Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Trifecta- By the Time I Get to Phoenix Edition

The races:

Camping World Truck Series Friday 11/13- green flag at 8:18pm ET

Nationwide Series Saturday 11/14- green flag at 4:45pm ET

Sprint Cup Series Sunday 11/15- green flag at 3:30pm ET

You know what to do from here.

(Hanny, shall I put you down for the Kylefecta?????)


  1. CWTS- Kevin Harvick

    NNS- Kenny Wallace. Hey stop laughing, my speakers are on, it could happen.

    NSCS- Mark Martin. Or any other car that also has MM on it. : ) No, seriously Mark Martin

  2. Great too see you socal24fan, that is taking #5 over 24.I am on board with that and watch us both see Jeff take

    Trucks - Kyle (( Thorn In Your )) Busch
    NW - Brad Keselowski
    Cup - Mark Martin

  3. Congrads to SB on last weeks win with no bonus points. Now which voo-doo toy will be hidden from praying eyes, or should we just wait to see your picks to know for sure. lol

    Thanks for doing this and a big CHEERS to SB.

  4. Lets see, I gotta break this 5 wins tie with SB...

    Trucks -Thorn
    NW - Happy
    Cup - Mr. 4-peat Johnson

  5. Trucks- Happy..
    NNS- ...Harvick is not..
    Cup- ...Rowdy!


  6. Yes! Put me down for the Kylepeat. Maybe Jon will sack up and take Kevin in all 3 races. LOL

    KYLE x 3

  7. Put me down for the Kevfecta!




  8. With my 2 for Harvick, and 1 for Kyle, I guess I'm a moderate, as opposed to a frothing mouth extremeist like Hanny and Jon. ...I'm just kidding! (in my SNL take) LOL

  9. Put me down for a Montoya trifecta.

    What's that you say? He's not racing in all three? Damn it, Juan! You need the work.

    Craftsman/Camping World Trucks - Hornaday
    Sportmans/Busch/Nationwide Saloon Cars - Keselowski
    Winston/Nextel/Sprint Cup Saloon Cars - Montoya

  10. Trucks - I'll stick with him again...Johnny Sauter
    NW - a gamble...Mike Bliss
    Cup - after last week's stirling effort (ignore the last 2 laps, lol)...Marcos Ambrose :P

  11. And the Beagle picks-

    Trucks- Ron Hornaday

    Nationwide- Kyle B.

    Cup- Tony!!!!!

  12. Well, looks like we won't have a Kylefecta this week, but the Kevfecta is alive and well.

    The standings:

    SoCa24 1
    CR 1
    jon 1
    F2 2
    Klv 2
    Hanny 2
    moseby 4
    SB 4
    Tez 5

    Wow- I don't think we've ever been this bunched up in the standings before. See you tomorrow afternoon.

  13. thank you, Mr Keselowski *rolls eyes*

  14. And there goes the Kevfecta. We're a little more spread out now, but it's still anybody's game.

    The standings:

    CR 3
    jon 3
    Klv 4
    F2 7
    moseby 9
    Hanny 11
    Tez 13
    SB 13
    SoCa24 18

  15. The final standings:

    Klv 5
    F2 11
    CR 15
    moseby 17
    SoCa24 22
    Hanny 23
    Tez 24
    jon 27
    SB 38

    So, Kristen breaks the tie- for now. There's still one more race to go :o)

  16. So, it's about time for F2 to do the stats again. BTW, anybody know what happened to William? Just wondering...

  17. WOOT! That was too easy...LOL Picking JJ was a gimmee!