Monday, October 26, 2009

Jr Nation's Latest Brilliant Idea

Need a good laugh? Click on the title and see the 'petition' Jr Nation has sent to Rick Hendrick. It's good for a laugh, but the comments from the diehards are hillarious. None are so blind as they who will not see.


  1. This is because what has been said by insider in NASCAR from a few different crew chiefs about what is wrong with the 88 team and it not being a happy 88 crew from the start.

    I have read a few and some are on the money to what has been going on,, and the best ones is that they will stick with there driver or sport team no matter what happens,, I mean when fans can give you that respect to stay loyal during the bad. Thats what true fans are suppost to do even when the media & bloggers take cheap shots when they are down.


  2. F2....there are also NASCAR insiders who say it's because Jr can't drive the COT,and instead of letting BK or some other driver test his car, he needs to, for the seat time. But he doesn't want to work that hard.

    It's hard to take cheap shots when someone is up. LOL the title. It goes to the petition site.

  3. The Junior Nation is seeking their dead horse so they can beat it.

  4. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    No animals were harmed in the posting of the above comment.

  5. You can't help but feel for the Jr. fans. Watching your driver fail week in and week out and nobody seems to know why, is very disappointing.

    Maybe Jr. needs to get out from under Hendrick, DEI and just go and do his own thing. Maybe then he will find his confidence and start winning again.

  6. It is hard being a Jr fan at the moment - painful actually. I am certain part of it is a mental game with him now as he clearly has lost the glint in his eyes. He won races in the COT, so not convinced he cant drive it. I am worried his heart isn't in it and he is only driving to try to make a name for himself when really he seems much better suited to be an owner.

  7. Tsfan....I feel sorry for Jr....not his fans! You do NOT want to be sitting anywhere near 90% of them at a race track....especially if Jr happens to be up front. put it mildly.

    Kris....He seemed like a beaten man in the interviews from Charlotte last week. I think he's only one the one fuel mileage race in the last 3 years. I think that's his only win in the COT. He could put in thousands of laps testing in a COT, but he doesn't want to have to work for it. JJ tested at the short track in Rockingham last week before Martinsville. The only Chaser there. Gotta admire that will to win.

  8. He won at Speedweeks in Daytona too...JJ is a machine.

  9. hey wow, I must have missed the memo that Kristen was back!

    as for Jr...chuck him in the booth, he can't be as bad as Rusty was, can he?

  10. Gene, I tried reading through those comments on the petition, but the intense laughter started hurting my stomach. That petition could be a new "Abs of Steel" workout.

    To be serious though, I guess it's pretty easy to just dogpile Dale Jr (and his fans) right now, but you have to question where exactly his focus is at. Is he dedicated to putting in the work to be a champion? Or is he just expecting a few default victories per year and that would be fine?

    I would've thought being around drivers like Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Mark Martin would've opened Dale's eyes and forced him to step up his game. Instead it seems to be the opposite, he looks intimidated by his own teammates.

  11. have to be kidding, Jr Nation.

    I understand that Brian France, Mike Helton, Jim Hunter and the management crew are now in deep discussion with the NASCAR R&D center in developing a new chassis that will fit Jr.'s driving style. It will be implemented circuit-wide just in time for Speedweeks 2010.

    Happy Halloween