Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lug-Nuts & Fan-Addicts NASCAR CHASE

I took in all who gave a list of there 10 chase tracks and added them up and tryed to come up with the average for what race # they would be, but before the order comes out we need to finish the list.

First what tracks made the 10 race list cut so far.

,. Talladaga with 8 votes
,. Martinsville with 6 vote
,. Las Vegas with 6 votes
,. Texas with 5 votes -
,. Phonenix with 5 votes
,. Daytona with 5 votes
,. Charlott/Lowes with 5 votes
,. Dover with 5 votes
,. Sonoma with 5 votes

That gave us 9 tracks. Now the tricky/hard part is we had three tracks with 4 votes and all 3 are loaded with history and could very well bring much drama to be one of the tracks in the chase.

,. Atlanta with 4
,. Darllington with 4
,. Bristol with 4

I figure I would leave it up to you guys to pick the last track to make the list. With Martinsville being the only bowl track I will pick Bristol as my pick out of the 3. It's was a toss up with

Thanks and Cheers


  1. Darlington, gets my vote. As much as I love Bristol, Darlington has alot more history and it is the toughest track out there to get a handle on. And the track allows it be more in the driver's hands not the tires.

  2. Forensic - Life got in the way for awhile and my invite to this site expired. I have been directed to contact you and see if another invite may be extended. I think I will be back a little more often. Thanks

  3. Darlington....not too many lucky, first-time-ever winners at Darlington.