Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jay Adamczyk (A.K.A. Jayski) Congratulations on a Job Well Done

We as race fans are very fortunate to have so many websites that cater to the sport; the variety that’s out there is like trying to choose a favorite place to eat, shop, or even a place to enjoy our leisure time.

Now it’s no hidden secret that the everyday fan will always choose a website that has everything from statistics, latest news & rumor headlines, race day information, driver tributes, paint schemes, and anything under the sun that pertains to NASCAR.

And if you search hard enough, you could even find a site that would help you with the proper way to display the American Flag.

Jay Adamczyk, better known as “Jayski” to us NASCAR junkies, has been an icon in the online community since 1996.

What Jayski has done with the site since then, is open up a whole new world for the veteran as well as the newest of NASCAR fans.

Jayski’s Silly Season Site as it is known, is a smorgasbord of detailed, up to date information, and tidbits which covers the entire NASCAR world.

Jayski’s prominence, along with his popularity within the NASCAR community has catapulted him into the number two spot, just ahead of

Jayski’s faithful readers account for more than a quarter million unique visitors, and nearly 11 million total minutes per month just behind number one ranked

Hosted by ESPN, Jayski has been able to take the idea of NASCAR internet surfing to whole new and exciting level, with the new site design that has just been launched.

Some of the new features that can be found are, a new global navigation bar has also been added across the top of the page for quick navigation to some of’s most popular areas. has also added new executions on the front page and index pages, and features cleaner, bolder ad units for more engaging ad solutions.

The redesign also features newly enhanced advertising opportunities with more options and increased flexibility for marketers.

It started as a class project by a Federal Aviation Administration programmer in 1996, by December of 1999 it became a full time job, and by April of 2007 it was acquired by ESPN.

Today 13 years later, who better to help launch the new site than Amp Energy in conjunction with the 16th running of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard?

One mans dream, and one mans journey deserves a big congratulations on a job well done.


  1. don't tell me the layout changed....I just got used to the old one, LOL!

  2. I met Jay in Vegas in 2002 at an event that he hosted with David Poole...super cool guy who seemed honestly embarrassed to be recognized.

    Havent been over to his site this week since he did the revamp...hope it is better than what Foxsports did!! LOL

  3. Kristen. I think that's the reason he moved to the #2 slot. His new site is really cool. Foxsports really screwed up, and now they are paying the price. I hope Jorge and Lisa are happy now that they finally got rid of us.