Monday, July 27, 2009

Despite Slow Season, Dale Earnhardt Jr Continues To Shine

Dear Dale Jr,

In the last few months, I have taken the liberty to try and bring some sort of closure to all the fans that have chosen to take a disliking to you. Now being a writer for one of the many independent NASCAR websites that are on the web today, as well as climbing over to the blogging side of NASCAR, and posting at the various NASCAR social sites that are at the fans disposal. I can say it’s been a real pleasure taking the initiative to write what I felt were some very interesting, as well as informative posts about your racing career, while at the same time using your accomplishments as the backbone for each and every story.

It wasn’t hard to depict exactly what you have done throughout your racing career, because the facts always tell the true story and they never lie. Now what I found really intriguing was that your name is on the top 10 list of just about every stat that is out there, with the exception of just a couple. I not only searched through the Sprint cup archives, but I also went a step further and dug right into the Nationwide series as well. After all, there are still a few cup drivers that have chosen to pursue that championship as well, so why not also include them in the posts that were written. Since your career just about speaks for itself, it was easy to just put an ear to them, and as I listened I also began typing away as the golden nuggets magically came to life right before my very eyes.

Well the reason for this letter was not to continue on a path that I have already travelled, but instead today I shed my writing pen, and I toss away my bloggers attitude, and write to you as a friend. I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for the many memories that you have graciously brought to your fans, and at the same time the really awesome example that you have been portraying as a human being, even through all the heartaches that you have been experiencing. Little do you probably realize, is the huge impact that you have had away from the track, to those that have chosen to adopt you as their favorite driver. You have more then exemplified what a true and caring heart that you have, which lies beneath the persona of being NASCAR’s most popular driver. Because as we all know a persons true character usually implodes during the rough, or should I say the difficult times.

I’m not here to expound on the many miscues that you have had to deal with since the season has started, but instead it’s the way that you have handled the heartbreaking mistakes that seem to be plaguing the team. I can’t imagine what you are going through, especially when there are those around that are just waiting for the opportunity to kick you when you are down. But kick as they must, this is where your true character really shines, and out shadows anything that they can throw at you. And it’s because of how genuine and truthful that you are, that makes them dislike you even more. It’s sad to say but character has been lost in our society today, but watching the way that you handle yourself even when you aren’t winning. It’s easy to say that you still have the heart of a champion, and a character attribute that many who have chosen to dislike you can learn from.

Just watching the way you have handled all the adversity that has come your way, you still manage to break out that big smile along with a positive ambiance that flows from you that can easily make the nay-sayers foam at the mouth. And it’s from that same foam where all the hate, and disgusting words are always spouted from the so-called fans that have no idea the pressure that you are under. It’s really sad that some have started their own crusade to attack a driver who has really done nothing wrong, except to strap himself behind the wheel week in and week out, while giving his all just like any other driver out on the track today.

For those of us who have chosen to support you in your times of trial, let it be known that we understand that no one person is perfect, and far be it for anyone to think that you are some sort of god with inhuman type characteristics. Whenever I look at the true test of character, it’s not how you handle winning. Because with winning your emotions flow automatically. But instead it’s how you handle defeat that shows you’re true character, and it’s easy to see that you are consistent no matter what the circumstances are.

Life itself is not always about the ‘W” in the win column that is important, but it’s the “W” in the peoples lives that you have touched in a positive way which can be just as important. Your father would be really proud of you if he were alive today, because of the positive way that you have portrayed the sport that he and his father so much loved. And that alone carries a lot more respect than any trophy can ever bring you, because just like the trophy it has to be earned. Dale, just remember that your fans love you for who you are, and that is something that no trophy can ever fulfill because it has no feelings on the inside. So whatever you do don’t change a thing about who you are or what you believe in, because the measure of a man will always come down to the way that you have portrayed yourself. And you have passed that test with flying colors.

Good Luck on the rest of your season, You’re Friend, Sal Sigala Jr.


  1. Wow Sal...

    I hope Junior reads this!

  2. You the MAN SAL, I didn't know who it was but half way threw it, I knew it was you and my smile got even bigger. I will say this will go in the running of the GGW Racing awards at the end of the season in the CLASS BLOG Of The Year.

    I will add that the first car that Lance had all the say in for Dale Jr had him running up front and even when it blew Dale Jr addmitted right away it might have been his fault.


  3. Sal, you are such a wonderful person! You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for doing this. It reminds me of how much I need to be patient and understanding of others. You are a really great friend and I appreciate you for that.