Thursday, July 14, 2011

Temporary Trifecta...unless SB doesn't post one.

Not entirely sure where our resident host I'll have to make up an excuse; she's waiting in line for the new 'Harry Potter' movie so it's up to her whether or not this counts :P

If SB decides to post one, that shall take precedence over check here more than usual!

We've got all three NASCAR series in action, with the Nationwides going first on Saturday afternoon, followed by the Trucks that evening and then, I shall guess based on history, the snoozefest that is a Cup race at Loudon.

And, in case one series doesn't take your fancy this week, the Moto GP guys are in Germany. It goes early Sunday morning (for us on the West Coast at any rate) with, I presume, a delayed broadcast by Speed showing it after lunchtime. I'll put the points standings up for it as well since I doubt any of us are familiar with included.

1 - Nationwide at Loudon; 3:30pm EST Saturday (entry list)

2 - Trucks at Iowa; 8pm EST Saturday (entry list)

3 - Moto GP at Germany; 8am EST Sunday (entry list) (points standings)

4 - Cup at Loudon; 1pm EST Sunday (entry list)

Hmm...looks like the order for any tiebreakers is as follows: Kristen (with the first 'pefecta' this season I believe), CR, Hanny, Moseby, SB, Dwindy, Tez and Jon...with anyone else welcome to give it a bash.

Usual trifecta rules apply of course :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NASCAR still has no clear championship favorite as second half begins

Already 18 races into the season, six drivers are within 22 points of the lead. Is it parity? Maybe. Just click on the title.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Backed Into A Corner

Rating the Quaker State 400

The Sprint Cup debut at Kentucky turned out to be a flop. Hopefully it was a fluke deal and next year will be better. Click on the title for the Monday Morning Crew Chief Rating.

View From The Flagstand: Kyle Busch Tops Kentucky

Car 18 wins this season's 18th race.... and wins the first pole, leads most laps, and wins the first Cup race at KY Speedway.

No need to click the title, that line above pretty much describes it.

The Little Blurb For The "Unofficial" Tool Cart Puller-Arounder

Ok, the idea and the title came from Tez, and I did have to borrow a picture, but here goes:

Kristen Valus- "Unofficial" Tool Cart Puller Arounder
4 years at Penske
Hometown: somewhere, USA
Nickname: “Doc”
First job: Analyzing friends' Barbie dolls
Favorite Track: Sonoma
Memorable Racing Experience: Asking Tony Stewart where he got his rhythm from(Getting her picture taken in VL with Kurt came in a close second; being inches away from Dale Jr came in third)
If You Were a Car Part, What Would You Be? The Computer- because it analyzes all the other parts to make sure they're functioning properly.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- 2011 Quaker State 400

This week's GBU is up. To find out who made the grade, click on the title. (But I have a feeling you all know who made the grade.)