Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lug-Nuts and Fan-Addicts NASCAR 10 Chase races

Here is the results and I think we came up with a great 10 chase race tracks. I did a average of where everyone picked the tracks on there list and this is the order. Darllington fell in the 3rd to 6th spot but the others had more picks for that spot so it moves up to second.

We start out on the smallest track and end on the grand daddy.
1. Martinsville
2. Darllington
3. Dover
4. Sonoma
5. Texas
6. Talladaga
7. Phonenix
8. Las Vegas
9. Charlotte/Lowes No More.
10. Daytona

Thanks to all who did a list and I would say we did a great job.

Take care and God bless,,,


  1. Hey F2 - I guess I missed the voting on this but it looks like a good Chase line up!

  2. no Loudon....the crowd goes wild, YAY!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like a great list there, and interesting that in our format the season would begin and end with Daytona. We're a very symmetrical group, we are.

    Gonna bring it right back to the place where we started from, bring it right back to where it all began.

    Hey .... isn't that a song from long ago?

  4. Klvalus, Well I asked everyone what would be there 10 tracks only,, then I match them all up with tracks who had the most picks etc.

    What was neat was many had the same tracks, but most of all they where dead on or very close to each others in order of there list for those who pick the same tracks.


  5. Tez,, Yeah the crowd is happy and double happy that Pocono didn't make it in the list.lol


  6. Brad, Yeah a very symmetrical group. The Daytona 500 will all ways be the big one at the start and have it's big draw for the start of ever season, so NASCAR can keep saying it's there superbowl.

    Like you said it ends where it started and I don't see nothing wrong with that.lol