Saturday, July 18, 2009

Old School

HammerHands first NASCAR race in the 50's was a little different than today. Keep that in mind when you read my opinions. I have seen a few things in the last 50 years. I'm still a fan is what matters most.

Bloggers Unite!

Welcome lost, confused, annoyed and outcast bloggers from Foxsports!

(Just repeat after me...Change is Good. Change is Good. Change is Good...)

Hoping to re-create our community here at blogspot and use this blog as a space to post "group" blogs like the race chats or live blogging for other sports, the trifecta (please find William someone!), the GGW racing blogs,the Sheep Squadron, and Bolt's Name that Film as well as just a place to chat!

I have started a link to our individual blogs along the side - so use this as the "master list" of ex-Foxsports bloggers whether they are on blogspot or not. That way we can all stay in touch!

It is unclear if multiple authors can be logged onto this blog at the same time and how posting will work with so many people. We can have up to 100 authors. We will also have to decide if we all want "administrative" capability (change the look of the blog) or just have one/few folks to run it with input from all. Also if this works will have to decide if it is public or private. Can have 100 readers if private.

Hope you all find your way here. Please comment and "follow" this blog when you do so we can get a head count!!