Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Trifecta- Happy Birthday Kristen Edition

Welcome back race fans. This week's trifecta takes us to Iowa, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania for our chosen races.

Up first is the NASCAR Nationwide Race from Iowa Saturday afternoon.

Second is the NASCAR Camping World Truck Race from Nashville Saturday night. Kyle Busch is not on the entry list for the race, so no chance for an encore of the "smashing" performance we saw at the Nationwide race earlier this year.
Our last race is the NASCAR Sprint Cup race from Pocono Sunday afternoon.

As always pick one driver for each race.

The rules:

  1. You must pick a Nationwide driver who IS NOT a full time Cup driver.

  2. There is no penalty for picking a driver already picked.

  3. As the birthday girl, Kristen automatically goes to the top of the list no matter when she makes her picks.

Have fun, and I'll see you at the races.

(Oh yeah, one more thing. I call dibs on the roses.)


  1. Nationwide: Ickler

    Cup: Stewart:

    Truck: Hornday

  2. Well Iowa girl picked the ones I thought of so I am going to go with Miley waltrip for Cup.. I know I am his one and only fan.

    Skinner for trucks.

    Brad Coleman for NW.

  3. Oh yes. Happy birthday Klvalus . How does it feel to be 30 again?

  4. Happy Birthday, Kristen!



    Cup.......Kyle Busch

  5. Truck: Braun
    NNS: Darnell
    Cup: Edwards

  6. Happy b-day Kristen!

    Trucks--Matt Crafton
    NNS--Steve Wallace
    Cup--Juan Pablo Montoya (kind of going out on a limb!)

  7. Truck - Will stick with Skinner

    NW -- Lil'Gator Algaier

    Cup -- Kurt Busch

    Sorry for the repeat picks...

    =) Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Its great to be 30 finally! LMAO!

  8. 30? You're still a kid. 30 is the 20 these days.

    Happy B-Day!

  9. Happy Birthday Kristen!

    NCWS- Ron Horneday
    NNW- Mike Bliss
    Cup- Denny Hamlin

  10. Don't eat all that cake as well, it looks like you need a chainsaw just to get through the icing.

    Trucks - Mike Skinner
    NW - Jason Leffler
    Cup - Juan Montoya (joining Jon out on that limb)

  11. LOL Bolt, I am not really 30...add "8"!

  12. Happy b-day k. I'm 5 months older than you so respect yer elders kid.

    And finally I get a chance to play the trifecta here at the new digs....

    Nationwide = Justin Allgaier
    Truck = Matt Crafton
    Sprint Cup = Kasey Kahne

  13. happy b-day K.

    Trucks- Brian Scott
    NNS- Algier
    CUP- M. Ambrose

    I though i was gonna pick JPM, but to many people on that limb.

    Photo- your not the only Mikey fan. LOL I just don't publicize it.

  14. My first three Coronas tonight are going to be toasted to Kristen....

    Nationwide - Mike Bliss
    Camping World - Mike Skinner
    WINSTON Cup (Yeah...that's right, sue me Sprint!) - Kasey Kahne

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  15. Ok- so far we have 12 players(including me):

    Klvalus- Allgaier, Skinner, Kurt Busch
    Iowa Girl- Ickler, Hornaday, Stewart
    photogr- Coleman, Skinner, Waltrip
    Hanahan- Allgaier, Bodine, Kyle Busch
    RA6AN- Darnell, Braun, Edwards
    jon_464- Steven Wallace, Crafton, Montoya
    CR_Racing- Bliss, Hornaday, Hamlin
    jbroomy- Leffler, Skinner, Montoya
    bc525- Allgaier, Crafton, Kahne
    storkjrc- Allgaier, Scott, Ambrose
    moseby- Bliss, Skinner, Kahne

    I will probably post my pick around noon CDT tomorrow.

    Driver changes for the Nationwide race need to be posted by 3pm CDT tomorrow afternoon.

    Driver changes for the CWTS race need to be posted by 7pm CDT tomorrow.

    Driver changes for the Cup race need to be posted by 1pm CDT Sunday.

  16. Nationwide - Bobby Hamilton, Jr.

    Truck - Kevin Harvick

    Sprint - Dale, Jr. (It could happen.)lol

    I didn't do my homework. Tell me if these aren't in the line-up. Thanks.

  17. Beverly-

    You need to revise your picks for the Nationwide and Truck series races. Neither Hamilton, Jr or Harvick are on the entry lists(Ron Hornaday is driving the Kevin Harvick owned truck in the truck race.)

    I will put you down for Dale Jr in the Cup race. He was looking pretty good in practice yesterday before the rain. Too bad qualifying was rained out.

  18. My picks:

    NNS- Brad Keselowski

    Trucks- Tayler Malsam

    Cup- Tony Stewart

    Let's go racing!!!

  19. NNS - Brad Keselowski - he's not full time, right?

    Truck - Ron Hornaday.

  20. Beverly-

    You're good to go. Got you down for Brad K. and Hornaday.

  21. Well sunnuva- for a bunch of us with the Allgaier/Darnell/Wallace crash in NNS!!!

  22. Brad did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Arter the Nationwide Race-

    Beverly(Athens) 1
    SpeedBeagle 1
    jbroony 3
    photogr 13
    CR_Racing 14
    moseby 14
    klvalus 15
    Hanahan 15
    bc525 15
    storkjrc 15
    jon_464 17(looks like Uncle Kenny was the Wallace to pick this week LOL)
    RA6AN 23
    Iowa Girl 32

    Truck race starts in less than an hour.

  24. RA6AN-

    Just watched the video of that crash. Hmmmm, wonder if Allgaier and Wallace were using some of those surplus Gibbs magnets from last season.

  25. LOL, RA6AN!!!! They were attached for a while, weren't they? lol

  26. After making a pot of coffee to watch the truck race, I just don't think I can handle a Waltrip Double Whammy!!! Back to the Hallmark Channel. lol

  27. Well, well, well--

    After two of three races, the standings look like this

    Beverly(Athens) 2
    SpeedBeagle 10
    CR_Racing 15
    jbroony 17
    storkjrc 17
    bc525 20
    jon_464 22
    RA6AN 26
    photogr 27
    Hanahan 28
    moseby 28
    klvalus 29
    Iowa Girl 33

    So, we have the possibility of our very first perfect trifecta here at Blogspot(and I know that there are a few others playing that would more than love to see Jr and Vicki reunite tomorrow- not just Beverly).

    Reminder- post any driver changes by noon CDT tomorrow.

  28. Oops. Disregard the last sentence of my previous post.

    Driver changes for the Cup race need to be posted by 1:00 tomorrow.

  29. Wow, I shouldn't ever get any special treatment ever again! LOL I am doing HORRIBLE!

    WOOT!! Go Bev and Jr!!!!

    Thanks SB for doing this...I wont be around tomorrow to watch the race since my folks are still here until tomorrow night and we have a full day planned still.

    Will be back in full force next week promise!

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  31. Thank you, Speed, for correcting me on my first picks. As for today, some stats on Dale Jr. - Junior has earned the fifth most points at Pocono Raceway in his last four starts. Earnhardt has posted five top-five finishes and six top 10s in 19 Cup starts at Pocono. This is the first track Earnhardt and Lance McGrew will tackle for a second time since the crew chief swap. Earnhardt will also return with the McGrew car that ran in the top 10 for most of the Brickyard 400 until the engine expired. Go, Junyer!

  32. After the cup race

    CR_Racing 16
    jbroomy 19
    SpeedBeagle 20
    jon_464 24
    bc525 25
    Beverly 30
    moseby 33
    klvalus 38
    Iowa Girl 43
    RA6AN 44- RA6AN wins the tie breaker on top 5 finishers
    Hanahan 44
    storkjrc 51
    photogr 58- for a while there, I thought that Miley was gooing to finish ahead of JJ; however, all those cautions at the end made sure that didn't happen

  33. Congrats CR!! How many does that make for you?

    I gotta get my lucky horse shoe outta JJ's arse! LOL

    Mid-pack is a respectable finish thanks to Kurt. Thanks for hosting SB!

  34. Thanks Kristen! I think that's 3 for me this year.

    Thank's SB for keeping this going. Anyone hear from William?