Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Blogger How-To Videos

Hey everyone!

I just found a gold mine of Blogger how-to videos on YouTube in addition to the one Gene showed us a few days back. The guy teaches you everything from the 101s of setting up a basic blog, to advanced ways of customizing your template with different colors, to even inserting Technorati tags which help with the marketing of your blog. He also goes through all of the different settings and tells you what they mean. I watched every single one of these and found all of them extremely helpful!

Check them out at this link:



  1. Wow, Gonger! Thanks. I just spend most of the afternoon re-doing my profile the hard way!lol It's Savannah-themed now. I know you've been to Savannah. Living there is to die for! LOL

  2. Great find Gonger! Thanks for sharing this!