Friday, December 25, 2009

No Championship for JJ in 2010

What's that, you say? Jimmie won't win the championship in 2010? I know what you're thinking- 'How can you be so sure?" "Are you psychic or something?" "Does the Beagle have insider information?"

No, I don't have inside information, and no, the Beagle isn't psychic. So how do I know that Jimmie won't win the championship in 2010. Let's just say it's because of a little something that Santa left for Katie--

That's right. It's a Jimmie Johnson voodoo bear, and she's already been hard at work doing that voodoo that she does so well.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. SB, I hope you're right! But until someone dethrones JJ, I've gotta pick him. As much as I detest this guy, Denny Hamlin has the best chance to dethrone JJ, based on last season's finish. Of course, Happy is the guy I'd like to see dethrone JJ but if that doesn't happen, Smoke's my second choice.

  2. jon-

    if the bear works as well as the duck has, then it should be a foregone conclusion(although it may take more voodoo than one little beagle can muster)

  3. Don't let her use up all the mojo before the season starts...LOL

    I'm also doing my part to ensure that JJ doesn't make it 5 in a row. I'm betting folding money that he WILL win the title. That will guarantee that he does not!

  4. No worries there, Gene. Right now, she's only allowed to play with it under supervision. It's a beanie baby, and before we can let her have it full time, we have to replace the beans with fiberfill(and a squeaky. She HATES squeakies and works extra hard to rid the world of them).

  5. I'll donate the squeaky. And soon. Go Katie Go