Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Sports fans, your outlet for expressing your ire is back! After a hiatus of a few months, Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? is back. You know you have some object of your ire in the sports world that you want to call out BIG TIME. I know I do! Let's get started!

NFL on Fox crew: These guys ALL, to a man, picked the NY Giants over Carolina. ALL of them totally DISSED Carolina, calling them a fluke, treating their beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings in front of a national audience as such. WELL GUYS, TIME TO EAT AND SUCK ON SOME CROW! What a beatdown the Panthers put on the NY Giants today! With a Dallas win tonight, the Giants will be playing golf after next Sunday. Because you all dissed Carolina, it's time for you guys to taste some tread!

NFL Schedule Makers: WHY, on God's green earth, did you schedule the woeful Washington Redskins on a SUNDAY NIGHT GAME? They were PUTRID against the equally putrid NY Giants. A better matchup would have been Steelers-Ravens. For scheduling the God-awful Redskins on a Sunday night, and subjecting the nation to that crap, whoever is responsible for this debacle gets thrown under the Bus.

Lamar Odom: all you had to do was move the box a few FREAKING INCHES one way or the other, and all would be well. Instead, you left it there and tripped over it, taking a header down the stairs and causing you to miss a game. Common sense SHOULD tell you to MOVE THE FREAKING BOX! But you didn't, you missed a game because of it, and nearly cost the Lakers a sure win. Because of NOT moving the box and missing a game because of it, you get thrown under the Bus.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to chime in with yours!


  1. TSN; they ran a "top 10 sporting records from 2009" on Wednesday and a Mr J Johnson didn't make the cut. I could only presume that means four titles on the trot has been done several times throughout NASCAR history.

  2. Tez, let me guess: four of the 10 records involved curling? (Couldn't resist!)

  3. lol, no actually. They had Crosby being the youngest captain to fall into the...uh, lift the stanley cup. Usain Bolt also made it in...but no Jimmie.

  4. I want to throw Tiger Woods under the bus. I know it is a couple weeks old, but his lack of self control and disloyalty to his wife, just doesn't sit right with me. Throw the bum under the bus!

    Was your Christmas a good one? lol

  5. I gotta throw myself under the Bus for throwing the wrong LA Lakers player under the Bus. It was Ron Artest, NOT Lamar Odom, that tripped and took a header down the stairs. Artest goes under AFTER I throw myself under!

    Tez, kind of surprising, considering that JJ was named the AP Athlete of the Year.

    Tsfan, I spent a good part of Christmas sick in bed, otherwise it was good. I'm glad that I didn't spend a cent on Tiger Woods gear!

  6. Sorry you were sick, Jon. Glad you're back and it's good to see you still know how to express those feelings!lol

  7. How about the 'powers that be' at Budweiser and NASCAR. They came up with an iron-clad way to insure that Lil E makes it into every Bud Shootout from now on. No matter if he never wins another race, or a pole, and finishes 22nd in points every year.... he will still be in the Shootout.

  8. completely agree, Gene. Also, while we're on the topic of very strange rulings, I must throw the FIA under the bus this year.

    Button may very well be the Champ, but it has an enormous asterix next to it in my book since the difusers were outlawed to the teams who asked if they could use them (8 of the 11) during the design stage of the 2009 cars. Despite all that, Red Bull stepped up and took the fight to Brawn....but it was always going to be a losing battle.

    So yeah, the FIA get thrown under the bus for not growing a pair and sticking with their original decision.