Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Trifecta- Superfecta Edition, Take 2

Well, here it is- the first official Blogspot Trifecta. This week, we'll once again try the 5 race Superfecta(I was going to make it 6, but Lance decided to work for the good of the team and forego an 8th win at the Tour de Lance)

The races for this week are:

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Race from Indianapolis Friday night.
The NASCAR Nationwide Series Race from Indianapolis Saturday night.
The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix from Budapest Sunday.
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Race from Indianapolis Sunday afternoon.
The IRL race from Edmonton Sunday afternoon.


Pick any driver you want- no restrictions.
Ties go to the first to post.

Good luck, and let's go racing.


  1. NCWS- Hornaday
    NNS- Kyle Busch
    F1- Button
    CUP- Newman
    IRL- Dario

  2. Trucks - Skinner
    NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Alsonso
    CUP - Kurt Busch
    IRL - Helio

  3. Trucks - Kyle Busch
    NNS - Mike Bliss
    F1 - Mark Webber
    CUP - Tony Stewart
    IRL - Scott Dixon

  4. Trucks - Ron Hornaday
    NW - Joey Logano if he's racing, Shrub if he's not
    F1 - Mark 'the man' Webber
    Cup - Jimmah Johnson
    Indycar - Ryan Briscoe

  5. Other than stewart for cup.

    Benson for Truck

    Williams for F1

    Kanaan for IRL

    and K Busch for NW,

    I don't have a clue

  6. photo-

    Benson's team folded for lack of sponsorship a while back, and I can't find Williams on the F1 drivers list. Other than that, you're good to go.

  7. CWTS....Kyle Busch

    NNS.....Kyle Busch

    Cup.....Kyle Busch

    F-1.....Kyle Busch

    IRL.....Kyle Busch

  8. LOL @ Hanny!!!

    I was wondering if you would pick Kyle for all three NASCAR races; however, as talented as he is, I do believe the travel time between Budapest, Indianapolis, and Edmonton would be his undoing- unless you have proof he is a native of the planet Krypton :o).

  9. Trucks - Ron Hornaday
    Nationwide- Mike Bliss
    f-1 - I am waiting on temp reading
    Cup - Jeff Gordon
    IRL - Ryan Brisco

  10. Forgot my tiebreaker....

    Tour de Brian France....Kyle Busch

  11. CWTS--Matt Crafton
    NNS--Kevin Harvick
    Cup--Jimmie Johnson
    F1--Sebastian Vettel
    IRL--Graham Rahal

  12. Kevin Harvick is not entered in the NNS race, so I'll go with Ron Hornaday.

  13. cwts- Brian Scott
    NNS- Jason Leffler
    CUP- Kurt Busch
    IRL- Ryan Briscoe
    F1- Lewis Hamilton

  14. Ok, so far we have 8 players(9 if you count me). Still waiting for photogr, Hanahan, and F2 to complete their picks.

    Anyone who hasn't played before and would like to, the rules are simple. Just pick one driver in each of the races listed above. Points are awarded based on where your drivers finish(1 point for 1st, 2 for 2nd, etc.), and the player with the lowest score wins.

    We'd love to have you play along.

  15. Picks and changes for the Camping World Truck race must be posted by 6:00pm CDT tonight.

  16. Sorry, for that I thought I be able to edite my comment,, I will be taking surprise Heikki Kovalainen for now. Big risk,,, We see how we do after tonights truck race.

    Goodluck to all.


  17. Woot, good to be here.

    CWTS - Mike Skinner
    NNS - Jason Leffler (some things never change)
    Cup - Tony Stewart
    Indy - Will Power
    F-1 - Sebastian Vettel

  18. Ok- my picks.

    CWTS- Todd Bodine
    NNS- Brad Keselowski
    F1- Rubens Barrichello
    NSCS- Tony Stewart
    IRL- Justin Wilson

    Flag drops for the CWTS race at 6:30pm CDT. Good luck everybody.

  19. After the CWTS race-

    CRRacing 1(up next- Kyle Busch)
    Tezgm99 1(up next- Kyle Busch)
    F2 1(up next- Mike Bliss)
    Klvalus 2(up next- Kyle Busch)
    jbroomy 2(up next- Jason Leffler)
    Moseby 10(up next- Mike Bliss)
    Hanahan 10(up next- Kyle Busch)
    storkjrc 12(up next- Jason Leffler)
    jon_464 16(up next- Ron Hornaday)
    SpeedBeagle 18(up next- Brad Keselowski)
    photogr 35(up next- Kyle Busch)

    Driver changes for the NNS race must be posted by 6:00pm CDT Saturday (7-25).

    For those of you who have Kyle Busch for the NNS race, the tie goes to CR Racing.

  20. It's good to be first in line! LOL

  21. F1 picks (Hanny and photogr) and/or driver changes need to be posted by MIDNIGHT CDT.

    That is all.

  22. Ok Speedy, I see you put somethig about updates on F1 drivers by midnight July 24?? I wanted to change my F1 is who I wanted but got scared off by weather temps but its Sebastian Vettel and a Cup change to Mark Martin a safe pick.

    Some thing makes me think Dale Jr wins this one. I know how crazy is

  23. Oh and one more thing about the tie breaker.
    The tie breaker is who has picked the most winners first out of five races first right or wrong? Cause having the first pick only will count on the last race if it's two that have the same driver right and the total of that race gives us a tie?

    If no one has the same driver on the last race how is it going to be broken down? I don't mean to be a pain in the a&& but it could happen. CR Racing is the man who is all ways on top of knowing the rules inside and out but he had the first picks so he is not So I am who had to pick after a few

  24. Forensic; the overall tiebreaker goes to the first person who can correctly explain the Duckworth-Lewis system in cricket....and no good asking me (despite my love of the game) as I have no idea since it's more complex than the NASCAR rulebook, LOL!

  25. oh and photo....Nico Rosberg and Kaz Nakajima drive for Williams, is that what you meant?

  26. Tez, I have had many try and tell me the over and under etc while being over here and I am just finaly got it, but don't ask me to explain and now you ask about a Duckworth-Lewis system in cricket.

    I even tryed to argue why they need to run so fast and so far back to pitch the ball, when MLB players can throw 99 froma stand still. Then they say no its bowling not pitching.. I said you mean you took two sports candlepin bowling and baseball and made it into

  27. Clarification on ties--

    If you are tied with a driver who has one or more picks the same as you, the tie goes to the person who posted first.

    If there is a tie with NO common drivers, the tie goes to the person who picked the most winners(top 5's, top 10's. etc.).

    If there is still a tie after all of that, the tie will be broken by throwing whipped cream pies at 50 paces.

    Since FOX obliterated past blog comments, we can't use past Trifecta wins as a tie-breaker(sorry Kristen).

  28. Well not that a tie will help me now that Brad had to go and reck someone who took Mike Bliss I am listening on MRN radio and it sounds like a great race to watch.

    Oh well I got David Stremme tomarrow in the SYMT, THAT WILL BE A HOOT. Another crash,, leader has spun, wow. what a race.

  29. PS, I have the list of the last 18 winners and Klvalus has 5 wins but someone has 6?

    I never thought I say I miss the Nationwide

  30. After the Nationwide race-

    CR Racing 3(up next Button)
    Tezgm99 3(up next Webber)
    Klvalus 4(up next Alonso)
    jbroomy 10(up next Vettel)
    Hanahan 12(up next ???)
    storkjrc 20(up next Hamilton)
    jon_464 22(up next Vettel)
    SpeedBeagle 22(up bext Barrichello)
    Forensic2 35(up next Vettel)
    photogr 37(up next ???)
    Moseby 44(up next Webber)

    Driver changes for the F1 race need to be posted by midnight(12:00a, CDT 7-26).

    Driver changes for the Sprint Cup and IRL races need to be posted by 12:00pm CDT 7-26.

    I will try to update after the F1 race.


    F2 and Moseby have 34 and 43 points respectively.

    (It's correct on the spreadsheet.)

  32. Woot! I am lurking near the front with some good drivers to come!! yipee!

    I thought I had the record for most wins in Trifecta F2 but I could be wrong but I *thought* that is why WW made such a big deal about it...

    either way your tie breaker system is more than fair Speedy!

  33. Thanks, Kristen. Still working out the logistics of the whipped cream pies at 50 paces. Perhaps another blogger get together at the banquet in Las Vegas and the interested parties can settle it there?????

    (Speaking of whipped cream pies at 50 paces, did you ever read Beau Estes' column on after Tony and Kurt had their run in at Pocono in 2007. I'll see if I can get the link.)


    What you want to read is at the bottom if page 2(the run in was prior to Pocono. This was after all the hub-bub at Daytona in February,)

  35. Hmmmm......sounds like someone we know! After this I'll have to step up my anti-Smoke campaign! LOL

    "...And now, my favorite email of the week...

    Kurt Busch started it. How should they end it? I like whipped cream pies at 20 paces. Tony would win hands down. Did you see Kurt Busch throw the first pitch at an Arizona Diamondbacks game last year? To say he throws like a girl is an insult to girls everywhere.
    Katie -- Lubbock, Texas"

  36. Standings after F1 race--

    Tezgm99- 6 Still to come: Johnson, Briscoe
    CR Racing- 10 Still to come: Newman, Franchitti
    storkjrc- 21 Still to come: Kurt Busch, Briscoe
    Klvalus- 22 Still to come: Kurt Busch, Castroneves
    jbroomy- 27 Still to come: Stewart, Power
    Hanahan- 32 Still to come: Kyle Busch, ?
    SpeedBeagle- 32 Still to come: Stewart, Wilson
    jon_464- 39 Still to come: Johnson, Rahal
    moseby- 46 Still to come: Stewart, Dixon
    F2- 51 Still to come: Martin, Briscoe
    photogr- 57 Still to come: Stewart, Kanaan

    To Kristen- remember, that was before I joined the FOX bloggers.

  37. that was a pathetic race for both Brawns....all the time they were saying "wait until it gets hotter, we'll be back in front" and they get the worst result of the season. If that stays for the next couple races, it won't just be the Constructors championship they'll be worried about.

  38. Klvalus, I am missing some trifectas when Dwindy1 did a few last year? I came up with the list when I was trying to find out who was the last to pick and winners etc. So I did go threw the list WW had and posts for the other ones that had not been posted on his profile.

    I added Tez's,CR Racing,Storkjrc, and I think the first one Speedbeagle did for the list of 19. At that time WW said you had the most at 5 I said watch out cause I am knocking on the door with 4. Then I won CR Racings and then Storkjrcs to give me

    Anyway I sent a coment to WilliamWilman to come here, If anyone has his e-mail send him a invite cause it might be a while before he see the mesages.

  39. LOL figures its YOU who thinks he has six wins! heheheheheeeee

    I dont have WW's email so if anyone gets it I have to invite people since I am the only admin on here at the moment.

  40. After 4 of 5 races-

    Tezgm99 7
    CR Racing 24
    jbroomy 30
    SpeedBeagle 35
    jon_464 40
    storkjrc 48
    Klvalus 49
    moseby 49
    F2 53
    photogr 60
    Hanahan 70

  41. Congrats to Tez! You blew or doors off on this one!

  42. Glad Tony Kanaan didn't get seriously burned. That was scary!

  43. Final Results

    Tezgm99 11
    CR Racing 29
    jbroomy 31
    SpeedBeagle 43
    jon_464 47
    Klvalus 51
    storkjrc 52(wins tiebreaker- picked 1 winner)
    moseby 52
    F2 57
    photogr 81
    Hanahan 91

  44. Congrats Tez!! Kicked our booty this week!

    6th isnt too bad - Kurt killed me this time...but in the words of my famous Governator "I'll Be Back!"

    Thanks for hosting SpeedBeagle!

  45. Damned Vettel sunk my chances.

    Just like the Germans to sink things going between the US and UK....

  46. sa-weeeeeeeet, the inaugural blogspot trifecta, yay! Big thanks to SB for organising it as well as the race chat post :)

  47. Nice picking Tez, That score of 11 would win most trifectas with only picking 3 races let alone 5.

    First round is on you at Frothy'