Sunday, July 19, 2009

[Photo] pThis is Cracked Crankshaft from North Carolina reporting with the latest news flash. As you all know there are no Sprint cup races this week end so we had a chance to interview a few drivers and we came up with a new entry for the Indianapolis race next week. Of course non of the regulars had time to talk because they were busy. However, we did come up with a new hot shot and up comming driver that had time to talk to us. p


This is Clem Cornball the latest new commer to NASCAR fresh off a victory at his home track in Hogs Holler Mississippi. He plans to try out for the time trials at Indianapolis next week end.

Clem you just popped up out of no where, why do you think you can run with the big guys in NASCAR?

"Cuzz I says so. Besides one of dem big shot officials ben datin my sister an hein says I got a chance to race."

Oh! I see. Well Clem you know those other teams have big buck operations and plenty of money. You have only won at your home track many times. How do you think you can compete with that?"

Cuzz I want to. I ben a practicing at Hogs Holler Satate Route 13. Exactly the same size as that thar Indy thang. My pa is thuh deputy thar".

I don't think it is the same thing Clem but I have to give you credit for trying. What are you driving?

"Thuh Mayah gave me two clydesdales to pull my car to thuh track."

No I meant to say what kind of car are you racing at the track?

" It is a hum dinger. I fixed it all by my self. Thuh big shot racing official thats ben datin my sister gave me all the figers to build thuh car."

Clem I can hardly wait to see this creation He. He.

"Well thar see be. Ain't she a perty one?"

Clem that is a 1949 Packard ! You can't race that as a COT at Indy.

"Cracked that is jest thuh out side. This funny lookin guy in a monkey suit gave me thuh irony particul germinator for a motor. He says it can go faster than honey attractin bees."

Well Clem I don't think you got a chance of racing that thing at indy. What about the inspection and the track officials.?

" I gets that covered. Member dat big shot track official datin my sister? His'm name is Ben sumpin Frenchy. He isn sayin I can race what evah I brung. "

Well there you have it race fans. The latest news from NASCAR. A Clem Cornball the hot shot local home boy goes big time at Indy next week. Will he make it or will he break it? Odd things have came out of NASCAR before but this has to be the grand daddy of them all.


  1. Good one Photo!

    Ole big bad Brian is dating his sis huh...interestin'

    We will have to figure out why your photos are coming up as a link and not the photo itself but otherwise looks like you can post!

  2. It is a malfunction of my brain. I copied and pasted from my NASCAR site. It doesn't show the photo but the link if you click on photo you will ger the pic of the new hot shot driver.

    If I post directly, it will show up. Now all I got to do is get the avitar up.

  3. Photogr, good stuff!

    Kristen, thanks for the invite! This is gonna be GOOD!!

  4. Nice story Photo.

    I'll be pulling for Clem at Indy. Where can I get a T-shirt?

  5. Jon:

    Sorry That was all I could come up with on an off week that hasn't been covered

  6. Gene:

    OOPPS! I accidentally unlocked my anxiety closet. Sorry about the T-shirt. Clem does has a good batch of 150 proff home brew for sale.

  7. I wonder if everyone that lives in Clem's country is related to eachother ??

    He may have a shot at Indy if the taar's come unglued ......

  8. Yikes! I think I like the post better without seeing the photos, but great scoop by Cracked Crankshaft!

  9. RL:

    You might be onto something there about family.

    You also might e onto something about the taars too.

  10. Ra6an:

    The photos were a bit gruesome.

  11. Dern, Crank's pic looks like Hal Holbrook after taking a big snort of Crank ....I did not say that .....

    Clem, did I saw him on that movee Deliver antsss ???

  12. Hot Foot:

    I say they won't let him in the gates.

  13. RL:

    I don't think so. He can't read the lines in the script.

  14. Photogr in 2012.. No more monkey business.

  15. lol,,Good old boy,, nothing wrong with trying untill they drug test him and find out what drinking to much of Show Your Moonshine can do to your body and most of all head/