Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And so it happens

One Danica Patrick will be racing a few times in ARCA and the Nationwide series in 2010.

So will she go the way of Tony Stewart and be successful or will she be added to the evergrowing pile of open-wheelers that struggled instead (Hornish, AJ, Montoya, Franchitti, Speed...have I missed anyone?)?

While I am one of her biggest detractors (three years with a top team and a return of that solitary win in Japan just doesn't cut it in my book), at least she isn't jumping straight into the Cup series. We shall just have to wait and see how it pans out since who knows, she might produce an impressively consistant season like she did in Indycar this year...

One poster on Scenedaily says she won't, even going so far as taking bets (money raised goes to charities) over whether Danica in JR equipment will be able to beat John Wes Townley in RCR stuff.


  1. I have said before and I will continue to say, Women DO NOT BELONG IN CUP Racing. I don't care who they are, or where they come from. I just do not like women in cup.

    Now to your question, Danica, will do about the same as she has in Indy, in the Nationwide Series. Simply, because the new cars are lighter than the Cup cars. But the RCR dude will fair alot better than her.

    She will struggle to get the handle on the cars. And once she does, she will only run mid pack.

    But she will not set the world on fire by no means. Danica, should stay in Indy, where the cars are alot lighter and easier to handle.

  2. I will not be surprised at all if Danica wins her first stock car race in the ARCA series at Daytona in 2 months. Seriously.

    She will be driving a Hendrick Cup car. Maybe even a title winning car! It will be the best car, by far, in the race. A short race at Daytona that doesn't require much skill anyway. She will be set up to succeed.

    In the Nationwide Series, same thing. She will have the best cars in the series! She will blow Townley's doors off.

  3. I have said that if Danica comes to Cup I am done watching 4-ever...I fear my days are limited and next year might be my last season.

    I dont think Danica can run well in NW but at ARCA, Gene is right - she will have the best car out there by a long shot and even *I* could win in it.

    Gibbs is best in NW, not HMS and there she will face the likes of Thorn, Carl, BK and Happy who will have no problems bootin her arse.

    I dont see her having the patience to stay in it and struggle -- she will be the next Dario! Dario!

  4. Hype will be her biggest contribution to NASCAR. I wouldn't be surprised to learn there might be a little collusion between NASCAR, JR Motorsports and HMS to get this done and generate some interest and excitement. Even if it is on a part time basis
    Cue the black helicopters..... I know. But why now. She signed an extension with Andretti/Green for 3 years and if she honors her contract you won't see her in Cup full time for at least that long. I think you're safe Kristen

  5. I missed Carpentier....sorry, Patrick!

    I have doubts over that, Gene. Not because of the equipment, but the weird rules NASCAR seems to have. Ambrose, who had a mighty impressive list of touring car experience, can't run in the Trucks until Martinsville, some 4 races into the 2006 season, while these openwheel guys (and gals) can come in on a superspeedway? Give me a freakin' break!

    Kristen; patience is one thing Danica doesn't have much of....she also doesn't have any problem with passing the blame onto other people even when it was clearly her fault, lol

    socal; I found the timing rather strange as well.