Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  1. Was anyone else disappointed that Han didn't write a DEAR SANTY letter? Here are some of last years wishes:

    For jon464...A new custom tour bus.

    For goutdaddy....An unlimited supply of colchicine. (Its not narcotic folks)

    For ed c...A new magic salamander.

    For SB20...A lifetime supply of greenies.

    For bloodredsox...A new eye patch. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!

    For Dave in Indy...A better next four years than the last four.

    For kellyscott...A new keyboard. One with all the keys.

    For Lisa...Some east coast bias.

    For Dangerous Fatman...That other bloggers will realize that you're not really fat. That your screen name is from an old movie. Your welcome.

    For Gerrel, IowaGirl, sweetkena, RA6AN, Tsfan, volfan69, Granny Racer, AthensSpeedwayFan, and the other female NASCAR bloggers...A 2009 Sam Elliott calendar!

    I worked today and the phone might have range 4 times. So I had nothing else to do but search old blogs. Did you know Han has 38 pages of blogs on FOX?lol Yesterday's gone.