Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggers Unite! Update3

Happy Friday Everyone!

Welcome to our most recent additions...Top, Rev, stork, Hoosier, JBroomy, Vol and F2. We have 30 "authors" with 18 open invitations still out there. We can have up to 100 authors on here so if there are others I am missing (I am sure there are!) get me the emails. (

I am aware we are getting the SPAM message (thanks Bev) and have requested the review...shouldn't be a problem since I *think* our stuff is slightly better than SPAM.

This weekend I would love to test out the comment capacity with a race chat blog but am not entirely sure if I will be around on Sunday to start it. Someone get one up and lets put this puppy to the test!

Great to have the Trifecta up -- Thanks SpeedBeagle! We need to do a search party for WW...

At this point do we have all the GGW racers over here F2? I think we are missing JW and TSFan - I know they have outstanding invites. Who else is missing? I would like to suggest we start posting the rest of the SYMT season here...

Is anyone having any problems on here doing anything? I know RL can't "blow up the blogs" with his pictures b/c of the format we have but we would lose the updated blogs and members along the side to do so.

Any requests for changes?

Let me know!

--Your fearless instigator...

PS! For those of you with individual blogs not linked to this blog (see right hand side of blog --------------->) please leave a comment with your blog http address and I will get you all linked up so we always have a way to read your stuff!


  1. Happy Friday to everyone!

    Yes....our Fearless Instigator unites us.

    We have named our new pasture behind Frothy's as the future "Kristen Valus Stables"

    Really looking forward to my nap during the Brickyard race on Sunday....

  2. Kristen, I cannot see the follower blocks here or on my blog.

    No sweat with the pics, anyone wants to see them can go right to it.

    I like blogger and the author site quite a bit more than the FOX Sports Blogs.

  3. I get an error message every time I post a comment, so I keep having to hit the post comment button twice (not just here, but on all the blogspot blogs).

    As for race chat, I don't know if I'll be able to get it started. We have our VBS program at church on Sunday and then going out to lunch. If there's not a chat up by the time I get back online, I'll get one started.

    Still time to join us for the Trifecta. If you've never played before, we'd love to have you join in the fun. Rules are posted in a comment on the trifecta blog.

  4. Moseby -- Perhaps you should be mucking out the new stables not napping! LOL!! Very honored to have a spot on Frothy's grounds...

    How about we take a shot everytime Rusty says "Hot Rod" -- that might make it more entertaining?

  5. RL - If you go into "customize" button on your blog - click "Add a Gadget" the first one on the list should be "followers". You have to have Followers active on your personal blog in order to see it here for some reason...

    Let me know if you have any more problems with it or other questions. Between us all we should be able to figure everything out!

  6. SB - Hmm, not sure what that error message is about. Your comments and blogs are showing up though right?

    Ok on the race chat just might have to wait but I am sure some one will be on here.

    JBroomy should be joining us shortly! Just in time for the Trifecta!

  7. Kristen-

    I hit the post comment button, and it tells me "There was an error processing your request." When I hit the post comment button a second time, everything goes through without a problem. Maybe just a glitch in the system.

    The nice thing is that when that happens, I don't have to retype my comment. Not like that other site- if there was a problem posting a comment, you had to start all over.

  8. I'm glad to see so many friends over here. It has really taken off. Looks like we're getting all the best people from Faux. You guys are tip top!

  9. SB - Sounds like a glitch...let me know if stuff isn't posting (blogs or comments)

    Gene - I concur! Thrilled we have such a great group!!!

  10. ok, you can ignore my email, ofi (our fearless instigator, lol)....I sent it without checking the actual blog page, sorry :(

  11. Yep, I've been given a set of keys....

    Oh, and

    Just starting up here, but it's the new home for the general racing gubbins I turn out.

  12. OOOOhhhh Tez I like "OFI!" LOL
    No worries, I would rather get a million notices about something potentially bad happening on here than none.

  13. Woot! Broomy is in da house! =)

    We all know you are just here to try to dethrone me from my record five (count 'em one two three four five!) Trifecta wins!

    I'll get your blog added now...

  14. FIVE!! I'm sorry but some of us have other things to do rather than study the form guides for every single racing series the world over.

    I don't. But some of us do.

  15. Okay, I finally got here. hahaha As always I am pulling up the rear. lol

    Thanks Kristen for the invite. It finally come through. Guess my email is doing the snail mail thing.

  16. Here is my link Kristen.

  17. Yea Ann!! No worries you are just a typical Smoke fan (bringing up the rear...J/K!!!!!)

    Sorry about that, I am not sure why you didnt get the previous invites...but heck at least you are are here now.

    Your blog is listed on the right too.

  18. LMAO Broomy...

    Gotta go study my forms...

  19. Here is my favorite race comment: "Turn right! Turn right!!! Why does he refuse to turn right?!!!!"

  20. Spam, spam, eggs, spam, 2 bagels, spam, spam, spam, more spam, toast and spam, spam...

    Sorry, the spam warning threw me into one of my Monty Python flashbacks! LOL

  21. LOL @ CR- our local PBS station is running Monty Python reruns every night(morning) at 3am.

    Kristen- have you visited RA6AN's blog lately(the one that cracks you up)? I think we need help; we're having way to much fun(and we've run out of stepmothers). Just remember- Hanny started it.

  22. Hey... can someone direct me to the SYMT grid? I haven't a clue who's driving my 39 Coca-cola car Sunday.

  23. Oh... I guess they have to qualify first! Dah!

  24. Good one Bolt -- right, right! RIGHT!

    CR - Hubby and I saw Spamalot in Vegas, what a crack up! And yes, they do have to qual first but Speedy has already got the grid up! Can you believe I got stuck with Bill Elliott!!!!

    Speedy - I have not been over there but upon your suggestion did head guys are too funny! I dont see enough movies to even get half of your "scenarios" but very guys should take your act out on the road!

  25. One thing that FOX had that is missing over here is the ability to contact members privately. Maybe we could have a members e-mail list(wouldn't necessarily have to be the e-mail you signed up with).

  26. Speedy -- Yes, that is missing here, not sure if there is something you can put in your profile that allows people to contact you or not. Will look into it.

    Photo --- Yup to what exactly? =P