Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Trifecta- Texas Edition

Ok, I'm posting this week's Trifecta early so that you can study for your quiz. Since I'm a history teacher, I'm just curious about how much y'all know about Texas history and trivia. I'll knock one point off your final score for every answer you get right. I'll post the answers when I post my picks.

The quiz:

1.) Two universities in the United States have dinosaurs named for them. One is Yale University. Name the other one(Hint: it's in Texas.)

2.) True or False: The film "The Alamo" with John Wayne and Richard Widmark was filmed on location at the Alamo.

3.) What well known soft drink got its start in Waco, Texas?

4). Why is the bar at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio historically significant?

5.) Who shot J.R.?

Now on to the races:

1.) The Camping World Truck Series Race Friday, 11/6; the green flag drops at 9:19pm ET.

2.) The Nationwide Series Race Saturday, 11/7; the green flag drops at 1:01pm ET.

3.) The Sprint Cup Race Sunday, 11/8; the green flag drops at 3:31pm ET.

Good luck and lef's go racing!!!!


  1. and those of us who aren't American all get full marks or 0, SB?

  2. Tez- that's why I posted early, so you;d have time to do a little research if needed, :o)

  3. ahh, righto then....I wasn't sure if I was allowed to, lol

  4. 1. Tylersaurus... LOL sounds better than Aggiesaurus!
    2. False
    3. Dr Pepper
    4. Teddy Roosevelt recruited cowboys for his Rough Riders.
    5. His wife? I can't remember...

    Trucks- Kyle Busch
    NNS- Carl Edwards
    Cup- Jimmie yawn... Johnson

  5. Gee... I didn't notice that the answers would be worth points. Oh well, at least I actually knew a couple of the answers. My mother was a Texican, so kind of had some of this growing up. As far as the John Wayne Alamo movie, I know it was filmed on a ranch. Would have been kind of hard filming in downtown San Antonio! lol

  6. ok, did a bit of digging around here, lol

    1 - Texas Tech
    2 - false
    3 - Dr Pepper...I still haven't tried it, am waiting for enough of a sore throat since I've heard it tastes like cough medicine, LOL!
    4 - yeah, what CR said....I ain't C&P all that, lol
    5 - Kristen Va...oh wait, Shepard :P

    Trucks - Johnny Sauter
    NW - Joey Logano
    Cup - Juan Montoya

  7. 1.Texas Longhorns. lol
    2. False
    3. Dr Pepper
    4. A ghost of Teddy Rossevelt has been seen in the bar, and yes he was once there to recruite.
    5. Sue Ellen's Sister - Kristen Shephard

    Tr. Kyle Busch
    NW. Carl Edwards
    cup. Mark Martin

  8. Scoring this week? If someone gets all 3 right and all 5 is it a -2 score, or just points off to a 3. I hope this will not count has a perfect score, Like Tez he was happy he held that record on WW post and I would as well on this one.

    Tez - Dr Pepper is not that bad, just make sure it's extra cold and it is much better to drink.

    Cheers2all and GL2ALL

  9. This quiz is culturally biased. lol

    1...Horned Frogasaurus (TCU)
    2...False....probably N Calif.
    3...Dr Pepper. Tez, drop a shot glass filled with root beer schnapps in a draft beer...tastes just like Dr Pepper.
    4...Where LH Oswald met the Cubans, and, or, the Mafia, and LBJ, and a young Oliver Stone.
    5...An actress.


  10. Gee, Gene looks like he's back in that Kyle "all or nothing" stage... lol

    I'm a Pepper, when I can't get a Coke.

  11. Yeah CR, Kyle will win the truck race and finish 2nd in the NW race. So combine that with my five correct answers on the quiz, and I'll be going into Sunday at -2 points.

  12. Well Gene, sounds like you've got it figured out. I forgot that you have inside sources... Mike and Veronica... LOL Good luck to you, and if you win, you can buy me a drink at Frothy's... is it still open???

  13. 1. TCU Horned Frogs
    2. False
    3. Dr. Pepper
    4. Teddy Roosevelt recruited his Rough Riders at that bar.
    5. His sister-in-law, Kristin.

    Trucks--Matt Crafton
    NW--Kevin Harvick
    Cup--Tony Stewart

  14. Well lets see how I do in a Robitussin stupor on this little quiz...

    1. No idea so will go with Texas Tech
    2. False
    3. Dr. Pepper (tastes way better than cough syrup Tez!)
    4. I'll cheat and copy everyone else's answer re: Teddy and his Rough Riders
    5. Me!! Tez!! sheesh...how did you know he stole the lugnut? Kristin Shepard!

    Trucks - Thorn
    NW - Algaier
    Cup - JJ

  15. 1) TCU Horned Frogs
    2) False
    3) Dr. Pepper
    4) Because the servers deliver drinks in the nude
    5) Trick question. No one shot J.R. Bobby dreamed it all.

    CW - Crafton
    NW - Shrub
    Cup - VIVA MONTOYA!!!!

  16. Ok, the Beagle is going with:

    CWTS- Ron Hornaday(can't believe there's no one on his bandwagon this week)

    NNS- Brad Keselowski

    Cup- Kurt Busch

    Now for the answers to the quiz:

    1. The Technosaurus is named for Texas Tech University(the Paleontology Dept. at Tech has unearthed three previously unknown species of dinosaurs- the Technosaurus, the Postosuchos, and the Shuvosaurus)

    2. False. The grounds of the Alamo are considered sacred, and the Daughters of the Republic refused to allow filming. A replica of the Alamo was built at Brackettville, Texas and served as the location for both the John Wayne version of the film and the recent Dennis Quaid version(the Daughters, however, are more than happy to allow the film to spread the misconception that Davy Crockett died blowing up the powder magazine. In truth, he survived the initial battle and was executed by Mexican firing squad)

    3. Dr. Pepper- the only known soft drink that absolutely WILL NOT mix with any alcoholic beverage(did I mention that Waco is the seat of the Southern Baptist Convention?)

    4. Teddy Roosevelt recruited many of the Rough Riders at the bar of the Menger Hotel(across the street from the Alamo). It is said that the ghosts of the Rough Riders still frequent the bar.

    5. Kristen(Sheperd-his sister in law) shot J.R. Ewing. I knew at least one of you would go for a friendly jab at our own Kristen(thank you Tez).

    So, going into tonight's truck race, the standings are as follows:

    Tez -5
    Klv -5
    F2 -4
    jon -4
    CR -3
    Hanny -2
    moseby -2
    SB 0

  17. Oh yeah-

    You will still have to pick the winners in all three races to qualify for a perfect score.

  18. I am thinking about changing my NW and Cup drivers....but will stick with Sauter for the Trucks.

    and apologies to our Kristen for taking such a cheap shot :(

  19. Hey, I'm late to the party, but I knew the Dr Pepper and Kristen shot JR answers before looking at the others' answers!

    Nationwide: RAGAN
    Cup: EDWARDS

  20. No worries Mate! (can you tell I am still influenced by my trip!!??!) I thought it was funny...

  21. Ok-

    Welcome to the party RA6AN. I'll credit you with 2 points on the quiz, but unfortunately, I'll have to give you last place points for the truck race.

    Looks like Hanny has completed Round 1 of the Kylefecta. We'll see if he can keep it going for two more races.

    The standings:

    Klv -4
    F2 -3
    CR -2
    jon -2
    Hanny -1
    moseby 0
    Tez 1
    SB 3
    RA6AN 34

  22. Kylefecta... gulp! When donkeys fly! lol

  23. changing from Joey Logano to Carl Edwards for the NW race please :)

  24. CR- Look at it this way. If Kyle does win all three races, they won't be talking about Jimmie :o).

    Tez- Change noted.

  25. they still would talk about him, SB, rest assured :P

  26. and Carl starts from the back....brilliant change by me there *rolls eyes*

  27. looks like I should have taken Kasey for this race at the moment, lol

  28. or not....that's made the race dull now since Kahne was the only guy who could hang with Kyle *sigh*

  29. Tez's last minute change from Logano to Edwards kept him out of the basement, but Hanny takes the lead having completed two legs of the Kylefecta. Will he get the third???

    Hanny 0
    moseby 1
    jon 4
    F2 6
    CR 7
    SB 8
    Tez 10
    Klv 21
    RA6AN 42

  30. I think I just saw a donkey fly by my window...

  31. Whats the grading curve, If you tell the teacher you cheated and copy everyone else's answers you get it counted right for fessing up before hand.lol

    Tez, I wanted to change so bad to Kyle for nationwide but after last week and before I didn't press the post comment button. lmao, I just hope Carl pulls a top 5 now.

    ESPN love Jimmie and will all ways be talking about him no matter what. Giving him the gillette clutch move of the race last week, Dr Punch drolling over himself has he say's WATCH JIMMIE AVOID EVERYONE. He drove stright threw it cause all the cars had gone by the time he got to them,, what a joke that was.

    Me thinks NASCAR told them to give it to him cause it was the only one he would win out of all the others given out to those who had balls to race hard ever lap.


  32. CR, lmao,,So give me the scoop, Kyle is winning who is in second and so on??

  33. Methinks Smoke will bring it home...

  34. I think an investigation into Gene's picks is required given there was also a 'Kile' in the Truck race and how easy it is to mispell words on here, SB :P

  35. Tez- LOL, but there's no doubt that he picked Kyle B. for all three races. He's done so every time the rules permit it.

    (Katie does have a stuffed M&M that's never been chewed on)

  36. Hnmmm cant win now...stupid Lil Gator!! I'll stick with JJ just to keep your spreadsheet with one less change on it SB!

    BTW - riding lesson at 1p tomorrow so might not be around to do race chat -- will start it if I can.

  37. Talkative bunch, aren't we... I won't get to see the race tommorow. Oh well, no great loss I suppose.

  38. I'll take Jeffy G instead of Juany M please, SB :)

  39. Ok, so this wasn't the race to miss. Jimmie goes out on Lap 3 and finishes 38th; Kyle runs out of gas within 3 to go; and the Beagle ties Kristen with 5 Trifecta wins.

    The final standings:

    SB 9
    F2 10
    jon 10
    Hanny 11
    Tez 23
    moseby 38
    CR 45
    Klv 59
    RA6AN 81

  40. Congrads to you SB, Plus you didn't get the extra points you gave us,, You are on fire! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

    I agree Kristen needs to go horse ridding next sunday and CR you have to miss the race again... sorry guys... Lets say it its all for the good of NASCAR.LOL


  41. Congrats SB!! I was going to change to Kurt but figured I would jinx him...

    5 wins eh? Where is Jbroomy? He needs to be harassing you for your JJ like dominance!

    WOOT!!! I'll go ride next week...was supposed to be there but between Australia and being sick I have missed too much work to go to PHX to play... =(

  42. Congrats to the Beagle.

    I already have my 3 picks for next week. Or should I say, one pick!