Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Trifecta- And Now The End Is Near Edition

Yep, it's the last Trifecta of the season, and while there may not be any excitement in the featured races, there is plenty of excitement in the Trifecta-

Will Kristen win an unprecedented 7th Trifecta?

One last chance for Kyle (and Gene) to score the Kylefecta.

No chance of a Kevfecta this week as Harvick is turning over the wheel of the #33 Nationwide car to Ryan Newman.

So on to the races-

Camping World Truck Race Friday 11/20; green flag at 8:18pm ET

Nationwide Race Saturday 11/21; green flag at 4:45pm ET

Sprint Cup Race Sunday 11/22; green flag at 3:30pm ET

Choose your drivers and let's go racing.


  1. Trucks - Hornaday
    Nationwide - Shrub
    Cup - Yes....that's more time....VIVA MONTOYA!

    Please tell me that they are banning the #48 team from competing in 2010? Please?

  2. hmm, let's see....these may change between now and the races, lol

    Trucks - Colin Braun
    NW - Matt Kenseth
    Cup - Tony Stewart

  3. Trucks- Happy Harvick

    NNS- Rocket Man

    Cup- The Biff

    ...and in the end, I did it my way.

  4. I may switch Biff for the Turtle. I'll let ya know if I do...

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end

  5. Hard to believe the end is here...Kudos to you SB for taking the Trifecta and running with it!

    So here it goes for all the marbles...

    Trucks - Skinner
    NW - Thorn for a win and the championship
    Cup - Edwards

  6. Trucks -Kyle
    NW - Ryan and Kevin will be unhappy.
    cup - Mark Martin

    Lets go racing.

    GL 2 all and Cheers 2 all for the season end.

  7. Cup Tony Stewart

    NW Kyle Busch

    Trucks Bodine

    In cup I really don't care as long as it is not the Jimmie and Chad show

  8. and the Beagle will go with

    CWTS- Ron Hornaday

    NW- Brad Keselowski

    Cup- Matt Kenseth

  9. And so we say sayonara to the Kylefecta for 2009.

    the standings:

    CR 1
    Tez 3
    photo 5
    Klv 6
    moseby 8
    SB 8
    Hanny 13
    F2 13

  10. After much consideration, the Beagle thinks that Pat is going to get the Lug Nut out of the safe deposit box one last time, so we are changing our Cup pick to Kurt Busch.

  11. tempted to change Matt Kenseth to Carl Edwards for the NW race....but I won't, lol

  12. Congrats to Kyle. A well earned championship!

  13. dang it, I should have changed, LOL!

  14. After the Nationwide race:

    photo 6
    Klv 7
    CR 8
    moseby 9
    Tez 13
    Hanny 14
    F2 20
    SB 20

  15. Woot! I am still in it!! Come on Cousin Carl -- Stay away from that voodoo chew toy Katie!!

  16. Looks like Kristen has been getting pointers on dominating a series from JJ and Chad. Thanks to Carl's 7th place finish, Kristen wins her 3rd Trifecta here at Blogspot, bringing her win total to 8.

    I'm working on a few ideas for next season. I'll be blogging about them in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I will want your input.

    The standings:

    Klv 14
    Hanny 22
    CR 22
    SB 24
    photo 28
    F2 32
    Tez 35
    moseby 47

  17. KLV...NICE! But THAT is ENOUGH! Between you and JJ, I'm glad this season is over. LOL

  18. good job again, Kristen....just don't hit anything when you do your victory reverse lap around the block :P

  19. Wow, Kristen is Numero Uno! Congrats!

    ...and thanks SB. You and I both tried to keep trifecta going when William went missing. I'm glad you were persistant in carrying on... 'cause all I have to do is show up! ;-)

  20. Woot Woot! Took me awhile to drive backwards around the block holding the checkered flag out the window...

    Thanks guys and esp. SB!!!

    I am going for a repeat in 2010!