Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We are officially public now - so that means search engines can find us and anyone can read and comment but only approved authors can post. We still have about 15 outstanding invites for authors and you will still need to send me emails if you wish someone to be included/approved as an author.

For now I will hold onto moderator duties and contact people privately to see if they would like to be a backup.

I would still like suggestions for what music player you all want on here if the one I haved loaded is not to your liking! Otherwise, format and look of this blog will not change.

Ok, lets go take over the sports blogging world!!!

--Your fearless instigator!


  1. I just want to add songs to our songlist, LOL!

    heyyyyyyy, now there's an idea....if we provide you with a song each (since there's 30 odd of us, only 1 each would really be suitable), is it possible for you to put them on the player?

  2. Tez - I removed the music player until I can figure out one that actually works. Other non-moderators were able to upload music so it doesnt have to be me that does it...I will consult with Photo on what he did and add something in the next week or so. (I am scarce this weekend with family in town!)

    Thanks Bolt!

  3. OOPS! I'm late. I just left a message on the other blog by you. All I want is to be able to remain a part of the group. I haven't written anything yet and I won't for a couple of months. I'll stick with any rules you all set forth for me. There's a new man on the FOX site, Skallywag, and he is retired from the Navy. He seems like a great guy. If any of you have a chance will you check out his blogs? Thanks! I guess I like him because my Dad was a Navy guy also.LOL

  4. I like Tez's idea of everyone having their own theme song. I had minor issues with some of the playlists at Faux. A couple of blogger's sites took awhile to load because of their playlists. If we find one that works here, I'm all for it though.

    Thanks for the labor on this thing Kris. You are being promoted from tool cart girl to Blog Chief!

  5. Great job Kristen, enjoy your weekend.

    Hey vol, you will not write anything for 2 months ?????

  6. LOL - thanks guys and gals...

    I'll keep working on a play list and I *love* Tez's idea of everyone contributing a song that represents them...I'll have to think about mine.

    Anyone with playlists on their blogspot blogs feel free to chime in. I dont really use these so I'll need some help.

    Woot! I am a blog chief! =)

  7. Congrats to everyone and let's see how far this thing will drive....need to have Junior Johnson build us that "extra" fuel tank.

  8. Play list can work only if you post an article, or you can get one off You Tube.

    I will probably pick the "Banana Boat Song" if I can't find a Dave Grushin tune. Then there is always the great "Freebird" song from the hippie days.