Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm having a L'Oreal moment

Since our beloved and esteemed leader, klvalus, suggested we write something reasonably regularly (even if it's a short post), I figured I might as well get into the spirit of that and get the tyre rolling; diecasts.

Yes, those tiny little lumps of metal, plastic and rubber that some of us lovingly stare at due to who the driver of it is/was or what that particular car represents. I don't own many diecasts, indeed I could probably count all of them on both hands (and nearly hold them all in both hands as well since the majority are 1:43 scale *laugh*) but I'd have to say the one I perceive to be my 'best' is Jacques Villeneuve's 1997, championship winning, Williams Renault.

So why the odd title? Jacques' car has been demoted in ranking as of today.

I have been searching for a particular diecast for quite a while but, unlike some racing series, this wouldn't rate highly with diecast manufacturers so I knew there wouldn't be that many around. However, thanks to the wonders of ebay (which I still don't like by the way, New Zealand's trademe is loads better) I managed to snag it at last; a 1:43, 1999 Players Forsthye Reynard Merecedes-Benz, as driven by Greg Moore...all mine for a grand total of around 120 bucks.

Considering how much trouble I've had finding his 1999 car, I very much doubt this will ever make my mighty nice though if it did!

Hence the title; was it worth it?

Well, it hasn't arrived yet obviously...but I'm going to skip ahead to the day it (hopefully) does, and in tact...and considering most 1:43 diecasts sell for less than fifty, the price alone didn't exactly inspire me much. But this was the final car Moore ever drove (that said, I believe there are some #99 fantasy Penske diecasts floating around...say, you don't happen to have Roger's email anywhere, klv?) and as I've mentioned in a previous post, he was my racing idol, so I'd have to say that yes, it is worth it.

And so we come to the reason I posted this...what diecasts, assuming you had a blank slate and squillions of dollars to work with, would be the first one to be added to your collection?


  1. oh, in case my post wasn't clear, mine would be that 2000 fantasy #99 Penske :)

  2. actually, I've changed my mind....I think that one would make me feel too depressed every time I looked at it so I'd probably get a 1997 one instead since that's when he won his first race, lol

  3. Tez.....When DJ announced his retirement, I thought I'd better buy something so I have a Quality Ford #88 online for $4.99. The shipping cost more than the car. lol It's still in the pack sitting in the window over the kitchen sink (the Hot Wheel size).lol PEZ candy had the bigger scale cars for around $7 at Kroger so I stocked up on about 10 a couple of Christmases back.

  4. Tez, It is unusual to see a Penske car with a high number. Do they normally award car numbers in the IRL or what was the Champ Car series by points finish positions from the previous year ?

    Your 99 car is pricless and when you get all of Greg Moore's cars you will be happy.


  5. Oh, by the way is that Preference by L'Oreal that you are having ?

  6. belle; I've seen those little 'winners circle' ones at Walmart with his #44 Camry and was tempted to get one since I love all his UPS ads, lol

    RL: no one but Roger (probably) knows if Greg was going to use 'his' number on the car or if he'd use a 'normal' Penske one. The reason Greg had 99 in the first place dates back to his lower formulae days when you got your number based on what number member you were to join so he just kept it through to CART, lol

    as for which L'Oreal product, how about none....because I'm worth it :P

  7. Good one Tez --

    As RA6AN can attest...I have a billion 1/64 Jr diecast in my "shrine" (aka spare bedroom) and now a few Blue Deuces -- worth a lot more since those are all signed!!

    My dream die cast would be the car Jr seals a championship with and/or the car Kurt wins a race I am actually at!

    In reality -- my fav diecasts are Jr's 4 Dega wins, all raced version. I would get those again first.

    (BTW - First, it was Hanny that told you all to write often - although I concur - and think of me as not really the leader but more of an instigator!) =P

  8. Katie has both the black and orange 2002 Home Depot/It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown "Hot Wheels" size diecasts(pictures can be seen in her GGW race blog on that other site).

  9. I have two autographed diecasts that I'm proud to own; Mark Martin's #6 with the retro orange & blue checkerd paint scheme he raced at Phoenix about 5 yrs ago, and a reverse paint scheme on Tony's #20. I also have Harvick's "Taz" car with his rookie stripes. Wish it was autographed...

    What I'd like to have is Dan Gurney's Eagle, and one of last year's Team DTI Audi R10's. Love the look of that car!

  10. ...Oh I have a bunch of the Hot Wheels size cars too, but I like the bigger sizes.

  11. UUUMMM $120.00. I knew I should not have given all my hot wheel cars to the grandsons.I can remember having a ton of old football and base ball cards from way back in the fifties I threw away when I moved out of my parents house and got married in the sixties. Some times I wonder if I am missing part of my brain.

  12. great post tez. I have a few diecast myself. my favs being a Penske 12 from the 1995 (I think) California race, it featured the Ky Derby as a sponsor (I live in Derby City aka Louisville Ky) driven by *gasp* Jeremy Mayfield.LOL I also love all 9 of my Rusty Wallace cars.

    I like you have a Holy Grail of diecast. I scavange ebay for a 1989 Kodiak Pontiac that RW won his championship in. I can find them, but they usually go for upwards of $150. Oh to win the lottery.

  13. I have about 30+ of the 1/64 scale hot wheels size and 6 of the big ones and one Dale Jarret bank. Most are at my parents house in PA and she said she was going to sale them in a yard sale on me. Oh NOOOO

    Tez or anyone that likes the F1 & IRL cars let me know your list cause they are all over the place here.

    I think my best one is the Champions set of Dale Earnhardt Sr of 12 out of 12 but missing two from that set. Maybe my Davey Allison promotion.