Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Trifecta- Monster Mash Edition

Ok, so maybe since it's Talladega, we should call it the "Monster Crash" edition. Before we get to this week's races, some questions:

1.) Who will finish higher in the CWTS race: dad Mike Wallace or daughter Chrissy Wallace?

2.) Will we see the "Big One" before or after the halfway point of Sunday's Cup Race?

And now for this week's featured races:

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Talladega, Saturday 10/31; the green flag drops at 4:22pm ET.

2.) The F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sunday 11/1; green flag drops at 8:00am ET.

3.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Talladega, Sunday 11/1; green flag drops at 1:19pm ET.

The Weather Channel is reporting a 60% chance of rain for Talladega on Saturday and a 10% chance on Sunday.

That's it. Good luck, and don't eat all your Halloween candy at once.


  1. Mike will take Chrissy out in the same accident

    There will be more than one big one and it wont be picky as to when

    Trucks - Hornaday
    F1 - Hamilton
    Cup - Gonna keep picking Montoya until Daytona 2010.

    Happy Halloween everybody!

  2. Mike will spank Chrissy.

    I'm thinking the big one will be around lap 42. Then the mini big one late in the race.

    Trucks- Kyle Busch

    F1- Gonna wait till practice. Track sounds like it's awsome. Must be similar to the slot car track I had as a kid! lol
    Here's a link on the new track;

    Cup- Tony Stewart

  3. I say Chrissy finishs higer then Dad, He will make sure to pull in sponsors for her.

    Big one on lap 20 to 30 on a restart cause NASCAR will have a manatory yellow to check tires cause of the rain out on Saturday.

    If not yellow it will be lap

    Trucks - Kyle Busch

    F1 - Rubens Barrichello very well could be changed.

    Cup - Dale Jr

  4. 1 - Chrissy will surprise everyone by scoring a green to chequer win, thus proving there's no need for Danica to even attempt switching series.
    2 - The 'BO' will happen before halfway as Mr Vickers will do his best to avenge his Daytona 500....incident....with Dale Jr and thus take out half the Chasers. Alas, Jimmie will squeak by and finish top 10 for the gazillionth week in a row.

    to the serious stuff then :P

    Trucks - Todd Bodine...even though I don't really like him, he is pretty good with the RP races.
    F1 - Jenson Button...the pressure is off and he'll finish off the year in style.
    Cup - I'll go rather left field here....Elliott Sadler.

  5. Chrissy spanks her dad...
    Big one will happen both after half way, definitely started by Mikey or Stremme...

    Trucks - Hornaday
    F1 - Button - mostly cuz I am copying Tez...
    Cup - Kurt - the best restrictor plate racer without a win...and the last race before the team implodes.

  6. Mike....Chrissy wont make the race.

    Big One in the last 20 laps of the race.

    CWTS....Johnny Sauter



    Viva Dia de los Muertos!

  7. Ok, my leftover pick;

    F1- Heikki Kovalainen

    I thought I'd pick Hamlilton, but will go with his teamate. Nice font SB!

  8. TRUCK - Hornaday

    F1 - Hamilton

    Cup - Kyle Busch.

  9. Wow... 3 people have picked Lewis Hamilton, and 2 picked Button. There are other drivers over there, ya know? lol

  10. Trucks--Matt Crafton

    F1--Sebastian Vettel

    Cup--Juan Pablo Montoya

  11. And the Beagle picks:

    Trucks- Colin Braun

    F1- Rubens Barrichello

    Cup- Dale Jr(Ratings are down. It's Talladega. You do the math.)

    As for the questions-

    I think Chrissy will show daddy how it's done, and the Big One will happen when it wants- maybe even more than once; however, it WILL NOT be caused by the voodoo duck.

  12. The command has been given to start the engines of the truck race. If I'm too late with this you can ignore me.

    Cup=Jeff Gordon

    I've missed all of you and this fun. Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh, I think Chrissy will do better than dad. He is a great dad and he will try his best to see that she does well. Nothing wrong with that!

    The Big One? Probably it will happen before and after the mid point of the race. I'm glad that I could pin point it for all of you.LOL

  14. Just beat the green flag! hewwwww!!!!

  15. Volfan-
    You made it just in the nick of time. Your picks have been entered on the spreadsheet.

    CR- Your driver change is noted.

  16. Well... I think I pulled a Beverly, and shot myself in the foot by making a last second driver change! Congrats to my dumped driver, Kyle Busch!

    Bev, you know I'm just funnin' with ya! ;-)

  17. CR.......................................

  18. I don't want to have to go digging through the archives again but you men seem to have the worse memories! I've won one and come in 2nd a few and won one time when I changed my choice at the last minute, but if that's the way you remember it. luv ya, Cord!

  19. CR- the last minute change didn't do that much damage.

    In the daddy vs. daughter derby, Chrissy finished 13th. Mike finished 28th.

    The standings:

    F2 1
    CR 3
    Tez 3
    jon 10
    SB 12
    Hanny 14
    moseby 17
    Klv 17
    Beverly 17
    Volfan 19

    I am changing my F1 driver to Mark Webber. I still think the cards (or should I say debris cautions) are lining up for a Dale Jr win tomorrow- despite qualifying being rained out.

  20. One more thing (just in case anyone is interested)

    Trifecta Winners since the move to Blogspot:

    Indianapolis- Tez
    Pocono- CR
    Watkins Glen- HotFootLori
    Michigan- SB
    Bristol- Beverly
    Montreal- SB
    Atlanta- SB
    Richmond- Jbroomy
    New Hampshire- F2(perfect score)
    Dover- SB
    Kansas- Jbroomy
    California- Kristen
    Charlotte- CR
    Martinsville- Hanny

  21. SB... Now I know who has that lug nut... it's right there on your neck! Great job with 4 wins!

    Not to change the subject... but I just want give a shout out to my Oregon schools who beat USC and UCLA today. GO DUCKS! GO BEAVERS! YEA!!!!

  22. CHANGE! TO F-1 Taking Lewis Hamilton even with a 2 lap shorter on fuel, Track might get slick at the end and he is one of the better drivers on a slick track.

    CR, If you see this in a very short time your f1 driver is stating way back...

    GL 2 ALL

  23. Well that switch just sent me first to last.LMAO ... After I said I would do no more switing of drivers..You think I learn my lesson from the past,,,dope.

  24. Wow, are we sure the F1 guys were in Abu Dhabi and not Alabama. That race sent the standings into a tail spin- not to mention that last minute driver change by F2.

    Tez 6
    jon 11
    CR 14
    SB 14
    F2 20
    Klv 20
    Volfan 21
    Hanny 33
    moseby 36
    Beverly 36

  25. go Elliott Sadler! know, I never thought I'd ever be writing that.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Wow, where do I even start?

    Hanny went from 1st last week to last this week. Looks like Tez made the right call by going off the beaten path with ESad whose 7th place finish gives Tez his 2nd win here at Blogspot.

    The standings:

    Tez 13
    SB 24
    F2 30
    jon 32
    Volfan 43
    CR 49
    Klv 50
    Beverly 51
    moseby 57
    Hanny 71

  28. Congrats to Tez! Thanks for doing this SB. Have a great week all of you.

  29. Nice job Tez,, Great job SB on keeping this going for us to have some fun. Cheers2You and Tez.

  30. Wow, that was a mess! Great win Tez - I should have copied everyone you picked! LOL

  31. I was feeling reasonably good with my first 2 picks, had absolutely no idea for Cup but ESad either goes well or crashes....he kinda did both today I guess but I'll take it! :D