Friday, July 24, 2009

Are the Dodgers Baseball's Cavaliers?

In my opinion, yes, the Dodgers look alot like the Cleveland Cavs of baseball. They are a team that is built for a very successful regular season, but not necessarily for the short series that playoffs offer.

The Dodgers have a big star, Manny Ramirez. The Cavs had LaBron. The Dodgers and Cavs also both score a lot and play good enough defense to win the vast majority of their games.

That being said, the Cavs didn't have what it took to win in the playoffs. They competed, but fell short. In the NBA playoffs, you need more than one or two guys stepping up and scoring big. You need toughness and a dominant big man in the middle.

The Dodgers have a batter or two who will have success whenever they play. However, they do not have the dominant big man (or men in baseball's case) in the middle to take charge of a series. In baseball, that big man is the pitcher. In my opinion, the Dodgers don't have pitchers who intimedate the other team. I'm talking about guys who are almost a sure win.

Remember when the Diamond Backs had Schilling and Johnson in their rotation? Every game that they pitched in the World Series, the D-Backs won. The games they didn't pitch, the D-Backs lost. I don't see the Dodgers having anyone like those two in their rotation. Even the San Francisco Giants are a scarier opponent in a short season. They have pitching coming out of their ears (and we all know how painful that is).

So, you tell me. Do you think the Dodgers have what it takes to go all the way? Do you think they need to make some moves to win the whole thing?


  1. The Dodgers need Cliff Lee. He's proven in the playoffs. They wouldn't have to give up nearly as much as they would if they were to get Roy Halliday. I think they CAN get Lee without having to give up Clayton Kershaw. But you're right, they don't have an intimidator a la Fernando or Orel Hershiser. Perhaps Kershaw or Chad Billingsley can grow into that role.

  2. Hey Bolt - I dont really follow baseball to close but I do know folks around here are pretty hopeful the Giants can do some damage if they can get into the post season.

    Of course we SF'ers have the huge rivalry with the Dodgers so I dont want to be the one responsible for helping them even if I did know what might help! LOL

  3. Kristen, go Dodgers! LOL! (I couldn't resist!)

  4. Thanks for the comment Jon! Cliff Lee would be a great pickup for the Dodgers. Of couse the one downside to Lee is that, IF, the Dodgers make it to the World Series, the American league team would not be struggling to figure Lee out. They would already have a lot of at bats against him. That being said, if they aren't going to go after Halliday, I don't konw that there is a better option than Lee.

    I think Kershaw may have what it takes someday and Billingsly would be a solid number 2 guy in the post season. I don't know that I would want to match him up with the other aces in the playoffs though.

  5. You're right Kristen! If the Giants can make it in as the wild card, they have the pitching to compete with anyone. I would like to see them land a bat that will help their pitchers out a little bit. It is awefully hard to go out there everyday and think that you have to pitch a shutout to win. My Padres prove that every year. Bruce Bochey should be screaming in the owners ear about getting him a bat. He knows what it is to go into the post season with missing pieces.

    Thanks for the comment Kristen!