 2010. Let's just say it's because of a little something that Santa left for Katie--

That's right. It's a Jimmie Johnson voodoo bear, and she's already been hard at work doing that voodoo that she does so well.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pac-10 Stumbles Out Of the Gate Going 0-2 in Bowl Losses to Mtn West

The Pac-10 has stumbled out of the blocks in the bowl season. After going 5-0 last season in bowl games, the Pac-10 is now 0-2 in their first two bowl games against the non-BCS conference of the Mountain West.

Oregon State was whacked by BYU 44-20 in the Las Vegas as underdogs on Tuesday and Utah handled California as an underdog 37-27 in the Poinsetta Bowl Wednesday.

The win for Utah was their ninth bowl win in a row tying them for second all-time with USC from the John Wayne-led years and just beneath Florida State’s 11 in a row set from 1985-96.

The win also serves notice to the BCS committee who has shunned non-BCS conferences, dismissing their validity in the overall scheme. The pairing of the undefeated teams of TCU and Boise State -- the only two non-BCS conference teams playing in BCS bowl games, should serve notice of what the committee’s agenda is. Let them knock each other around without giving them their due by beating a BCS conference team.

Utah is the original BCS buster knocking off Pittsburgh in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl and routing Alabama in last years Sugar Bowl.

Read More Here....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Name That Film: Christmas Edition!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Take a couple of minutes to get away from the chaos of the holidays and have some fun! Play this week's editions of Name That Film! Yep, Blood put together an amazing intro and I fould 10 new quotes and clips from Christmas movies! I hope to see you there.

Great Betting Bowl Games Line Up This Week Led By The Pac-10

The bowl season began last week and we saw two underdogs win outright and one favorite win. The biggest upset was Wyoming, a 12-point dog – the second largest spread of the bowl season – handing Fresno State a 35-28 double-overtime loss.

For the next three days beginning Tuesday with the Las Vegas Bowl, we’ll get to witness some of the better bowl games, at least on paper. The first two pair top end teams from the Pac-10 and Mountain West. BYU matches up with Oregon State and then Utah squares off against Cal.

As exciting as the Mountain West teams have been, look for the Pac-10 to begin their bowl reign similar to the way their teams did last season when they went 5-0. This season they have six teams in bowls with only Stanford being an underdog in a game which the sharps have already bet against Oklahoma, dropping the Sooners from 9-point favorites to the current line of 7½.

Nevada has the largest spread of the bowls but it has been plummeting from a high of 16½-points to a low of 13½ over SMU, due to the academic suspension of the Wolfpack’s leading rusher Vai Taua. The Pack was already without 1,000 yard rusher in Luke Lippencott due to toe surgery.

The two will be missed but they still have another 1,000 yard rusher in quarterback Colin Kaepernick and two eager performers waiting for their chance to shine in Lampford Mark and Mike Ball. Mark had one 100 yard game this season while Ball put up 184 yards against UNLV. The system in place is still good enough to validate the large spread despite the loss of Taua.

I must admit, I did lose the pool I had going which asked what school would have the first starter to drop out due to failing grades as usually happens just prior to the Bowl games. I laid the chalk with Florida State, who seems to win that mythical pool 80% of the time.

Read More Here....

Friday, December 18, 2009

JJ favored Again: Las Vegas Releases Odds on 2010 Daytona 500 & Championship

The Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook became the first Sports Book to open odds for the 2010 Daytona 500 and Sprint Cup Championship.

Over the last four seasons there has been little drama in the Chase for the Championship that has seen Jimmie Johnson win an unprecedented four straight titles. Despite the streak, the Las Vegas Hilton haven’t over-adjusted on what seems to be as sure of a sure thing there is in NASCAR by opening Johnson as the 5 to 2 favorite, a price that has been on par with Johnson at the beginning of each of his last three seasons.

For whatever reason, the public -- knowing that Johnson is going to be tough to beat, would rather bet a little amount to win big which takes Johnson completely out of many betting equations, that is until Johnson wins and you lose. But that’s where the fun of wagering this early in the season comes into play.

People want to root for an underdog. Some folks bet a new driver to win the title every year when they visit Vegas giving them action and someone new to root for throughout the season.

The real value, or at least appearance of the value, lies within the drivers who be looking to stop Johnsons’ reign. Mark Martin (7/1), Kyle Busch (8/1), and Jeff Gordon (8/1) round out the top four favorites to win the Championship.

read more here....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NASCAR musings in the offseason

I have some ideas on improving NASCAR. To read these, click on the link. Your comments are welcome.

Bolt Notes: Wrap Up; Preview; and Week 14 NFL Picks!

Come by and check out my picks for week 14! Let me know who you have winning this week.

Friday, December 11, 2009

NASCAR Diecast Collectables Question

SO, I ended up in a second hand store and they had all these diecasts. When the guy told me they were 1/2 price I may have gotten a bit crazy.
Any of you have better resources than I to tell me if I found anything fantastic?

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Eagle One paint sceme) limited edition one of 20004
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Valvoline/ Zerex paint sceme) limited edition one of 20016
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Dale Jarrett #88 1998 Ford Taurus (Quality Care paint sceme)limited edition one of 5000 (bank)
in box with , styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Tony Stewart #20 1998 or 99 (box says 99 styrofoam liner says 98) Pontiac (Home Depot/ Habitat for Humanity paint) one of 10008
in box with styrofoam. box is 'sleeved' 1:18 scale

Bobby Hamilton #43 Pontiac (STP paint)
Richard Petty STP 25th anniversary
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

Ricky Rudd #10 Thunderbird (Tide paint)
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

If you know anything about these "toys" I would love the info.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

End of the Year Awards

A live awards show hosted by yours truly, along with Mike Hanner and the long lost Countryjag.

Bang the title to peep in.

And so it happens

One Danica Patrick will be racing a few times in ARCA and the Nationwide series in 2010.

So will she go the way of Tony Stewart and be successful or will she be added to the evergrowing pile of open-wheelers that struggled instead (Hornish, AJ, Montoya, Franchitti, Speed...have I missed anyone?)?

While I am one of her biggest detractors (three years with a top team and a return of that solitary win in Japan just doesn't cut it in my book), at least she isn't jumping straight into the Cup series. We shall just have to wait and see how it pans out since who knows, she might produce an impressively consistant season like she did in Indycar this year...

One poster on Scenedaily says she won't, even going so far as taking bets (money raised goes to charities) over whether Danica in JR equipment will be able to beat John Wes Townley in RCR stuff.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Name That Film: Pet Peeves Edition!

Hi Everyone! Come over and play this week's edition of Name That Film!!! See you there!

You Decide Poll 2009

The 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is in the books, which means it is time for the annual You Decide Poll. Click here to participate...

Rating the 2009 Sprint Cup Series

The final rating for the season is up and running. Just click on the title.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas, NASCAR style

Okay, I know there are many versions of this out there, but this is my own version of it, hope that you enjoy it.

Twas' the night before Christmas.
And all through NASCAR land
Not an official was a stirring.

All the tools were hung up with care.
Nothing more to tweak this year.

Click the title and enjoy my version of this Christmas classic...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jamie Whincup repeats

Jamie Whincup secured his second V8 Supercar title when he crossed the line in fifth place in race one of the final round in Sydney. The 26 year old Victorian had to endure a fair bit over the course of the year; whether or not he'd follow in Marcos Ambrose's footsteps by crossing the Pacific, the tug-of-war over which manufacturer his Team Vodafone car would use in 2010 along with a spirited battle in the points with HRT driver, Will Davison.

But he took it all in his stride as he became the first man since, ironically, Ambrose to clinch back-to-back championships. Since he's staying in V8's next year, he will look to become one of the few guys to win title with different manufacturers (from what I can tell, there's only been four) as the team makes the jump to Holden.

Jamie Whincup at the wheel of his #1 Ford Falcon.

In other news, I found out that SPEED will be showing the V8 Supercars next year...just a week after the actual round. So provided we don't look at any Aussie sport news for a week, we can see the series that launched Ambrose's tin top career, sweet!

Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup draw

Alrighty then, the 32 teams have been set for the 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place in South Africa. The draw is less than ten minutes away for those interested and one team from each 'pot' will be put into the eight groups (...I think). Pot 1 has all the seeded teams I believe.

Pot 1:
South Africa

Pot 2:
Korea DPR
Korea Republic
New Zealand

Pot 3:
Cote d'Ivoire

Pot 4:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sadies Thoughts And Thanksgiving Observations

Greetings from sunny and warm Southern California. I have missed my blogger friends and thought since Dad decided to take me along to his monster in-laws house I would share.

We left the house at halftime of the Packers game. Dad tells me his favorite team was named after a meat packing company and as a dog who loves meat I can relate. What should have been a half an hour drive turned into an hour and Dad got frustrated. His mood changed darker by each minute stuck in traffic. Mom said something about "don't worry they will probably lose to the Lions, it might be better if you miss it". She's always been a cat lover but went a little too far this time. Finally we arrived "just in time" to help put out the snacks and set up the bar for the rest of the guests. All the while wondering if the father in-law was going to help. Nope. Wasn't in his plans. I watched as Dad got stuff set up and cracked his first cold beer of the day. I could see the sparkle in his eye as he exercised his Irish pride. We settled in to watch the last few minutes of the game when "uncle Ted" and his "wife" Arleen walk in. Dad got up and fixed the newcomers a drink. Which was a good time for me to samle the prosciutto and melon. Prosciutto good, melon not. I hope they don't find where I left it. Finally he comes back muttering about how old Ted and Arleen are and he doesn't want to hear about anymore ailments. We sit back down. In walks a sister in-law with her dorky husband and clinging child. The kid runs over and pulls my ear. i want to bite him, I really do, but with age comes wisdom and I know if I do I won't get invited again. My Dad notices and with the Packers win he's feeling generous and offers to play pool with the dork.But dork dad decides it's a teachable moment and unscrews a pool cue and gives it to his kid so he can play. What happens when you give a 5 year old a stick? He hits things, right? Including his uncle Patrick. Dad was not amused butthe kids parents were. A-holes. Dad decides at this point drinking the afternoon away is his best option. Who could blame him. Monster in-law approaches and asks "how long do you think we should cook the turkey in my new convection oven". Dad wants to say "I don't Effin know" But what comes out is "where's the book, we'll figure it out". Which of course means Dad has taken ownership of the turkey preparation. Convection oven 101 knowledge secured and a bird is in the oven. Cousin Mark and The dysfunctional Girlfriend show up. Mark begins two fisting the shrimp cocktail like a Seinfelp epeisode. Dad leaves the room in disgust and in search of Patron. I hope for fall out. It never happens. We sit and watch a little bit of the Dallas game wondering why they don't have an opponent. Halftime comes and it is time for bocce ball. Mark is full of shrimp and half full of beer and can't play a game for fun. So our family bocce game almost becomes a full contact sport. That was fun.......NOT.....I go back and forth with the guys wondering why they keep throwing the balls and chasing them. My Mom comes out and tells Dad to check the turkey. Just like her to micro manage. He tells her it's fine and just needs some more time, no need to check it. So, after checking the turkey, bocce starts up again which ahs become a marathon because no-one is very good. Someone throws (father in-law) a ball down the hill in the third game and while everyone is looking for it Dad goes in and gets the turkey out of the oven to let it cool a little before carving. Dad goes to the wine cooler and opens a bottle of Pinot Noir, secretly hoping no-one wants any. They do, darn, but there is lots more so all is good. He comes back to carve the turkey and after answering the "do you think it's done" question 45 times He finishes. Turkey carved, table st, side dishes are ready and dinner goes without embarassment or problems.

Dishes are done and plans for desert are set aside for later. Time for the annual drunken uncles poker game. My big sister asks Dad if she can play. He say "do you have any money" she says "no Daddy" .... Dad digs deep and buys her in. It works everytime for her when she says "Daddy". Poker game is progressing well especially for Big sis who is taking everyones money. Never offering to pay Dad back for the buy in. It's OK though. I hear she has a pub crawl planned for later with friends and cousins. Then another sister in-law come sin with her husband and two sons. One is 18 and knows everything. The other is 15 and knows nothing and is proud of it. It's true ignorance is bliss. We all say hello and get back to donating to the pub crawl cause. Dad and sis have a couple shots of Patron and reluctantly offer some to Ted and the father in-law. They accept. Damn. I'm beginning to understand why Dad loses at poker. It might be Patron related. A loud argument starts in teh kitchen and it's Mark and the 18 year old know it all discussing politics which is always a good idea when drinking. Th efather of the 18 year old invites him outside to discuss it. The father of the year candidate promptly places him in a headlock and that leads to his wife punching and kicking her husband yelling to let her son go. Dad and big sis raise another shot of Patron in the name of family unity and pledge their love for one another. I look for a quiet place to lay down. A few people decide to leave and Dad asks "why are you leaving the fun is just getting started" Nobody thinks he's funny. But he sure laughs alot. Sis gets picked up shortly after that commotion and begins her binge drinking. We decide we should go soon...... well Mom decided. So we watch a little TV before leaving and Cousin Mark and The Dysfunctional Girlfriend get ready to go. The monster in-law walks them out and we follow along. Then we hear a loud crash and it seems the girlfriend has pilfered two bottles of wine in her satchel sized purse. She was over served and while taking two steps forward and one backward she dropped it and shattered the wine. Everything in her bag is soaked with wine. Mark begins yelling at her and it becomes obvious she steals booze almost everywhere they go. Dad starts laughing and says he admires her priorities. Nobody thinks he's funny again and Dad goes inside to sulk. A piece of pie and coffe and we are all set to go. Traffic wasn't that bad but the ride home was very quiet. I hope Mom decides to talk to Dad soon.

So how was your Thanksgiving?
ps. I think I'll stay home for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Name That Film: Music In Film Edition!

Time for our latest edition of Name That Film!! This week, blood and I are swinging into movie quotes that come from movies that are influenced by music. Hope to see you there! Just click the title!

Lug-Nuts and Fan-Addicts NASCAR 10 Chase races

Here is the results and I think we came up with a great 10 chase race tracks. I did a average of where everyone picked the tracks on there list and this is the order. Darllington fell in the 3rd to 6th spot but the others had more picks for that spot so it moves up to second.

We start out on the smallest track and end on the grand daddy.
1. Martinsville
2. Darllington
3. Dover
4. Sonoma
5. Texas
6. Talladaga
7. Phonenix
8. Las Vegas
9. Charlotte/Lowes No More.
10. Daytona

Thanks to all who did a list and I would say we did a great job.

Take care and God bless,,,

Monday, November 30, 2009

Man's Game

I'm trying to write a book. Not about NASCAR, or even about sports.

Excerpt here......

The 2009 Motorsport Awards...well, the ones that count anyway

Yup, it's done for another year so break out the suits and dresses!

If you're wondering why it says I did this on Thursday, it was that I started it then...had a few categories left blank so I wanted it all done before posting.

Sunday, November 29, 2009






The Season Is Over!!!

The season is Over!

The champ has been crowned, once again it is the 48 team. The teams now go back to work on making their teams better for next season.

Some teams will go through major changes. Some will not even be in existence next season. While others will make small changes. And some will remain the same.

The 88 team will probably go through some major changes. This team has a driver who is capable of winning races. But there is something missing here. Don't know if it is the driver, the crew chief, the owner or just the whole chemistry. I do hav emy suspicions what the problem is.

Click title if you want to read the rest.

I give Up!

Go see what I give up on, and no I am not giving up on NASCAR at least not yet!!!!

Peafowl this is in your honor.

Click and enjoy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lug-Nuts & Fan-Addicts NASCAR CHASE

I took in all who gave a list of there 10 chase tracks and added them up and tryed to come up with the average for what race # they would be, but before the order comes out we need to finish the list.

First what tracks made the 10 race list cut so far.

,. Talladaga with 8 votes
,. Martinsville with 6 vote
,. Las Vegas with 6 votes
,. Texas with 5 votes -
,. Phonenix with 5 votes
,. Daytona with 5 votes
,. Charlott/Lowes with 5 votes
,. Dover with 5 votes
,. Sonoma with 5 votes

That gave us 9 tracks. Now the tricky/hard part is we had three tracks with 4 votes and all 3 are loaded with history and could very well bring much drama to be one of the tracks in the chase.

,. Atlanta with 4
,. Darllington with 4
,. Bristol with 4

I figure I would leave it up to you guys to pick the last track to make the list. With Martinsville being the only bowl track I will pick Bristol as my pick out of the 3. It's was a toss up with Atlanta........lol...

Thanks and Cheers

Thursday, November 26, 2009

that's my opinion - what's yours





Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What 10 tracks are Yours?

It's over and Brian France said a few weeks ago that there head line was the 48 team going for four in a row. ESPN did there part and talked the talked that it was really some thing big?

I think the fact that a 40 year old with a new team and a young grew chief was sitting in second place was bigger. Thats just me I guess.lol

We have talked about the 10 tracks and Hanahan has brought it up in a few of his post but it was mainly a few tracks. Now Brian France has drunk him self under the table and you have a chance to pick the 10 tracks. What are the 10 tracks you would put in the chase.

Here is mine. PS. I am not thinking about travel time or weather.lol

They need to change some of the tracks, they need at least one road course and another super speedway.

My list for chase tracks..

1. New Hamshire NHIS - Miler.
2. Walkins Glen - Road course
3. Martinsville - Short
4. Atlanta - Super speedway
5. Texas - Miler
6. Darllington - Miler +
7. Talladega - Super speedway
8. Bristol - Short
9. Phoenix - funky road course with all left turns.lol
10. Daytona - Super speedway

Now maybe a few can be moved around to help on travel, but Daytona is last. I don't care about NASCAR having there super bowl at the start. They can keep it but they will finish there as well. lol

Let's see your list. Cheers2All

The Speeding Bullets: Ford 400

The final edition of The Speeding Bullets for 2009 is up and running. Just click on the title to read my thoughts on the final race of the season. My apologies for going a couple of months without writing...

Name That Film: Thanksgiving Edition!

We're back! Click the title and check out our new game! See you there!

Rating the Ford 400

The rating for Sunday's race is up. Just click on the title.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogger of the year

I was recently nominated for blogger of the year at NASCAR.com. I am sending out this messge in hopes of getting your support. If you click on the link below, it will take you a page where you can vote for me. (frevr3fan) You are allowed to vote once a day, and all your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sal aka frevr3fan

View From the Flagstand

No Mark Martin on TV for 80 days! Oh well, there's always his doppleganger....Bret Favre. Oh joy. Can't get too much humbleness, can we?

Find out what Yours Truly and Brian France have in common.

Last View of the year is just a click away.

Sunday, November 22, 2009




The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly--Ford 400

The final The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the season is up. Click on title, then read and comment.

overheard at homestead

All Hail JJ - Homestead Race Chat

Our last race chat of 2009! Its been a rough year on and off the track especially with us being homeless mid-season -- So glad we were all able to stick together and stay in touch.

The fat lady has pretty much sung on this season although I know a few of you are still hoping for MM to pull an upset. At least we can say to the whippersnapper youngins that will be watching the sport in 20 years that we saw JJ win it when...

Enjoy the race today even if its boring b/c we will all be going thru withdrawals soon enough!!

Let's go racin!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bolt Notes: Week 11 With NFL Picks!

Click the title and check out this week's picks!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Right Sides Only

The end IS in sight!

Click the title, win a prize!

The Trifecta- And Now The End Is Near Edition

Yep, it's the last Trifecta of the season, and while there may not be any excitement in the featured races, there is plenty of excitement in the Trifecta-

Will Kristen win an unprecedented 7th Trifecta?

One last chance for Kyle (and Gene) to score the Kylefecta.

No chance of a Kevfecta this week as Harvick is turning over the wheel of the #33 Nationwide car to Ryan Newman.

So on to the races-

Camping World Truck Race Friday 11/20; green flag at 8:18pm ET

Nationwide Race Saturday 11/21; green flag at 4:45pm ET

Sprint Cup Race Sunday 11/22; green flag at 3:30pm ET

Choose your drivers and let's go racing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gas and Go--Homestead

The final Gas and Go of the season is up. Click on the title. Read the post. Comment on post.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

View From the Flagstand

How did Jr cause both wrecks in Arizzzzona last Sunday?

Click, clack.
On the title, Mack.

Rating the Checker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500

The Rating for Sunday's race is up. Just click on the title.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Brian France's Double Standards

Hey guys. This is a link to a VERY interesting column on Brian's divorce proceedings. The site it's from is called 'RacingwithRich.com The guy writes some great stuff on NASCAR.

Click the title to see France's double standards.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly--Checker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500

This week's Good, Bad, and Ugly is up. Click on title. Read. Comment.

What, No Race Chatt?

Not that its been anything exciting to see, Its been the ESPN Lowes show the first 50 laps and only showing Kurt Busch the leader when going to commercial break. so I think most have fallen a sleep. Stay tune cause I see the smoke from Johnson car is getting worst.lol

I be back to pop in and see if anyone has woken up.


New Zealand to take on the World...Cup

I was in NZ when Australia made it last time and now I'm in Canada when the Kiwis make it...wonder if that means that Canada will qualify for the 2014 WC?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Phoenix Happy Hour: JJ Fastest, But Martin May Have The Best Car on Sunday

Any thoughts of Jimmie Johnson having any lingering affects from last weeks disastrous finish at Texas were quickly put to rest during Saturday’s Final Phoenix Practice in preparation for Sunday’s Checker O’Reilly Auto Parts 500.

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series points leader laid out the fastest lap of 132.348 mph early in the practice and appears to be primed at taking care of business and increasing his 73 point lead in the Chase for the Championship.

Johnson has a conceivable chance of clinching the title at Phoenix this week with one race still to go, which would be an unprecedented fourth Championship in a row. However, with another poor performance and good runs by his Hendrick Motorsports teammates Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon, Johnson could also find himself leaving Phoenix third in points.

The later scenario seems very unlikely based on his past history at Phoenix that has never seen him finish worse than 15th with a current streak of six straight top-5 finishes that include three wins.

Johnson’s rocket this week is the same chassis he used while finishing second at Martinsville, a track that -- while half the distance of Phoenix -- is still relevant because of relatively no banking.

Read More Here....






Friday, November 13, 2009

Bolt Notes: Week 10 With NFL Picks!

Hi Everyone! Drop by my blog for this weeks edition of Bolt Notes! See if your NFL picks are different than mine. For your sake, I hope so. See you there!

By the way, sorry there was no Name that Film this week. We will be back ASAP!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NASCAR's Biggest Mystery Has Been Solved!

Film at 11.

(or just click the title)

The Trifecta- By the Time I Get to Phoenix Edition

The races:

Camping World Truck Series Friday 11/13- green flag at 8:18pm ET

Nationwide Series Saturday 11/14- green flag at 4:45pm ET

Sprint Cup Series Sunday 11/15- green flag at 3:30pm ET

You know what to do from here.

(Hanny, shall I put you down for the Kylefecta?????)

Right Sides Only

Featuring.....Dunkin Donuts, lawsuits, Patriot Missles, and....The Kevfecta?!

Clicky, clicky.

Sadies Thoughts

Hello Everyone. This is a test blog to see if I am doing this correctly.

Thanks for getting me straightened out and up to date Kristen. And Thanks for the help Katie and Kelly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frame by Frame IS BACK!

Thats right and it is wall to wall so it might load alittle slow, so click and get a drink and let me entertain you for a few minutes, Alot of qustions are answered that where brought up from Atlanta and Texas so crank the speakers.

Here is just a one frame,,

NASCAR,NASCAR COT,Ask_Forensic2 Frame by Frame

See part 2 on the post and see what some Jr nation fan threw over the fence.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rating the Dickies 500

The rating for Sunday's race is up. Just click on the title.

Monday, November 9, 2009



View From the Flagstand

Anyone else wondering why there was no debris caution at the end of the Dickies 500? Anyone else find it ironic that the Busch Brothers dominated a race called the Dickies 500?

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2009 Motorsport Awards

Ok, so I'll do this a little differently this year. Here are the categories, fill them in and I'll go through them all (yes, I do research; youtube, google and wikipedia mainly) to pick the 'best' or go with my own if I think the 'best' aren't on here.

Make sense? Good :)

The serious awards first...remember, any motorsport category counts:

- Rookie of the Year
- Best Race of the Year
- Qualifier of the Year
- Team of the Year
- Pit Crew of the Year
- Driver of the Year
- Person of the Year

And now the fun ones -

- Personality of the Year
- Crash of the Year
- Surprise of the Year
- Miracle of the Year
- Worst Looking Car Livery of the Year
- Bone-headed Overtaking Attempt of the Year
- The Dental School Award (aka, the award that made the most jaws drop)
- The 'Carved from Stone' Award (aka the person that stood up when the heat was on)
- The Lucky Bugger Award

The results shall be posted...whenever I dang well feel like it, LOL!

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NASCAR Looks To The Heavens with Public Prayer Before Each Race

Matthew 10:32—"Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven."

Race day is finally here, and it’s the time of the week NASCAR fans from around the country have been waiting for.

After all the pre-race shows have ended, it’s time to get ready for the driver introductions and the National Anthem; usually sung by some pop music superstar.

Now before the drivers get the command to start their 850 horsepower fuel-thirsty engines and begin the three-plus hours that it takes to run a typical race, there is still one more order of business.

Sandwiched between all of the hoopla is the public prayer asking a higher power to watch over the drivers, teams, and the fans as well.

With as dangerous as this sport is, the R&D team, which already does a fantastic job of keeping the sport as safe as it possibly can, could always use some extra help in a territory that is far from their area of expertise.

NASCAR believe it or not, is the only sport that utilizes public prayer and televises it before each race; asking for that extra hand of protection upon the drivers, fans, and those involved with the sport.

With the high speeds these cars race at, along with the close side by side racing that produces extreme amounts of unpredictable human error, it’s no wonder NASCAR chooses to seek the assistance from a source which is way beyond the advances of our own modern technology.

As thorough as the R&D team is, there are still those areas that can be overlooked except by the One who can foresee beyond our wild imagination.

Its been eight years, 320 races, and roughly 6,192,000 miles since NASCAR has had to bury one of its own because of a major tragedy.

These unfortunate events usually leave fans wondering, “Why him?” NASCAR racing has to be one of the most dangerous sports that any athlete can compete in.

Its safety record is pretty impressive, especially when comparing it to your every day normal commute.

Here in Southern California alone, with speeds at least three times slower than what the average race is run, at least one person dies each day from an automobile related accident. Safety has always taken top priority in NASCAR.

Just this season alone, NASCAR has seen some of the most spectacular, breathtaking, and scariest wrecks, resulting in some pretty incredible highlight material.

It all started at the season opening Daytona 500, when NASCAR rookie Joey Logano was dumped by fellow rookie driver Scott Speed. The wreck sent Logano slamming headfirst into the inside wall.

Logano would find himself in a bigger dilemma when the series visited Dover in late September.

After Logano checked up, it was Tony Stewart who bumped him from behind, sending him for a wild ride, rolling seven times before coming to a stop on the bottom apron.

It was a month earlier in August when one of the hardest hits took place at Watkins Glen, and it all happened very quickly when Kasey Kahne who got loose entering turn nine, knocking Sam Hornish Jr. into the turn-nine wall.

Hornish then ricocheted into Jeff Gordon, who never knew what hit him because of how fast the accident happened.

Carl Edwards and Ryan Newman have to be two of the most consecrated drivers when it comes to divine intervention so far this season.

The explosiveness as well as the intense magnitude of these two accidents alone, which happened at Talladega Superspeedway, was enough to send a chill down the spine of the many fans who witnessed them.

And just as instantaneous as the accidents happened, an immediate call to the higher power that his assistance was once again needed in the form of many prayers that were sent up to the heavens.

Hebrews 5:7—"When He had offered up prayers and supplications, with vehement cries and tears to Him who was able to save Him from death, and was heard because of His godly fear."

The front line known as NASCAR safety cannot always be won by man alone, and there are times when it takes divine intervention to lend that helping hand.

It’s because of this divine intervention that some of our drivers were given a second chance and lived to race another day.





The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Dickies 500

This week's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is up. Click. Read. Comment.

Kylefecta in Real Time

It didn't happen, but check out my take on the race....and some other stuff.

Click away.

Texas race chat

and Sam Hornish Jr just got an army of fans with that move!

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Nascar is clueless

They just cannot seem to finish one of these races with out a problem.

Two times this year cars have cartwheeled into the catch fence so they raise the fence by 8 feet. Surely they doubled the fence webbing in general ? Nascar has lost sight of the basic fundamentals of what is really is happening on the race track.

There is no doubt that safety for fans and drivers should be a priority and for the most part that has been accomplished. What is not being focused on is the affect that the restrictor plate has on racing at Daytona and Talladega.The bottom line is that the cars are still going too fast. Turn anything backwards or sideways at 195 mph and there is going to be a problem. Put 30 cars together in a pack and the problem is multiplied. This is the key.

Nascar had to slow the cars after Bobby Allison ripped down the fence at Talladega in 1987 as they were running laps in excess of 205 mph hence the restrictor was instituted for the 1988 season. That worked out well as Richard Petty barrel rolled Daytona's front stretch fence in the season opener.

A couple of things to consider is that Nascar dropped the weight of the Cup cars by 200 lbs several years ago at the request of teams and drivers.. Secondly with the plate sapping several hundred horsepower from engines it has glued the cars together on the race track. Another point is that aero has taken presedence over mechanical grip. Aero is everything to a Cup car now and has been for several years. The tires just do not get a break as teams search for the perfect aero/mechanical set up.

Nascar's answer is to have a larger wheel/tire combination to make these cars drive better. This is not necessary at all. Put the 200 lbs back into the cars and replace the plate with either a smaller carbuerator and or a smaller cubic inch engine.

During the mid 70's the cars were running at about 180 to 185 mph during race conditions with no real issues to speak of. Now the cars are still approaching 200 mph during a race at Talladega.

Privately Nascar maybe concerned about an underdog busting a move with lower powered cars but this will not happen as the best will still win regardless if the circumstances.

What has happened is that no longer are teams able to work on set ups and driving technique looking for mechanical grip. Now they are forced into a box that limits what can be done to the car mechanically and the driver no longer can use his expertise to get the job done. This aero affect comes into play at all superspeedways.

Nascar has transformed the sport into an AERO sport and the styling of the cars easily reflect that. This is not what Stock Car Racing is supposed to be.

Maybe soon the light bulb will go off in Daytona Beach before it is forced to.

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Looking Back on some NASCAR Cup Happenings of 2009

I know this alittle early. But let's face it, unless something catastrophic happens to Jimmie Johnson in the next three races he is the champ.

Click and enjoy. You might actually get a chuckle or two.

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Right Sides Only

Mmmmm, Kool-Aid!

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Afternoon Rant- Talladega

I've been reading a bunch of articles about how terrible Talladega is because of Sunday, so I've written a little article about what I saw wrong on Sunday (no, it wasn't Newman's flip). Check it out if you want to.

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Texas Dickies 500 Preview: Kenseth Could Be a Live Dog This Week

Race No. 34 of 36 on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule takes us to Texas where we can get back some normal racing instead of the garbage witnessed last week at Talladega.

The best thing about Texas is that you can use a wealth of data from the long season to help handicap for this race. You have results from the similar sister-tracks of Las Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte, and the spring Texas race to go off of. Most of those tracks are all banked about the same and are very similar despite some unique traits of their own.

The most recent race run should get higher regards than the one ran earlier. If we sift through all the results I would pay more attention to the Charlotte race from a few weeks ago more than I would the March Vegas race, but necessarily more than the April Texas race.

Take Jeff Gordon for example. He won the first Texas race this season and has finished well at every one of the sister-tracks. His worse finish was at Charlotte in May when he finished 14th, but that was in part because of rain ending the race. Gordon was in that race as a strong contender to win. Even if we use that finish, Gordon’s average finish on the combined tracks is 5.8.

read more here....

The Aussie is staying!

Marcos Ambrose has signed a new, two year, contract.

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The Trifecta- Texas Edition

Ok, I'm posting this week's Trifecta early so that you can study for your quiz. Since I'm a history teacher, I'm just curious about how much y'all know about Texas history and trivia. I'll knock one point off your final score for every answer you get right. I'll post the answers when I post my picks.

The quiz:

1.) Two universities in the United States have dinosaurs named for them. One is Yale University. Name the other one(Hint: it's in Texas.)

2.) True or False: The film "The Alamo" with John Wayne and Richard Widmark was filmed on location at the Alamo.

3.) What well known soft drink got its start in Waco, Texas?

4). Why is the bar at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio historically significant?

5.) Who shot J.R.?

Now on to the races:

1.) The Camping World Truck Series Race Friday, 11/6; the green flag drops at 9:19pm ET.

2.) The Nationwide Series Race Saturday, 11/7; the green flag drops at 1:01pm ET.

3.) The Sprint Cup Race Sunday, 11/8; the green flag drops at 3:31pm ET.

Good luck and lef's go racing!!!!

Name that Film: Halloween Edition!

Come try your luck at this weeks edition! See you there!

View From the Flagstand

Talladega Flights!

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Rating the Amp Energy 500

The rating for Sunday's race is up. Just click on the link.

10 years on...

Remembering Greg Moore.

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Has NASCAR Lost Its Expletive Deleted Mind????

Just click on the title to give your opinion.

Talladega Rant

I have much more to say about that sham of a travesty of a debacle in Alabama, but I tried to keep it short and readable.

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Does parity produce better racing?

It's a rather old chestnut to be throwing around but I'm not sure if we've discussed it on here. Feel free to add your thoughts :)

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Amp Energy 500

This week's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is up. Click title. Read. Comment.

It's Dega Baby! Race Chat

The engines have been fired and it is time for the last potentially great race of the year...

I am home sick =( so should be around most of the race and who knows what wacky things might come out of my medicated brain today!

Let's go racing!!

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Mystery Hill of Scotland County

You decide: Is it the earth? Is it the young woman? Or is it the four young sailors? Click the title and you decide....

Happy Halloween!!!

happy halloween

click for pix

Happy Halloween!

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Gas and Go--Talladega (Chase Race 2009)

The latest Gas and Go is up. Click on the title, feel free to read and comment.

Day Trip to Talladega

I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks but finally got around to posting some pictures from my trip to Talladega a few weeks back. Just click on the link, and hope you enjoy!

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Name That Film: Movies You Know By Heart Edition

Blood-N-Bolts Productions has finally got it's act together and cranked out our latest game. You're all invited! My guess is that you will know many, if not all of the answers this week! Remember to read the special directions!

Just click the title and you're there!

Right Sides Only

It's Dega Baby!

Click 'em!

The Trifecta- Monster Mash Edition

Ok, so maybe since it's Talladega, we should call it the "Monster Crash" edition. Before we get to this week's races, some questions:

1.) Who will finish higher in the CWTS race: dad Mike Wallace or daughter Chrissy Wallace?

2.) Will we see the "Big One" before or after the halfway point of Sunday's Cup Race?

And now for this week's featured races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Talladega, Saturday 10/31; the green flag drops at 4:22pm ET.

2.) The F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sunday 11/1; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Talladega, Sunday 11/1; green flag drops at 1:19pm ET.

The Weather Channel is reporting a 60% chance of rain for Talladega on Saturday and a 10% chance on Sunday.

That's it. Good luck, and don't eat all your Halloween candy at once.

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Rating the TUMS Fast Relief 500

The rating for Sunday's race is up. Just click the link.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jr Nation's Latest Brilliant Idea

Need a good laugh? Click on the title and see the 'petition' Jr Nation has sent to Rick Hendrick. It's good for a laugh, but the comments from the diehards are hillarious. None are so blind as they who will not see.

View From The Flagstand

Flags awarded from Martinsville, Va. (It's a Commonwealth, not a State.)

Clicket, clicket.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly--Tums 500

This week's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is up. Click on the title to read and comment. Your comments are welcome.

Martinsville Race Chat

G'day Mates! I am back from Australia - had amazing time! Its race day and the green flag has already dropped on the JJ show. Chat it up...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gas and Go--Martinsville (Chase Race 2009)

This week's Gas and Go is up. Click title. Read. Comment.

Bolt Notes: Week 7

Hi Everyone! Come check out my Bolt Notes for week 7. I admit to being a loser from last week's picks! I talk about the Broncos beating the Chargers down on Monday night! I also share my real concern with this weeks game agaist the Chiefs! All that, plus this week's NFL picks! See you there! Just click the title.

Washington Should Be Nice Saturday vs Spread, and Two Others

Week 8 College Football Plays

Washington +10 vs. Oregon - This game opened up Oregon -6 and was quickly bet up to -10 by the sharpest player in Las Vegas. It’s usually not wise to go against that type of play, but I liked Washington from the start on the basis of their home wins alone against ranked opponents like USC and Arizona, along with a near upset opening week vs. LSU.

Oregon has their high-octane QB Jeremiah Masoli back this week and they’re coming off a bye, but the combination of Washington’s fired up crowd, Jake Locker making big plays, and Oregon looking ahead to their big game in Eugene next week against USC makes this a great spot for Washington.

Read more Here....

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Gresham Motorsports Park To Be Featured On SPEEDTV Wind Tunnel This Sunday

You're all invited to "crash" at my house!


My new favorite ad

check it out!


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Right Sides Only©

Guaranteed funny this week, or your money back!


The Trifecta- Martinsville

Ok race fans. Time to grab a Martinsville hot dog(or two), and make your picks for this week's Trifecta. Our featured races are:

1.) The Camping World Truck Race from Martinsville, Saturday 10/24; the green flag drops at 1:16pm ET.

2.) The Nationwide Race from Memphis, Saturday 10/24; the green flag drops at 3:45pm ET.

3.) The Sprint Cup Race from Martinsville, Sunday 10/25; the green flag drops at 1:43pm ET.

The weather report from Martinsville calls for a 40% chance of rain on Friday(Cup qualifying) and a 50% chance of rain Saturday(Truck race).

Good luck and let's go racing!!!

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RCR Continues To Rebuild In Hopes Of Getting Back Into Championship Form

In an attempt to get back into victory lane after going winless since October 11 of last season with Jeff Burton picking up the victory at Charlotte, Richard Childress Racing will continue their rebuilding process by reorganizing their current crew chief situation in time for the 2010 season.

It's been 15 long years since RCR has tasted the fruits of winning a championship, with the last one coming back in 1994, when Dale Earnhardt, Sr. won his seventh overall and sixth with the organization.

RCR is once again not being represented in the chase for the Sprint Cup Championship, making this the third year that the organization has missed the postseason party.

Childress, who is no stranger to winning races with 180 victories, is also the first organization to win championships in the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck Series.

Following this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway, Todd Berrier will take over the crew chief duties of the No. 31 Caterpillar team with driver Jeff Burton, while Doug Randolph assumes Berrier’s duties on the No. 07 Jack Daniel’s team with driver Casey Mears.

Scott Miller, who has led the No. 31 team since 2005, will move fulltime to the director of competition position he was named to in September.

Berrier was also the crew chief who led Kevin Harvick, who drives the No. 29 Shell sponsored car for RCR, to his Daytona 500 victory in 2007, as well as his Brickyard victory in 2003.

Berrier is one of the few crew chiefs that has won races in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and the Camping World Trucks with 19.

Berrier also led Harvick to his Busch series championship in 2001, the same year that Harvick took over the driving duties in the No. 3 after the untimely death of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

Berrier began his career at RCR in 1994, where he was a fabricator.

“I said previously that RCR would continue to adjust our team lineups in order to have the right personnel in place and this is the next step in that process,” said Richard Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing.

“Todd and Doug are all proven winners so the goal of these moves is to put them in the best situations to continue that success. I’m confident that making these changes now will be a benefit to the teams for the rest of this season as well as in preparing for 2010.”

View From The Flagstand

Review the BOA 500 from LMS.

Click, click.

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Rick Hendrick Has The NASCAR World In The Palm Of His Hand

Can Rick Hendrick, along with his engine and chassis package sweep all ten chase races?

Or will Roush Fenway Racing, Penske Racing, Richard Petty Motorsports, Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, or Joe Gibbs Racing decide enough is enough and dethrone an owner who has taken great pride in taming a sport, that at one time was untameable?

As far as manufacturers go, Chevy is holding strong to the top four spots with all three of the Hendrick Motorsports drivers who made the chase, also in that same top four.

Never in the six year history of the chase has any team ever shown such dominance this early on, and if this keeps up NASCAR just might have to rename the chase the Rick Hendrick Invitational because the only other driver who is even remotely close is Kurt Busch in a Dodge.

And not to be mistaken, I did say Kurt and not brother Kyle who for some unforeseen reason decided not take part in this years chase.

And yes this is the same Kurt who won the chase in its inaugural season back in 2004, but missed out on last years party as all Dodges failed to make the post season chase festivities.

Busch won his championship while driving for Jack Roush, and at the same time giving the man in the hat his second consecutive championship with the help of Matt Kenseth who won it in 2003.

So much has changed since then, especially when you think about what has happened to Roush Fenway so far this season, with Greg Biffle as their only hope sitting in seventh 268 points away from Jimmie Johnson.

Last year at this time Biffle and his teammate Carl Edwards, were looking like they were about to gang tackle Johnson and take his lead away.

But that was not so as Johnson got his crew chief Chad Knaus involved, and the both of them worked their magical touch to keep the championship trophy in Johnsons grasp.

And once again it’s hard not to notice that the Hendrick boys, along with Montoya in tow are being selfish holding onto five out of the top six spots, and not allowing another manufacturer to come close to the territory that they are rightfully claiming.

Joe Gibbs Racing is only represented by one driver in the chase (Denny Hamlin), unlike last season when all three of his drivers, quickly bunched up the bottom half of the 12 when the season finally came to an end.

Denny Hamlin, who led the charge finishing eighth in the standings, was followed by Tony Stewart who finished ninth, and last but not least was Kyle Busch who ended up 10th after dominating the first 26 races.

JGR is once again having their share of problems with Hamlin dropping two spots in the chase to 11,th 372 points away from chase leader Jimmie Johnson after his second disappointing DNF in as many weeks.

Hamlin is also the only JGR driver who made the chase this season, making this his fourth appearance and second with Toyota.

For reasons beyond any fans way of thinking, Toyota has yet to find their rightful place within the wonder world known as the chase for the Sprint cup championship.

And with that we can’t forget about Team Red Bull driver Brian Vickers, who has been very silent since the chase began five weeks ago.

Vickers, who beat fellow Toyota driver Kyle Busch for the honor and the chance to represent Toyota along with Hamlin, has yet to lead a lap or finish within the top 10.

So don’t go blaming Hendrick or his group of drivers for winning races and making it look easy, especially when every team who made the chase was given the same opportunity to excel during the last 10 races.

But instead maybe its time for the other teams to step up their games and try to catch them, since all Hendrick did was open the floodgates and his drivers responded by mastering it and taking it to the next level.

Now putting all the conspiracy theories and the controversy to the side for just a brief moment, take a minute and ask yourself, “Would I be putting the same blame on my favorite driver if he was dominating a season in this same way?”

Rating the NASCAR Banking 500

The rating for Saturday night's race is up. Just click the title.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jimmie Johnson Fails Post Race Inspection

Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team were found in violation of rule 4-8-48 which states,

“Any driver who exceeds the expectations of his nay-sayers, by winning three out of the first four chase races.

And along the way having his share of problems on pit road, but because of a crew chief who knows how to keep his driver calm along with a driver, who never gives up while overcoming the odds to put them in the points lead.

These nay-sayers also made it known that the No. 48 team had no momentum going into the chase, and because of such reasoning believed that they had no legitimate chance at winning championship number four.

Any team that goes beyond the call of duty, and is deemed unprofessional by such fans will be crucified by them, and not by NASCAR.”

Johnson, who won his third chase race of the season and 17th overall to go along with his second pole of the Chase, and once again receiving maximum points for the race was found in violation of not living up to his nay-sayers expectations.

Those expectations were completely opposite of his fans who have stood next to their driver, even when his season showed many signs of weakness.

Unlike those who chose to say that No. 48 team was out of sync, along with having no momentum, along with all the other excuses that they could think of just to satisfy their own desires, when in all actuality they were probably plain and simple in denial.

How can anyone count out a three time champion who has never finished below the top five since coming into the sport, especially when his crew chief has made it clear on many occasions that he uses the previous 26 races to prepare for the chase?

And what makes it even more ironic is that these same nay-sayers who try as they must, are always trying to relive the past and give it another breath when technically it is old news that needs to be kept that way.

You can’t bring a dead horse back to life, but some have chosen to base their arguments off of a series of events that have no significance especially when NASCAR is not going to change something that is already done.

I have read everything from IF the chase wasn’t here that he would only have one championship, to they are still cheating but NASCAR chooses to let it go, all the way to the No. 48 team is making a mockery of the series.

And the real kicker is that Chad Knaus has found a way to win, but chooses not to share that information with anyone else.

Well when you look at the above list of so-called things that are supposedly so wrong, how many of them are violations that are found in NASCAR’s rule book?

Is it fair to penalize a team who has found a way to win, and at the same time is doing what many other teams are also striving for?

And if you could penalize them, where would you start? Especially when everything they are doing is within the rules that NASCAR has set forth.

Every team was given the same chance by NASCAR to excel, and to reach for the stars in a way which they feel would most benefit the team as long as they don’t break any rules.

So to say that Johnson and company are at fault is absolutely ludicrous, especially when all they are doing is winning races and championships.

Isn’t that what NASCAR racing is all about? In this sport along with any sport, there can only be one winning team, and as is life it can’t always be our favorite.

Unless of course Johnson happens to be your driver of choice, than you have every right to relish in his success.

Just like we can’t change what has happened in the past, the same holds true for the future and that lies in the hands of how the team chooses to approach the season.

So far to date, Johnson has not done anything that is beyond what NASCAR has expected from any of the teams that choose to race in the series.

Johnson’s car will once again make its way to the tech center in N.C. for the fifth time during the chase, and once it gets back it will be ready to race once again.

And again the nay-sayers will voice their opinions that there is something wrong, when in all actuality maybe the fault lies within themselves?

I know who has the Maltese Lugnut

So, Katie Scarlett O'Beagle (Speedbeagle) you thought that you could pass yourself as a Stewart fan and no one would be the wiser, that you are truly a Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus fan. You had us all fooled for awhile, but there is no denying it now. For the past couple years, this Maltese Lugnut has supposedly bounced back and forth. From this one to that one.

click title and continue





Does Dale, Jr. still have backbone and can he still drive a racecar?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bolt Notes and NFL Picks for Week 6!

Drop on by and tell me who you think will win this week's games! See you there! By the way, we still have one more movie to pick on Name that Film!

With Six Races Left. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Can't Wait For The Nightmare To End

Frustration and aggravation are two of the worst feelings that any person can ever have to endure.

We have all gone through it at one time or another, and the best remedy is to allow it to run its course, hoping that it will end sooner than later.

There are many ways that we allow frustration to enter into our daily lives, and of course, there are always those unforeseen circumstances that cannot be avoided.

And after the frustration sets in, that's when the aggravation takes over and makes matters worse.

Circumstances that, at the time started out on the right path, but as time wore on, just never materialized while falling way short of our expectations.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, is only six races away from finishing the worst season he has ever experienced, while driving in the Sprint Cup Series.

It was a season that has seen far more downs than ups, which all started during the season opening Daytona 500.

Earnhardt, who won the 500 back in 2004 while finishing out the season with six wins and fifth in the point standings, didn’t fare as well when he pitted outside his box to fall a lap down.

And then, to add insult to injury, with 76 laps left while trying to get his lap back, he and Brian Vickers got into each other taking out 10 cars in the process.

Kyle Busch, who was also included, heavily criticized the drivers for their overly aggressive driving behavior while being a lap down.

“The highs have been not very high and the lows have been terribly low. It's hard to want to get back up and try again the next week when you take such a beating. But I don't know what else to do."

Earnhardt also added, “I really don't want the year to be over with, because I like going to the race track every week and racing. But the last several...well, all year, it's been so...low.”

If this race alone was any indication of how the rest of the season would play out, you have to wonder if maybe the crew chief change that took place later on in the season could have been one of the deciding factors to a better season.

And on the flip side of that, Earnhardt cannot be held without blame when he is just as much to blame for the predicament that he is in.

After all, it was Earnhardt who had trouble with his pit stops, and he has no one to blame but himself because he is the one who ultimately drives the car with the biggest responsibility.

Earnhardt is in the middle of one his worse nightmares and must be thinking there is no end in sight.

So, how does one of the sport's most popular drivers deal with his own frustrations, especially when early on in his career his actions backed up any words that were ever spoken about him?

"I've been riding it out. There comes a point though when you don't want to ride it out anymore," he said. "You just have had enough, you know? It's been a long year,” said a very frustrated Earnhardt.

Earnhardt also took the initiative earlier in the season, when he lobbied to fans that he was to blame for the team's misfortunes. He was trying to take the blame off of his crew chief Tony Eury Jr.

But Earnhardt also knows that the final decision is going to come from upper management, but that should never stop him from voicing his opinion on whom he would feel comfortable with.

Especially when a decision with this type of magnitude needs to made without putting a friendship in the way, because the outcome will ultimately dictate how well a season can play out.

"I don't have the credentials to make the call. If I told you that I wanted to be with Lance next year, I wouldn't be telling you that out of my knowledge of expertise and talent. I'd be telling you because, well, it's fun hanging out with him."

As far as where the team is headed, and what needs to be done to make them a championship contender is anybody’s guess, including Earnhardt’s.

"I really don't know what the logical next step would be," he said, "because we seem to be getting better, but even getting better is not satisfying me at all."

Rick Hendrick has a lot of work to do in the offseason, and the decisions that the organization needs to make will be carefully thought out and Earnhardt knows that.

"There are a lot of smart people around here, I'm just waiting on somebody to make the call. Put the damn team together and say, 'this is what you've got, and this is what you're going to do next year.' I'm just kind of waiting on that to happen."

The optimism that was lost during the season seems to have found its way back even though there are still six races left.

Especially if this is Earnhardt’s way of telling Rick who he feels he needs in order to turn the team around, especially when Lance McGrew’s tenure is only interim.

“Whoever I work with needs to be a dictator. The most success I had was with Tony [Eury] Sr., and you know how he runs his ship."

ARCA Pics From The Rock

Click title to see last Sunday's ARCA pics from The Rock.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated
There is an old adage that says: "Treat people the way you want to be treated." It is sound advice for all aspects of our lives. Throughout our entire lives we will come in contact with all sorts of people. And you never know how your actions will impact a person when you cross paths.

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Johnson Fastest In Every Practice Session at Charlotte

Jimmie Johnson is at it again. During the final practice sessions for Saturday night’s NASCAR Banking 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Johnson set a blistering pace that no other driver had an answer for.

During the first session, Johnson wasn’t just good, he was off the charts good. His early lap of 187.162 mph was almost 2 mph faster than the second best time of teammate Mark Martin. That kind of speed differential rarely happens and is something he didn’t even do when he won an unprecedented five of six Charlotte races from off 2002 to 2005.

Greg Biffle was one of the drivers who was trying to keep pace with Johnson during the session - and did a decent job with the third best speed, noted that Johnson was just too quick in and out of turns three and four.

During Happy Hour, Johnson was just as good with the fastest lap of 185.478 mph early in the session followed once again by Martin with the second quickest lap. In just about all fazes of practice, Johnson dominated the day including having the best 10-lap average.

The chassis Johnson brought this week was the same one he led 17 laps with in Atlanta six weeks ago before having rear-end problems and finishing 36th. In the primary practice using race trim, Johnson was also fastest then and not so coincidentally, Martin was the second fastest then too, but not by such a wide margin.

Johnson’s dominance didn’t extend to just Friday. He was fastest in limited practice Thursday night just before qualifying. where he won the pole too. In what may be the most dominant display of consistency by two teammates, Mark Martin finished second fastest in every session including sitting on the front row with Jimmie. This is only the second time all season that one driver has lead all three practice sessions, and definitely a first for a 1-2 exacta.

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Right Sides Only©

It's up. HOF travesty?

Bang the title.

All Filler, No Killer

Oh yes, it's back, I'm back, we're back.

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The Everyday NASCAR Fan's Problem With Scanners

Drivers sometimes say things that need not be said. It happens to all of us. The problem for NASCAR's personalities is that their most stressful moments, and the words produced during those moments, are all over the airwaves for everyone with a scanner to hear.

The occasionally foul mouths have some people upset.

Think of the word "perception" while applying it to the world of NASCAR. It can change the way things are seen while we look at what is actually happening in the sport around us.

A good parallel to defining the word perception in NASCAR would be to look at the "arm chair quarterback" in football. This is probably one the most popular phrases used around the homes of the typical football fan.

For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase, basically it's a person who sits back in his chair while watching the game, and then begins yelling at the T.V. Why would a team call such a ridiculous play knowing that the opposing team had already pre-conceived it? The arm chair quarterback thinks he can do better.

But if you really sit back and watch one of these fans in action, they never do it if their team scores, or if they advance down the field without losing any yardage. In that sense, their hindsight is always 20-20.

Well believe it or not, NASCAR also has that same type of fan. But with this type of fan, they usually only perceive the things on the track that they feel is right in their own mind.

Most of them choose to paint this pretty picture of how they feel the drivers should act while out on the track during a typical race weekend.

Alas they forget, it’s not always a perfect world, the world beyond the fence that separates the fans from the drivers that are paid to perform their weekly duties race after race.

Because of this high tech society that we live in, it’s not hard to pull up a website on your laptop, Blackberry, PDA, or whatever else you choose, and see what’s happening in the world around us.

NASCAR as a sport has also made it easy for the fans to be able to listen in on what’s going on with their favorite drivers during a race.

And just how bad can this be? Well most of the fans perceive their favorite drivers as these sweet, polite, cordial, and friendly drivers once they get into their hot, uncomfortable, and noisy race cars for about three to four hours on a typical race day.

They sit up in the stands and put their headphones on thinking that they will hear some pretty cool stuff.

With most of them thinking that the crew chief and driver get along like some fairy tale marriage, maybe talking about how Aunt Betty is doing, or how Uncle John just celebrated his 75th birthday on Friday.

But instead, what they do get to hear is probably some of the worse language that you would only expect to hear at some sailor convention.

Scanners have done a really good job of putting the fans in the figurative passenger seat—without all the worries of hitting a wall or being cramped up for three plus hours.

It’s amazing when you think about all the valuable information that is broadcast through a box that almost fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Scanners give the everyday fan a chance to listen in on what the drivers, spotters, and crew chiefs talk about during a race. And at the same time, it takes away the guess work of trying to perceive what there next move will be.

Now is this really a good thing?

What a lot of the fans don’t realize is that once they put those headphones on, they enter into a conversation that should more than likely be private.

Drivers often get caught up in the moment and sometimes they need to let off some steam, even when they're not thinking straight.

The language that is used can be a far cry from the expected for those fans who were hoping to hear some type of race startegy talk.

These drivers have a lot on their minds while racing around at these high speeds. They make split-second decisions under the greatest of pressure.

Not only do they have to concentrate on what they are doing, but they need to know what the driver in front of them is thinking. When all doesn’t go as planned, that’s usually when the slang—and yes, sometimes cursing—pours out.

So in all reality, can we actually think that the driver is worried what the fans will hear while sitting back enjoying a race, sipping on their favorite beverage, or eating their favorite snack?

Probably not.

Instead that has to be the furthest thing from his mind. The language that is used, and the heated remarks that they make are the norm in the middle of the race.

It’s just too bad when the fans take what should be a private conversation, and blow it up into something most of us have said at one time or another when maybe our blood was beyond boiling temperature.

You know what it's like. You lose control for either a minute or two, say something crazy, then when you cool off you look back and think to yourself, “Why did I say that?”

So why should the drivers be any different? Why are they scrutinized for things that they say, when actually they are just as human as us, and play with the same feelings?

SYMT Tour- Chase Finale

Point, click, race.

(Oh yeah- the field will be set from 14th to 1st.)

The Trifecta- Another Saturday Night Edition

Greetings, race fans!

This week marks the last Saturday night race of the 2009 season. ABC will be airing regional coverage of College Football which may or may not delay the start of the race telecast; however, looking at the schedule, none of the games look to be that close.

This week's Trifecta comes to you from Charlotte, North Carolina, where it's currently raining. Qualifying is at 7pm ET tonight; there's a 60% chance of continued precip, so expect the field to be set by points. The Weather Channel says that the rain should clear out in time for Friday night's Nationwide race as well as Saturday night's Cup race.

Following Saturday night's Cup race, we'll be jetting off to sunny Sao Paolo, Brazil for the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The races:

1,) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Charlotte, Friday 10/16; green flag drops at 8:16pm ET. NOTE: You may not pick the same driver for both the Nationwide and Cup races.

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Charlotte, Saturday 10/17; green flag drops at 7:41pm ET.

3.) The F1 Brazilian Grand Prix from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Sunday 10/18; green flag drops at 12:00pm ET

Players, pick your drivers and let's go racing!

Was it just me...

Or was the 'inaugural class' for the Hall of Fame ridiculously predictable?

I must confess to be disappointed, but not surprised, that both Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt made it in since neither were around when the sport first kicked off...maybe that is just me, but there was plenty of time for those two to have made it in as it's highly unlikely that last night will be the last time people were added in *shrugs*

Maybe some voters forgot (or didn't know *laugh*) that the sport actually began before the 1970's?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gas and Go--Charlotte (Chase Race 2009)

This week's Gas and Go is up. Click on the title and feel free to read and comment.

Last Race Under Lowe's, JJ's in First, but JPM May Be The Driver To Beat Saturday

After four Chase races, three-time defending Champion Jimmie Johnson has taken over the NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship lead. His win at California on Sunday was his second of the Chase in the last three races, his all-time track leading fourth overall, and fifth overall of the season.

It’s a remarkable feat that Mark Martin was able hold on for as long as he has. Hanging with Johnson is a tough feat to do. Through the four races, even with a 10-point lead and finishes of first, second, seventh, and fourth, Martin’s excellence isn’t good enough.

Carl Edwards is one driver who can relate with Martin about the dominant wrath of Johnson when it becomes crunch time in NASCAR. Last season in the 10 race Chase, Edwards had eight finishes within the top-4 that included three wins, but it still wasn’t good enough to keep up with the machine that Johnson is.

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View From The Flagstand

View from Fontana, even though I was in Rockingham. How'd that work?

Clique on.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Name that Film: Food Movies!

Blood and I hope to see you over on my site to play this week's edition of Name that Film! This week, all of the movie quotes come from movies that have classic food scenes.

See you there! Just click the title.

The Speeding Bullets: Pepsi 500

This week's edition of The Speeding Bullets is up. Just click on the title. I'll tell you who I think possibly still has a shot to beat Jimmie...

Pics of Hylton's ARCA Car After Wreck

A few pics from Sunday's ARCA race at Rockingham.

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Its Beginning To Sound Like The Same Old Song And Dance

It’s beginning to sound like the same old song and dance, except this time around it came with a different twist. Southern California which is known for its hot, humid, and smoggy summer days that can easily peak out at over 100 degrees.

But instead, gone was the sweltering heat that plagued the last two fall races, and in its place was a cool, damp, and overcast balmy day of racing.

Now with the weather being the biggest twist, the results were still the same as Hendrick Motorsports driver Jimmie Johnson, once again showed the NASCAR world why he is the man to beat for the championship.

Along with his 16th chase victory and 45th overall, Johnson also took over the points lead from his teammate Mark Martin who dropped to second after a fourth place finish.

“I mean, we love where we're at. We love the fact that we're in the points lead.”

Johnson led the most laps with 126 while winning his third consecutive fall race, and at the same time also becoming the only driver to win four races at this two mile oval surpassing teammate Jeff Gordon, and Matt Kenseth who have three victories of their own.

“The last three years have been really special. Right now we're in a great position, but it's way too early to start thinking about other things.”

It wasn’t so much the amount of laps that he led this time around, but it was the fact that he just flat outran the rest of his the rest of the field once the sun began to shine on him.

“I think the track came to us some when the sun came out. Our car, really, I know Chad was making adjustments, but usually the sun comes out, and the car wants to slow down and not handle as well. With the adjustments we were making the car kept getting better and better.”

Johnson is once again making it hard for any team to gain points, especially now that he has those two wins under his belt and the next few races are at tracks that he runs really well at.

“I think it really boils down to the fact that the tracks in the Chase are my strongest tracks. If you look at Martinsville, you look at all of them. Lowe's Motor Speedway, this track, you go through them and they are tracks that we win at.”

Montoya, on the other hand who is new to the chase, is getting a dose of what the other drivers have felt who have participated in the chase in years past.

Frustration is probably an understatement for Montoya who has four top five finishes, and still hasn’t realized that for every point he loses to Johnson, that is one extra hat he gains.

“It's incredible. We have four or five in a row and I've been losing points to the leader.” Montoya is not the only driver that is feeling the intensity level that Johnson and company have brought into the chase.

Jeff Gordon who has four championships of his own, as well as owning part of Johnson’s team is once again feeling the pressure of reaching that elusive fifth championship that got away from him in 2007.

Gordon who had a 430 point lead over Johnson the week before the chase was to begin, only to see it wiped away once the chase started while at the same time putting his protégé in the top spot.

Gordon would not go down without a fight, and he picked up back to back wins at Talladega and Texas that put him right back in the lead.

But once again it was Johnson who would not be denied his second championship, when he put together a very impressive string of four wins-in-a-row to eventually win the championship.

Gordon, who knows first hand all the hard work and dedication it takes to win the big one, had nothing but praise for his HMS teammate.

“Yeah, they have something magical about the final ten races. You know, these ten tracks really suit them. They do an incredible job. What else can you say?"

Gordon added that, “They're the best out there. They've won the last three championships. They're going to be hard to beat for this one. Really, unless they make a mistake, I don't see how they lose it,”

The team to beat and the best out there are a few simple words that have become common place, whenever a discussion comes up about the No. 48 team.

Just how far they will go is nowhere found in their vocabulary, but instead the words when, and how soon better fit the position that they have put themselves in.

Four races into the chase, and it’s almost time for the other teams to worry more about who will finish second, because if they keep this up it will be over a lot sooner than later.

“If we are in the hunt come Homestead, come Phoenix, it's going to be the thoughts, the emotions, all of that is going to be so heavy on all of our shoulders that it's going to be a tough grind.”