Saturday, July 25, 2009

GGW Starting Grid for Indianapolis

For all you GGW fans and racers, here is how they will line up at Indy.

1. Mark Martin= JokersWild
2. Juan Pablo Montoya= Tsfanpc
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.=Aero13
4. Bill Elliott= Klvalus
5. David Reutimann= YeeMum
6. Brian Vickers= Outlaw/LeCrab
7. Tony Stewart= frevr3fan
8. Kasey Kahne= SoCa24fan
9. Reed Sorenson= Moseby
10. Clint Bowyer= HotFootLori
11. Marcos Ambrose= Hanahan
12. Greg Biffle= CR Racing
13. Martin Truex Jr.= Tezgm99
14. Denny Hamlin= Gerrel
15. Sam Hornish Jr= Gunaquat
16. Jimmie Johnson= SpeedBeagle
17. Ryan Newman=RLGuido
18. Joey Logano= go9car
19. Kevin Harvick= storkjrc
20. Kyle Busch= Volfan69
21. David Stremme= Ask_Forensic2


  1. Biffle? Oh well, I shouldn't complain given ofi has Bill, hee hee

  2. I should have known better you would have gotten it up faster then me,lol


  3. OH NO! I am so screwed with Bill Elliot!!!! BAH ruins one of my top qualifying spots...dang it!

  4. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have a chance at a decent finish. I was beginning to think that Jeremy was only one allowed to drive my car. Hmmm come to think of it he hasn't driven anything for the last couple of months. Ah Ha that explains why Im at the bottom with no hope of finishing dead last, unless someone turns the standings upside down.

  5. There is always Mikey Waltrip to pick. One of these days he might win if the "big one" takes out 42 cars.

  6. Kristen-

    Look on the bright side- at least Bill won't park after 3 laps like some other drivers :o)

  7. Biffle is starting 12th, Truex is starting 13th. Unless I've been moved a spot in the rotation, I should be next to Hanahan (he's 11, and I'm 12). I'm just sayin... something's not kosher in the grid. Doesn't matter. Everyone have a safe race!

  8. Sorry about that CR. You're right. Change noted.

  9. ahh. Biffle and Truex both did the exact same time in qualifying, that's probably why it got muddled up, lol

  10. i got luck, Harvick finally has a decent run, and I had him. LOL