Sunday, November 15, 2009

What, No Race Chatt?

Not that its been anything exciting to see, Its been the ESPN Lowes show the first 50 laps and only showing Kurt Busch the leader when going to commercial break. so I think most have fallen a sleep. Stay tune cause I see the smoke from Johnson car is getting

I be back to pop in and see if anyone has woken up.



  1. Hey Jammie... I wound up over at Fox, on the the race trax live posts. Reconnected with some old Fox friends who missed me. Good race for Jeff Burton. Bad race for Chase promos for next week.

  2. Didn't really watch the race. Spent the day out in the warm sun with the dogs. Since it has been in the 40s here the past few days and raining. Since it was warm out again today. Decided to get some fresh air instead of watching the Lowes race.

  3. I was told not to watch!! Apparently it didnt work eh F2? Too busy these weekends to sit and watch the whole race...sigh.