Monday, November 16, 2009

Brian France's Double Standards

Hey guys. This is a link to a VERY interesting column on Brian's divorce proceedings. The site it's from is called ' The guy writes some great stuff on NASCAR.

Click the title to see France's double standards.


  1. Wow! For what he did to Carl Long, let the (fake) fur fly!lol

  2. This story has been all over twitter the last few days. First I dont understand how you can pay more to keep something private - that right there smacks of unfairness in the courts.

    Would love this to be the self imposed smoking gun that takes him out...

  3. Kris...exactly! How can you just pay 'extra' to keep public information sealed?

    He certainly didn't mind trying Mayfield in the court of public opinion.

  4. BS. Can't say anymore than that.

    Maybe Brian is a monkey Effer. And his ex has pics.

    oops too graphic