Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Schuminator is back

Well, well, now we shall see whether or not one can take a few years off in F1 and still remain competitive.

From yahoo Australia:

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher is making a sensational return to Formula One, Ferrari announced on Wednesday.

The German motor racing legend, who retired in 2006, will replace injured Felipe Massa in the European Grand Prix in Valencia on August 23, and possibly for the remainder of the season.

"The Ferrari-Marlboro team plans to give Michael Schumacher Felipe Massa's car until the Brazilian returns to competition," Ferrari announced in a statement on its website carried by Italian news agency ANSA.

The statement added: "Michael Schumacher says he is available and in the coming days he will pursue a specific programme of preparation at the end of which it will be possible to confirm his participation in the European Grand Prix."

Schumacher, 40, commented: "Ultimately I like challenges and this is a great challenge."

"The important thing is that Massa gets better," he continued, adding that he "just wanted to help the firm (Ferrari) when they needed it".

Schumacher's return was arranged at a meeting between him and Ferrari president Luca di Montezamolo at Ferrari's headquarters at Maranello on Wednesday morning, ANSA reported.
News of his comeback to the sport he virtually made his own came 24 hours after the possibility had first been raised by his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm.

"The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it," Kehm had told BBC Sport.

Schumacher, who is on Ferrari's payroll as an advisor, will be filling in for Massa, who is recovering from surgery following his horrific high speed crash in qualifying for last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

Only this month he had made it clear speaking at the German Grand Prix that he was not interested in making a full time comeback.

But the offer of a temporary return to the Ferrari cockpit obviously proved too much to resist for "Schumi" who has recovered from a neck injury sustained in a motorcycle accident in February.

Now I freely admit to not being a big MS fan...but I certainly respect him and all he achieved in the sport so I wish him all the best in his comeback tour.


  1. I had read that Schumaker was going to fill in for Massa during his recovery. Guess a few of the drivers might be worried.

  2. I'll be pulling for Schumi - and hope Massa's recovery continues successfully.

  3. Weird world that F1. Hope Massa continues to improve and it will be fun to see how competitive Schumi really is out of the gate.

  4. Not sure we will see Massa ever return from this - and it is sad, indeed.

    As for Michael, were are about to find out how motivated Kimi really is. Schumacher may not come back sharp, but he will give everything he has.

  5. I agree with moseby about Filipe. Too bad, but that was a career ending injury. I think he'll show up in other racing venues, but not F1. Michael will give his all, but don't expect him to place well in qualifying. He might make a top 10 finish though.

  6. I'm very interested to see how Scumi does with no traction control and the KERS and the front wing adjustment and all the changes to the cars. I think he'll do fine, but I'm curious to see how he compares with Kimi (and in relation what Massa was doing with the car).

    This long break in F1 is going to rough.

  7. It will be very interesting - does he have it to make it work? Ferrari wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire before now, so how he performs may not be an indication of his talent/ability. But everyone will say it is.