Saturday, December 12, 2009

NASCAR musings in the offseason

I have some ideas on improving NASCAR. To read these, click on the link. Your comments are welcome.

Bolt Notes: Wrap Up; Preview; and Week 14 NFL Picks!

Come by and check out my picks for week 14! Let me know who you have winning this week.

Friday, December 11, 2009

NASCAR Diecast Collectables Question

SO, I ended up in a second hand store and they had all these diecasts. When the guy told me they were 1/2 price I may have gotten a bit crazy.
Any of you have better resources than I to tell me if I found anything fantastic?

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Eagle One paint sceme) limited edition one of 20004
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Valvoline/ Zerex paint sceme) limited edition one of 20016
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Dale Jarrett #88 1998 Ford Taurus (Quality Care paint sceme)limited edition one of 5000 (bank)
in box with , styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Tony Stewart #20 1998 or 99 (box says 99 styrofoam liner says 98) Pontiac (Home Depot/ Habitat for Humanity paint) one of 10008
in box with styrofoam. box is 'sleeved' 1:18 scale

Bobby Hamilton #43 Pontiac (STP paint)
Richard Petty STP 25th anniversary
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

Ricky Rudd #10 Thunderbird (Tide paint)
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

If you know anything about these "toys" I would love the info.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

End of the Year Awards

A live awards show hosted by yours truly, along with Mike Hanner and the long lost Countryjag.

Bang the title to peep in.

And so it happens

One Danica Patrick will be racing a few times in ARCA and the Nationwide series in 2010.

So will she go the way of Tony Stewart and be successful or will she be added to the evergrowing pile of open-wheelers that struggled instead (Hornish, AJ, Montoya, Franchitti, Speed...have I missed anyone?)?

While I am one of her biggest detractors (three years with a top team and a return of that solitary win in Japan just doesn't cut it in my book), at least she isn't jumping straight into the Cup series. We shall just have to wait and see how it pans out since who knows, she might produce an impressively consistant season like she did in Indycar this year...

One poster on Scenedaily says she won't, even going so far as taking bets (money raised goes to charities) over whether Danica in JR equipment will be able to beat John Wes Townley in RCR stuff.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Name That Film: Pet Peeves Edition!

Hi Everyone! Come over and play this week's edition of Name That Film!!! See you there!

You Decide Poll 2009

The 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is in the books, which means it is time for the annual You Decide Poll. Click here to participate...

Rating the 2009 Sprint Cup Series

The final rating for the season is up and running. Just click on the title.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas, NASCAR style

Okay, I know there are many versions of this out there, but this is my own version of it, hope that you enjoy it.

Twas' the night before Christmas.
And all through NASCAR land
Not an official was a stirring.

All the tools were hung up with care.
Nothing more to tweak this year.

Click the title and enjoy my version of this Christmas classic...