Saturday, September 5, 2009


The following is taken from David Caravello's article on in which he discusses Carl's broken foot-

"Tony Stewart has been banged up plenty of times, but it's always been in a race car. In fact, he took a spill Wednesday night in a midget race in Macon, Ill., an accident that led to some inaccurate Twitter reports that the Sprint Cup points leader had been injured. Thus far, he's managed to avoid the kind of freak off-track accidents that have plagued so many of his peers. Of course, who knows what may happen now that Stewart has the martial arts robe and red belt given to him Saturday by Robert Wiest, the owner of Dragon Dojo in Panama City, Fla., and the winner of a small business contest held by Office Depot, Stewart's primary car sponsor.

"He's teaching me how to use instruments to eliminate all stupid questions," the two-time NASCAR champion quipped. "So pretty soon we're going to have a stupid-question-free media center."

Kristen, you'd better start learning to duck!!!

GGW Starting Grid for Atlanta

Outlaw/Le Crab -- Martin Truex Jr
3fan-- Kasey Kahne
SoCa24-- Jimmie Johnson
Moseby-- Jeff Gordon
HotfootLori-- Kyle Busch
Hanny-- Kurt Busch(looks like Hanny got the wrong Busch)
CR-- Mark Martin
Tez-- Brian Vickers
Gerrel-- David Stremme
Gunny-- Denny Hamlin
SpeedBeagle-- Marcons Ambrose
RLGuido-- Tony Stewart
9car-- Reed Sorenson
Stork-- Carl Edwards
Volfan-- Matt Kenseth
JokersWild-- David Ragan
Tsfan-- David Gilliland
Aero13-- Kevin Harvick
klvalus-- Michael Waltrip (I'm sorry. I can't stop laughing.)
YeeMum-- Clint Bowyer
F2-- Elliot Sadler

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the Finals

September means the end of winter and the start of footy finals downunder

Thursday, September 3, 2009


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Look for Me in the Stands on Sunday Night!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know I am getting to go to the Sprint Cup race on Sunday night and am really excited. My dad surprised me with two tickets! I will be sitting on the third turn nine rows from the top of the stands. It's going to be a great race!


The Trifecta- Fiddle Dee Dee Edition

This week, the Trifecta returns to Atlanta- home of that paragon of Southern virtue and charm (not to mention the namesake of our favorite beagle), Katie Scarlett O'Hara.

This week's featured races are:

The Nationwide Series race from Atlanta. The green flag drops Saturday night at 7:16pm ET.

The Camping World Truck Series race from Iowa. The green flag drops Saturday night at 10:02pm ET.

The Sprint Cup Series race from Atlanta. The green flag drops Sunday night at 7:46pm ET.

The Rules:

1. For the Nationwide race, you must pick a driver who DOES NOT run full time in the Sprint Cup series.

2. Please post any driver changes on this blog. Changes for a race can be made right up to the time for the green flag. As long as your post is time stamped BEFORE the time listed for the green flag , it is a valid change.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!

Heading to Hot-Lanta Fans Hoping to See Smoke Back on Top of His Game

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gas and Go--Atlanta (Summer Race 2009)

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2009 NFL Predictions--NFC North

Click on the title for my preview of the NFC North.

Right Sides Only

Hot 'Lanta. Under the lights!

The Motorsport Power Rankings: No. 33

Another look back on a week of racing, including a former NASCAR champ starting civil procedures, Carl Edwards proves there is no benevolent god, Vijay Mallya comes up with a new venture, and Ferrari rejoice in homemade carbonated soft drinks.

Click the title, read the randomness, use and abuse.

I am back and I am not happy!

Just so you know this is not sports related, but political.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 NFL Predictions--NFC South

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Name That Film!

Blood and I are back from vacation and ready to challenge everyone in another round of Name that Film! Just click the title to play. Hope to see you there!

Random Thoughts from the off week!!

My weekly online brain spew. Take a look!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 NFL Predictions--NFC East

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Shocked into silence

I think the title sums up my yesterday....not quite the birthday present I was hoping for :(

A Look Back, Making of a Champion Part I

For many years people of this small town in North Carolina went about their business working farms, raising families and keeping the home fires burning . Sixty years ago the quite solitude of this beautiful countryside would become a little faster paced and a little more noisy. A twelve year old boy was there to experience this change of scenery drinking it all in like a cold Coca a Cola on a hot day.

The sound of an engine at full song was music to his ears and feeling the steering wheel was as comfortable as wearing his Cowboy boots. Many years of winning and defeat, crashing, hard hits and many broken bones have taken a toll on his body but the spirit is still there. In this arena his legend will never be equaled. In this mans realm we have learned what his legacy is.

Richard Lee Petty was born July, 2nd 1937 in Randleman North Carolina. No one knew what was to come but if stars do align creating magic, Richard Petty surely is a magician. So very rare is it to have the torch passed from a blood line to make it burn even brighter and cary the torch through. Richard carried this flame to become a King.

Achieving royal status for Richard was not really about taking checkered flags but about him as a person. Being humble and good natured would soon pay huge dividends. Richard's father Lee also reached the heights of stardom but Lee's way of doing things was not just to give away the throne to his son as an heir. Richard had to earn the mantle with hard work and experience. Richard asked his father to let him drive before the age of 21 but Lee flatly refused telling his son that he needed to mature before driving a race car. Lee Petty's lessons to his son would prove to be unbelievably successful.

Soon enough we would see a Royal Flush. Early in Petty's career he thought to have won a short track race but the finish was protested by of all people, his father. The finish was overturned giving the win to Lee. When Richard questioned his father about this turn of events Lee stated, "We made more money by me winning this race".

Lee Petty finally turned the reigns over to Richard shortly after being seriously injured at Daytona in 1961. At Daytona for Speedweeks this year it looked as if the Petty's were more into acrobatics than driving on the track as both Lee and Richard flew over the third and fourth turn gaurd rails during seperate qualifying races. Lee was nearly killed and was bed ridden for several months. Richard was much more fortunate suffering only a sprained ankle.

Richard learned his lessons well and became a regular winner in the Grand National circuit finishing 2nd to Joe Weatherly for the title during the 1962 and 1963 seasons while racking up 27 victories. 1964 would be a historical and tragic year for racing as Richard began his methodical climb to the top of the mountain.

This year was significant for many reasons. The automobile manufactures had a keen eye on what was happening at Daytona knowing that a win here would result in brand new cars flying out of show rooms across the country. Bigger and stronger engines were needed to accomplish this goal and Chrysler broke through with the introduction of the HEMI engine. Richard Petty was more than happy to bolt in this beast of an engine and let it rip.

Chrysler worked hard to build this engine into race trim while not letting the cat out of the bag. The engines arrived at Daytona in a cloud of secrecy as the Plymouth and Dodge race teams installed these monster engines. Once on the race track the Hemi powered cars sand bagged for fear of Ford or Chevy crying foul. Even with the Dodge's and Plymouth'snot using all of their butterflies they still started up front with the other camps pointing their fingers knowing that the jig was up.

For Richard Petty is was time to be part of history.

Once Richard put his Plymouthn the race track two things happened. The Hemi developed a coolant leak and the car would not turn through Daytona's steep banks. Petty and his crew discovered that the HEMI had a defect in one of the block decks. Petty welded up the deck himself and they were in business. The car not turning would be a difficult nut to crack as his crew chief Dale Inman threw everything at the car to fix it. They finally realised that Richard was sliding out of his seat ! Inman took a 2X4 wrapped in a towell and bolted it to the seat.

When the race started it the rules could not be changed as Nascar was powerless to reign in the HEMI engine. Richard could now drive the car and pour all the gas into his HEMI powered plymouth. Petty obliterated the competition winning by over one lap. At one point late in the race coming into the pits just to ask his father how he was doing or rather decrease his huge lead.

The 1964 Daytona 500 to this day is considered the greatest field ever for this race having six current or future Nascar champions, nine current or future Daytona 500 winners, three Indianapolis 500 winners and two drivers with Formula One experience. Sadly five drivers who competed in this event would lose their lives before the year was over. Richard Petty would go on to power his way to the championship in 1964 but his title was tempered by the loss two very good friends in Joe Weatherly and Glen "Fireball" Roberts.

Richard Petty's climb was about to get very steep.

to be continued

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

It's that time of week again! What in the world of sports has got you, the sports fan, in a tizzy this week? What has got you so mad that you want to call __________ out? Here, you can call them out by throwing them under the Bus. I have a few that I want to throw under. And away we go!


Mike Sellers: the Washington Redskins' FB angered a LOT of people, myself included, when he threw down the American flag like it was a football, and he had scored a go-ahead touchdown. He says it was in the "heat of the moment". Yeah, and I'm Prince Charles. I'm not buying it for a moment. For his reprehensible treatment of the American flag, Sellers gets thrown under the Bus.

Brandon Marshall: the Broncos' WR proceeded to get himself kicked out of the team's training camp and get suspended for the rest of the preseason. Someone should get ahold of him and tell him to stop acting like a petulant baby and be a professional. He says he's learned from his past mistakes. Sure. He looks like he's making the same mistakes he did before. We'll buy your explanation when you stop acting like an idiot. In the meantime, you get thrown under the Bus.

Denver Broncos: for trading Jay Cutler. Cutler came in and EMBARRASSED the Ponies' defense in the Bears' preseason win over the Ponies. Trading Cutler for Kyle Orton is like trading in your brand spanking new Maybach for a beat-up Geo Prism with high mileage. Needless to say, the Ponies are in for a LONG season. But not before they get thrown under the Bus first.


Tampa Bay Rays: they traded Scott Kazmir to the Anaheim Angels for a couple of prospects. To trade a young stud lefty like Kazmir is a HUGE risk. The Rays don't have the luxury of a big window to win. Basically, their time is NOW. Carl Crawford will be a free agent after next season. Ben Zobrist will be highly coveted by many teams, as he is a five-tool player (the San Francisco Giants could have had him in the offseason if they had pulled the trigger). Unless they play their cards perfectly, they'll be the Devil Rays of old. For trading Kazmir, the Rays get thrown under the Bus.


J.R. Smith: the Denver Nuggets' forward pled guilty to reckless driving in New Jersey and earned himself a suspension for the first seven games of the season. For putting his team in a hole to start the season, Smith gets thrown under the Bus.

Jason Richardson: he pled guilty to drunken driving in Arizona and will sit out the first two games of the season. I have to be consistent and throw Richardson under the Bus for putting the Suns in a hole.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours.

Mike Hanner: Private Eye, X

At long last!

The final chapter.

Indycar Entering a Minefield NASCAR Knows Well

Indycar's new rules leave it looking into a hole into which NASCAR fell long ago.

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