Friday, December 11, 2009

NASCAR Diecast Collectables Question

SO, I ended up in a second hand store and they had all these diecasts. When the guy told me they were 1/2 price I may have gotten a bit crazy.
Any of you have better resources than I to tell me if I found anything fantastic?

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Eagle One paint sceme) limited edition one of 20004
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Mark Martin #6 2000 Ford Taurus (Valvoline/ Zerex paint sceme) limited edition one of 20016
in box with certificate, styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Dale Jarrett #88 1998 Ford Taurus (Quality Care paint sceme)limited edition one of 5000 (bank)
in box with , styrofoam and tissue paper 1:24 scale

Tony Stewart #20 1998 or 99 (box says 99 styrofoam liner says 98) Pontiac (Home Depot/ Habitat for Humanity paint) one of 10008
in box with styrofoam. box is 'sleeved' 1:18 scale

Bobby Hamilton #43 Pontiac (STP paint)
Richard Petty STP 25th anniversary
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

Ricky Rudd #10 Thunderbird (Tide paint)
in display type box -has 'viewing window' it is on a base. 1:18 scale
not much info on the box and I'm not opening it.

If you know anything about these "toys" I would love the info.


  1. I hit the search engines and could not find these exact cars (maybe I did not look right?) The one sight I did find was a pay to look place so I did NOT get any info from them.
    Except one of MMartin cars I have no plans for them

  2. I was curious just like Yeemum and googled "nascar collectibles value". A bunch of sites are available and you could probably get a good idea what they are worth. I didn't spend much time looking though

  3. I did about an hour's worth looking and it is stuff for sale or they want you to pay for their information. - I did use different search words so I'll try again.

    I think we have a few fans of the cars I did find and I was wondering if I found anything that was a "must have" for any of my friends

    Not trying to make any sales

  4. Collectible NASCAR diecast at half price. Prices are a figment of what the seller thinks he can scam some one to buy. Most of the time one can buy the items at Walmart for 19.99 or less if you check the clearance aisles. If it is an older model the price shud be quite a bit less than 19.00. Collectable NASCAR items are way over priced from flea markets and dealers.

  5. As requested. One is A bank AS noted above.

    MMartin cars are TeamCaliber
    TStewart and DJarrett are Action Racing (Jarrett is the bank)
    Hamilton and Rudd are American Muscle

  6. I did not pay anywhere near market price. I giggle to tell you what I paid for the most expensive one.
    Nothing over $20 giggle

  7. TRUTH my first though was that my NASCAR blogging friends really like some of these drivers. If it is a car they would like to have I would like to share.

  8. YeeMum, my husband used to use a collector's book called "Tuff Stuff" to keep up with the prices of his card collection. And they use to have some prices on some NASCAR stuff. Not sure if they are still in business or not.

    But if you check your local Wal-mart magazine rack, you might be able to find some collector magazines. Or if you have a local coin/diecast collector in your area, take them to him/her and they will be able to tell you if you have anything worth any money.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Sounds like a good find Yee! I would guess the older cars probably have some value and of course value is in the eye of the beholder/fan too!

    Alas you grabbed no Jr's or Kurt's or I would be asking for you to share! =)

  10. Yee.....We ate at the Whistle Stop Cafe where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed. There were shops down the street with stuff so old, it was all covered in dust, including a Ken Schrader #25 still the wrapper. I walked around with it then put it back. I live about 2 hours from there and I'm tempted to go back and get it. I paid $4.50 for a Dale Jarrett 1999 Quality Ford car, the year he won the championship. I'll try to find the site's address for you.

  11. Kristen, believe I looked!
    I did thank of SpeedBeagle when I grabbed the TStewart car. (I did find that car online a smaller car for over $150)
    I've heard about the magazines, and the fan pages (pay to look) Although since they span different years I sonder how many magazines I'd have to buy to find my cards.
    Didn't we have a DJarrett fan in the group?