Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feel the Burn

Olivia Newton-John singing "Let's Get Physical" should be the background music for this one. Aw yeah, all sweaty spandex and 80's pastels everywhere. Gotta love it.

Poor Juan Pablo Montoya. I have to believe he was being extremely cautious during that last pitstop, and I truly believe that he wasn't speeding on pitlane at Indy ... but if the Nascar supercomputer says you were speeding on pit road then dammit you were speeding on pit road, end of story. Hmmmm, Nazi Car = Nascar? My guess is that Max Mosely would fit in right nicely with the Nascar leadership. It's like the Fourth Reich, and arguing against the powers that be will only get you a positive meth test.

Nascar Motto ~ "The truth can always be manufactured."

Kyle Busch isn't waiting for the Chase this season, he's coming unraveled right now before our eyes. The Shrub is basically a living contradiction, or maybe a real life Catch-22 if you will. His emotions are what makes him such an exciting and talented driver and his passion for winning is obviously what pushes him to excel, but at the same time his emotions seem to be his weakness. Oh the irony. I understand that he's had some seriously bad luck this season, but he's also been responsible for alot of that badness that fell upon him. The real lesson is that talent alone just ain't enough, and until The Rowdy One can somehow learn the savvy and shrewdness of the top drivers in the sport, the Sprint Cup title will elude him.

Poor Fernando Alonso. At the Hungarian GP the two time world champ put his Renault on the pole (although very light on fuel) and looked to be headed for a solid podium finish ... when the wheels came off. Literally. I'm not sure if the incident that hurt Felipe Massa affected the FIA's decision or not, but handing out a one race ban against Alonso and Renault because of a loose wheel nut? Dang that's a bit harsh, isn't it. Even worse is that it really wasn't Alonso's fault, it was one tire changer that didn't complete his job and the lollipop dude that released the car too soon. Yet basically Fred will pay the penalty.

FIA vs FOTA. Yep, the silliness just won't wait for the off-season anymore. Now the talking heads must be heard throughout the racing calendar, and the bullshit starts piling up so fast that we (the fans) need wings to stay above it. The last rumors I've seen suggest that a solution has been reached and papers have been drafted and signed that will keep Formula 1 together for the near future.

Of course, those rumors could be false or could change completely before the hour is done. I just don't know what to believe anymore.

Max Mosely probably would've liked the Olivia Newton-John theme song for this blog. That is so long as Olivia would be wearing Nazi themed spandex and the stipulation that she spank him.



  1. I would give a hoot to see that.

  2. Great musings BC...

    Cant agree with you more about Kyle - the passion is unbridled at the moment and needs to be positively focused to get the big prize.

    The whole Alonso thing is very annoying esp to me b/c he is my go to F1 driver in the trifecta! Seems completely unfair.

    Now if I can only get this Olivia Newton-John song out of my head...maybe if I sang T.R.E.E that spells TREE made famous by our beloved Texas Cuda Guy that will help...

  3. I'm wondering if Kyle will even make the chase this year. In fact, all of JGR is struggling right now.

    Drivers that seem to be improving as the season goes along:

    Tony Stewart
    Jimmie Johnson
    Mark Martin
    Juan Montoya

    Hmmm ... all GM cars. Interesting.