Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Announcement

I have a big announcement. Starting tomorrow, Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? will make it's triumphant return on these pages of the Lug-Nuts and Fan-Addicts Sports Blog. After I had left Fox Sports Blogs, it took a hiatus. It will be on Sundays for the foreseeable future, with the exception of the 14th of this month. It will be posted late that evening as I will be taking a brief vacation for a few days in that time frame.

As always, I will be looking forward to your nominations.

IndyCar race = exciting?

Saturday night proved to have the best race of the weekend by far, no matter what happens at Pocono on Sunday. Surprisingly, it wasn't from any of NASCAR's three series. The IndyCar Series ran at Kentucky Speedway under the lights and did they put on a show or what?!

For those who missed the race - and I'm sure there were plenty, I mean, it was on Versus - coming into this weekend the series introduced many changes on the cars to help increase the excitment of the racing. Sound familiar? NASCAR could take a look into the same type of thing.

Now, I am nowhere near smart enough or a big enough open-wheel fan to understand these changes but they sure made the racing exciting. Throughout the 200 lap event there were cars racing side-by-side consistently for nearly an entire run, including the leaders. At the end, it came down to Ryan Briscoe vs. Ed Carpenter. Briscoe drives for the powerful Penske organization that dominates Indy nearly every year. I think of them as the Hendrick of IndyCar racing. Carpenter is in his seventh year in the series and coming into the race had led a total of four laps in his career. Yeah, no misprint, his career. He would lead 34 laps in this race.

Most of the time I think of IndyCar racing as just follow the leader but not this one. There was only one caution the entire race, and it wasn't for debris; something actually happened on the track. Anyway, all of the leaders came down pit road with about 25 laps to go and from that point on Briscoe and Carpenter ran side-by-side nearly the entire time.

Finally, at the finish Briscoe was on the high side and was able to inch out Carpenter for the win by .016 seconds - the seventh closest finish in IndyCar history. While I was really disappointed that Carpenter could not bring home the win, I was really excited to see a race with so much action. Other than the Indy 500, I rarely catch an open-wheel race but this one was terrific and made my weekend. I have not gotten up from a race that stoked in a long time. The Talladega race this year probably didn't get me as excited as this one did because the battle lasted for 50 or so laps. Also, the entire race was like that and there were no cautions to break the rhythm of the race.

So, while we all watch the ever exciting Pocono race on Sunday, at least we can rest easy knowing that there is good racing out there, NASCAR just needs to do some work on the product right now. Maybe even take a page out of the IndyCar book and make some changes to the cars.

All in all, I just wanted to put this up on here this evening because I was so excited about the race that I needed to tell somebody about it. Thanks to Kristen for having this site put together, it is pretty cool to have something new to read pretty much every day.

Without a song

I just posted a blog. It needs a playlist to get the real effect!lol

Have a great weekend.


Friday, July 31, 2009

For NFL Fans, No News Is Good News

Every year, when my Padres fade from contention, and there is nothing else (that I care about) going on in sports, I start craving for San Diego Chargers news. Just give me something! It seems that all the other teams are making the headlines on SportsCenter, or in the papers. My Chargers apetite is not being satisfied. Then it happens...

The Chargers make the news.

* Shawne Merriman test positive for steroids

* Steve Foley shot by off duty cop

* Stephen Cooper tests positive for stimulants

* Junior Seau, or Donnie Edwards, or Rodney Harrison sent packing

* Marty fired after 14-2 season

* Shawne Merriman and Chad Ocho-Cinco fighting over Twitter

That is not what I am looking for.

How about...

* First round draft pick signs and shows up to camp early

* Charger player saves person's life

* NFL recognizes Chargers as the team of the century

You see, I'm not asking much.

What I have finally come to realize after years of frustration over the lack of coverage of my Bolts is that no news is good news. If I hear a report about the Chargers in the preseason, it will certainly be negative. A player breaks the law, a player breaks the rules, a player gets hurt, a player sits out, etc... So, I am happy not to hear about the Chargers this year.

The news out of San Diego this year has been positve, despite the lack of natinoal coverage.

* Team seems focused on winning, not hype

* Team healthiest it has been in years

* Shawne Merriman shows up to camp with rookies to get started

* Rookies showing great skills and potential

The only negative stuff right now is that their number one draft pick, Larry English has not signed. Norv Turner said yesterday that he is confident that English will sign and he is not concerned at this time. I hope he is right!

So, I guess what I am trying to say is, if you are sitting there craving stories about your team and are frustrated that nothing is coming out. Be happy instead. Those negative stories about Chargers players listed above could easily be about your favorite team next time. So remember, no news is good news.

Iowa Speedway's First Nascar Nationwide Race

I posted a new blog this morning on my website about the First Nascar Nationwide race at the Rusty Wallace designed Iowa Speedway. Click on the Title.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gas and Go--Pocono (2nd race)

This week's Gas and Go is up on my blog. Click on the title to go there.

The Trifecta- Happy Birthday Kristen Edition

Welcome back race fans. This week's trifecta takes us to Iowa, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania for our chosen races.

Up first is the NASCAR Nationwide Race from Iowa Saturday afternoon.

Second is the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race from Nashville Saturday night. Kyle Busch is not on the entry list for the race, so no chance for an encore of the "smashing" performance we saw at the Nationwide race earlier this year.
Our last race is the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Pocono Sunday afternoon.

As always pick one driver for each race.

The rules:

  1. You must pick a Nationwide driver who IS NOT a full time Cup driver.

  2. There is no penalty for picking a driver already picked.

  3. As the birthday girl, Kristen automatically goes to the top of the list no matter when she makes her picks.

Have fun, and I'll see you at the races.

(Oh yeah, one more thing. I call dibs on the roses.)

All Filler, No Killer

Oh yes, it's back, with the scoring system no-one understands, a driver selection scheme no-one understands and humour that (quite possibly) only I understand the juvenile deliquent of NASCAR review blogs is back.

I'm not going to post it here, you have to work for it, go here instead >>

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok, according to the clock on my computer, it is 12:03am Thursday, July 30. So, everybody on the count of 3 ready

1... 2... 3...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Kristen!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!

The Schuminator is back

Well, well, now we shall see whether or not one can take a few years off in F1 and still remain competitive.

From yahoo Australia:

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher is making a sensational return to Formula One, Ferrari announced on Wednesday.

The German motor racing legend, who retired in 2006, will replace injured Felipe Massa in the European Grand Prix in Valencia on August 23, and possibly for the remainder of the season.

"The Ferrari-Marlboro team plans to give Michael Schumacher Felipe Massa's car until the Brazilian returns to competition," Ferrari announced in a statement on its website carried by Italian news agency ANSA.

The statement added: "Michael Schumacher says he is available and in the coming days he will pursue a specific programme of preparation at the end of which it will be possible to confirm his participation in the European Grand Prix."

Schumacher, 40, commented: "Ultimately I like challenges and this is a great challenge."

"The important thing is that Massa gets better," he continued, adding that he "just wanted to help the firm (Ferrari) when they needed it".

Schumacher's return was arranged at a meeting between him and Ferrari president Luca di Montezamolo at Ferrari's headquarters at Maranello on Wednesday morning, ANSA reported.
News of his comeback to the sport he virtually made his own came 24 hours after the possibility had first been raised by his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm.

"The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it," Kehm had told BBC Sport.

Schumacher, who is on Ferrari's payroll as an advisor, will be filling in for Massa, who is recovering from surgery following his horrific high speed crash in qualifying for last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

Only this month he had made it clear speaking at the German Grand Prix that he was not interested in making a full time comeback.

But the offer of a temporary return to the Ferrari cockpit obviously proved too much to resist for "Schumi" who has recovered from a neck injury sustained in a motorcycle accident in February.

Now I freely admit to not being a big MS fan...but I certainly respect him and all he achieved in the sport so I wish him all the best in his comeback tour.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We are officially public now - so that means search engines can find us and anyone can read and comment but only approved authors can post. We still have about 15 outstanding invites for authors and you will still need to send me emails if you wish someone to be included/approved as an author.

For now I will hold onto moderator duties and contact people privately to see if they would like to be a backup.

I would still like suggestions for what music player you all want on here if the one I haved loaded is not to your liking! Otherwise, format and look of this blog will not change.

Ok, lets go take over the sports blogging world!!!

--Your fearless instigator!

SYMT Pocono Race: Davey Allison

Okay boys and girls the SYMT Pocono Race is up and running. Here is a link to the blog. Have a great and safe race everyone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

√Ďame that Film: klvalus Edtiion!

Hi Ya'll,

Blood and I have a new edition of Name that Film: klvalus edition! up and running on my Bolt Backer 21 blog! You're envited to come check it out and play along! Good luck!!! Just click on the link and you will be there!

Feel the Burn

Olivia Newton-John singing "Let's Get Physical" should be the background music for this one. Aw yeah, all sweaty spandex and 80's pastels everywhere. Gotta love it.

Poor Juan Pablo Montoya. I have to believe he was being extremely cautious during that last pitstop, and I truly believe that he wasn't speeding on pitlane at Indy ... but if the Nascar supercomputer says you were speeding on pit road then dammit you were speeding on pit road, end of story. Hmmmm, Nazi Car = Nascar? My guess is that Max Mosely would fit in right nicely with the Nascar leadership. It's like the Fourth Reich, and arguing against the powers that be will only get you a positive meth test.

Nascar Motto ~ "The truth can always be manufactured."

Kyle Busch isn't waiting for the Chase this season, he's coming unraveled right now before our eyes. The Shrub is basically a living contradiction, or maybe a real life Catch-22 if you will. His emotions are what makes him such an exciting and talented driver and his passion for winning is obviously what pushes him to excel, but at the same time his emotions seem to be his weakness. Oh the irony. I understand that he's had some seriously bad luck this season, but he's also been responsible for alot of that badness that fell upon him. The real lesson is that talent alone just ain't enough, and until The Rowdy One can somehow learn the savvy and shrewdness of the top drivers in the sport, the Sprint Cup title will elude him.

Poor Fernando Alonso. At the Hungarian GP the two time world champ put his Renault on the pole (although very light on fuel) and looked to be headed for a solid podium finish ... when the wheels came off. Literally. I'm not sure if the incident that hurt Felipe Massa affected the FIA's decision or not, but handing out a one race ban against Alonso and Renault because of a loose wheel nut? Dang that's a bit harsh, isn't it. Even worse is that it really wasn't Alonso's fault, it was one tire changer that didn't complete his job and the lollipop dude that released the car too soon. Yet basically Fred will pay the penalty.

FIA vs FOTA. Yep, the silliness just won't wait for the off-season anymore. Now the talking heads must be heard throughout the racing calendar, and the bullshit starts piling up so fast that we (the fans) need wings to stay above it. The last rumors I've seen suggest that a solution has been reached and papers have been drafted and signed that will keep Formula 1 together for the near future.

Of course, those rumors could be false or could change completely before the hour is done. I just don't know what to believe anymore.

Max Mosely probably would've liked the Olivia Newton-John theme song for this blog. That is so long as Olivia would be wearing Nazi themed spandex and the stipulation that she spank him.


The Speeding Bullets: Allstate 400 at the Brickyard

This week's edition of The Speeding Bullets is up. You can check it out at


We have 34 authors now -- all Ex-Foxsportsters with about 15 yet to respond. I think we have the bulk of folks here so we need to make some decisions on how to run the blog moving forward...Speedbeagle inspired me with her Constitution questions!

***Right now I (klvalus) am the only administrator on the blog. This means I am the only one that can approve changes to the appearance of the blog and approve new authors (if we keep this private). Do you want to all be administrators? Do you think I should continue as the only one? Have a few people?

***Do we want to keep this blog private (which means you must be an approved author to read, post or comment) or do you want to make it public? Public means anyone can comment/read. If we go public I think we need to be careful about referencing Foxsports.

***Do you want to invite non-ex-Foxsports blogger that have similar interests or you know from other websites/places or keep this primarily "the gang"?

***What changes do you want to make to the blog? Any additional gadgets you would like on here? Color changes? Anything??

For what is worth -- my opinions.

My "vision" for this blog was to recreate our Foxsports community here and have a central place to have the group blogs and to drive traffic to our individual blogs.

I am happy to continue as the sole administrator or share these duties with some or all of you.

I am torn on public v. private. My other blog is public and is what I am using to try to get into the NASCAR Citizen Journalist is nice to know who is on here and to not have to watch what you say as much however keeping it private means no fresh blood too. If we go public, like I said above, I think we need to be careful about referencing Foxsports (I'll take out the subtitle for example).

I am open to any new members -- I trust you guys to have cool friends! LOL If we keep it private I do have "banning" power...maybe if public too...not sure about that.

So SPEAK UP!! Let me know what you guys want to do...simple majority rules I guess!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Take This Test

Ok, not exactly sports related. I'm just curious.

Below are 10 of 100 questions taken from the test that one must pass in order to become a naturalized US citizen. I use the test as a diagnostic tool when I teach government. The difference here is that the students have to answer 99 questions instead of 10(we don't worry about the question which asks about which form you use to apply for citizenship.)

If you're not a US citizen, go ahead and take the test(this means you, Tez and others). I'm always curious about how much those who were educated outside the US know about our government and history.
  1. What is the Constitution?
  2. What do the stripes on the flag mean?
  3. Who elects the President?
  4. Name the two senators from your state(and please identify the state). For those outside the US, name two current US senators.
  5. What makes up the Executive branch of government?
  6. Who becomes President if both the President and Vice-President die in office(5 bonus points if you can name the person who currently holds that position)?
  7. Name one Constitutional requirement for becoming President.
  8. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
  9. Why are there 100 senators in the US Senate?
  10. Name three rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

There is no time limit, and you all are on the honor system not to google the answers.

Despite Slow Season, Dale Earnhardt Jr Continues To Shine

Dear Dale Jr,

In the last few months, I have taken the liberty to try and bring some sort of closure to all the fans that have chosen to take a disliking to you. Now being a writer for one of the many independent NASCAR websites that are on the web today, as well as climbing over to the blogging side of NASCAR, and posting at the various NASCAR social sites that are at the fans disposal. I can say it’s been a real pleasure taking the initiative to write what I felt were some very interesting, as well as informative posts about your racing career, while at the same time using your accomplishments as the backbone for each and every story.

It wasn’t hard to depict exactly what you have done throughout your racing career, because the facts always tell the true story and they never lie. Now what I found really intriguing was that your name is on the top 10 list of just about every stat that is out there, with the exception of just a couple. I not only searched through the Sprint cup archives, but I also went a step further and dug right into the Nationwide series as well. After all, there are still a few cup drivers that have chosen to pursue that championship as well, so why not also include them in the posts that were written. Since your career just about speaks for itself, it was easy to just put an ear to them, and as I listened I also began typing away as the golden nuggets magically came to life right before my very eyes.

Well the reason for this letter was not to continue on a path that I have already travelled, but instead today I shed my writing pen, and I toss away my bloggers attitude, and write to you as a friend. I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for the many memories that you have graciously brought to your fans, and at the same time the really awesome example that you have been portraying as a human being, even through all the heartaches that you have been experiencing. Little do you probably realize, is the huge impact that you have had away from the track, to those that have chosen to adopt you as their favorite driver. You have more then exemplified what a true and caring heart that you have, which lies beneath the persona of being NASCAR’s most popular driver. Because as we all know a persons true character usually implodes during the rough, or should I say the difficult times.

I’m not here to expound on the many miscues that you have had to deal with since the season has started, but instead it’s the way that you have handled the heartbreaking mistakes that seem to be plaguing the team. I can’t imagine what you are going through, especially when there are those around that are just waiting for the opportunity to kick you when you are down. But kick as they must, this is where your true character really shines, and out shadows anything that they can throw at you. And it’s because of how genuine and truthful that you are, that makes them dislike you even more. It’s sad to say but character has been lost in our society today, but watching the way that you handle yourself even when you aren’t winning. It’s easy to say that you still have the heart of a champion, and a character attribute that many who have chosen to dislike you can learn from.

Just watching the way you have handled all the adversity that has come your way, you still manage to break out that big smile along with a positive ambiance that flows from you that can easily make the nay-sayers foam at the mouth. And it’s from that same foam where all the hate, and disgusting words are always spouted from the so-called fans that have no idea the pressure that you are under. It’s really sad that some have started their own crusade to attack a driver who has really done nothing wrong, except to strap himself behind the wheel week in and week out, while giving his all just like any other driver out on the track today.

For those of us who have chosen to support you in your times of trial, let it be known that we understand that no one person is perfect, and far be it for anyone to think that you are some sort of god with inhuman type characteristics. Whenever I look at the true test of character, it’s not how you handle winning. Because with winning your emotions flow automatically. But instead it’s how you handle defeat that shows you’re true character, and it’s easy to see that you are consistent no matter what the circumstances are.

Life itself is not always about the ‘W” in the win column that is important, but it’s the “W” in the peoples lives that you have touched in a positive way which can be just as important. Your father would be really proud of you if he were alive today, because of the positive way that you have portrayed the sport that he and his father so much loved. And that alone carries a lot more respect than any trophy can ever bring you, because just like the trophy it has to be earned. Dale, just remember that your fans love you for who you are, and that is something that no trophy can ever fulfill because it has no feelings on the inside. So whatever you do don’t change a thing about who you are or what you believe in, because the measure of a man will always come down to the way that you have portrayed yourself. And you have passed that test with flying colors.

Good Luck on the rest of your season, You’re Friend, Sal Sigala Jr.


By David Johndrow

His name is David. I have never met him face to face but I know him. His stories will bring a chuckle to your mind. His thoughts are deeply faith based. His accomplishments are many in service to the Lord. His words can be inspiring to believers. His knowledge is one of the gifts from the Holy Spirit. A true believer in the works and miracles of the Lord.

Just by a random chance I happened to arrive on his site a while ago and I have visited frequently since then. We have exchanged emails discussing the bible and other issues. He encouraged me in researching the Spiritual Gifts. He encouraged me in not giving up in my desire to do evangelical work. I consider him a friend.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Follow me, if you will. Pretend that you are the CEO of a major, high visibility company. One of your top employees starts to get into trouble with the law.

First, he gets caught at an airport with a water bottle that has been tweaked so that it hides things in a secret compartment. In fact, in this case, there was trace evidence that there was an illegal drug in that compartment. Charges were dropped, but still, the company was embarrassed.

Next, the same employee is accused of financing a huge dog fighting ring where dogs are tortured for financial gain and personal entertainment. In fact, this is reported to be one of the largest dog fighting gambling rings in the country!

Okay, it's time to call this employee in and here his side of the story. You call him in and he says everything you want to hear. "I have nothing to do with any of this!" Great, as long as he is telling the truth, all will wash out in the end and we can go about our business as usual.

Oopps!!! A trial happens and your employee is found guilty and sentenced to two years is prison!! Ouch, that does not look good for our company! What an embarrassment! Two years go by and your former employee is released and has paid his debt to society.

He would like to come back and have his old job. True, there are other people in your company that have done terrible crimes as well, and they are playing, so what about this guy? People seem to think that you owe it to him to let him play? Do you?

Is working in your company a right, or a privilage? Don't you have the right to say who represents your company?So, maybe you take him back, maybe you don't. Maybe you tack on a suspension of your own to show that you didn't appreciate how he made your company look. My question isn't should this employee be allowed back, but why is it that the NFL apparently owes employment to Michael Vick when any other company in the world (outside of sports) would be free to say that they are not interested in hiring him?

Just so you know that I'm not going spineless on this one. I think the NFL should take Vick back. However, I would suspend him for another year so that he can prove that he has rehabilitated. People say that he has been an awesome person the last two years. Sure he has! He has been locked up! Most of his decisions are made for him behind bars. Now that he is out on his own, let's see what choices he makes for his life. Then and only then would I give him his "second" chance.

How about you?

What would you do if you were Roger Goodell?

More Blogger How-To Videos

Hey everyone!

I just found a gold mine of Blogger how-to videos on YouTube in addition to the one Gene showed us a few days back. The guy teaches you everything from the 101s of setting up a basic blog, to advanced ways of customizing your template with different colors, to even inserting Technorati tags which help with the marketing of your blog. He also goes through all of the different settings and tells you what they mean. I watched every single one of these and found all of them extremely helpful!

Check them out at this link:


Our First Blogspot Race Chat

Sorry to post and run, but we're at lunch and the battery on the laptop is getting low. I'll be back after lunch and can get plugged in. In the mean time have fun!!!

Let's go racing!!