Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Trifecta- We Are Family Edition

Greetings, race fans. By now, you're wondering what the heck does the title for this week's Trifecta have to do with racing. The answer is simple- absolutely nothing. I've been researching my family tree and found some pretty interesting things. So that got my curiosity up and brings us to this -week's totally non -racing question-
Who's the most interesting person in your family tree?

And who knows? We might find out that some of us are distant cousins.

On to the races-

1.) The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Las Vegas, Saturday September 25; green flag drops at 9:49pm ET (entry list).

2.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Dover, Saturday September 25; green flag drops at 3:45pm ET (entry list)

3.) The F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Sunday, September 26; green flag drops at 8:00am ET (entry list)

4.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Dover, Sunday September 26; green flag drops at 1:15pm ET (entry list)

Good luck, and let's go racing!!


  1. Trucks- Bodine
    F1- Alonso
    CUP- Newman

    Might change my Cup pick if qualifying reveals the 39 team having to use another test set-up for the 14 car!

  2. Okie Dokie...

    Cup - Kyle the Busch Master!

    Trucks - Hornaday!

    F1 - Mr. Button!

    Thanks Ms. SB!

  3. SB... I had a red headed uncle known as Pinkie! Liked to drink and liked to fight. For a sawed off little guy he could whip most anyone! Full name? Pinkie Green!

    Then there were the Missouri horse thieves, but that's another story...

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  5. this just in from twitter-land: NASCAR_RealTime Looks like #nascar has found Facebook to be outside of it's tolerance & they've shut it down! #nascar 10 minutes ago

    I presume it's for "actions detrimental to social networking"

    moving on....

    Trucks - James Buescher
    NW - Kyle Busch
    F1 - Sebastian Vettel

  6. Hmmm...lets go with jinxing these guys this week:
    Trucks - Hornaday
    NW - Kyle
    Cup - JJ

    As far as family - my grandfather is the person the Stead Air Races are named after in Reno. He died in a P51 plane wreck training pilots there when my mom was 2 years old. The Stead family has quite a history in Reno.

  7. That explains why I can't get on Facebook!!! :o)

    BTW, you and CR forgot to answer the question-who is the most interesting person in your family tree?

    Dwindy- Missouri horse thieves, huh? I'm thinking James or Younger??????

  8. absolutely no idea about my family tree....I think my mum was working on one but not sure which side of the family it was for.

  9. Kyle doesn't race in F1, Gene :P

  10. Uh huh... KYLE! not in Vegas. So, I'll flip a coin between Sauter and Peters.

    CWTS.... Peters!

  11. LeeRoy Yarbrough was my Mom's second cousin. He was a Cup driver in NASCAR, won 14 races overall, including 7 in 1969.

    I saw some newspaper stories about him that my Granny saved. I'll never forget a picture in one of them when he won at the old Texas World Speedway.... the front grille of his car had a jack rabbit embedded in it as he was taking the checkers.

    He had a history of mental illness (no it doesn't run in the family) and took his own life.

  12. Sorry Speedy, I was in a rush at work!

    Well let's see... The 1st Rotz to come to America was a Prussian mercenary who came over during the French and Indian War. You know, Last of the Mohicans/Hawkeye stuff. Not much known about him, but PA is full of Rotz's, while the rest of the country doesn't know how to pronounce the name.

    On my mother's side, I'm related to Crazy Horse on her mother's side, and Robert E. Lee, on her father's side.

  13. I always wondered about the Robert E Lee thing. Getting into those 2nd cousin, southern scenerios! lol

  14. Han's telling the truth!

    There was a book in the making about my grandfather and his brother having their tires shot out coming back from a moonshine run in the North Georgia Mountains in 1957 and they both were killed. (I wasn't born yet so I never knew him.) My Dad died 2 years ago so I haven't heard if the book was ever finished by his cousin. He might have collected all the royalties by now, who knows.

  15. I'm going to go with a San Joaquin Valley flavor for this Trifecta with Crafton in the Trucks, and for Harvick to do the Dover Double.

  16. Matt Crafton is from Tulare, CA and of course Harvick is from Bako (the local nickname for Bakersfield).

    My maternal grandfather came to the US as a result of his fighting for Pancho Villa in early 20th century Mexico. Villa's side lost and he fled to the US. He had to change his name upon arriving in the US because he had fled and a bounty was upon each of Villa's soldiers. But he lived here peacefully until his death in the early 1980's.

  17. You want some family history???

    My great-great-great-great grandfather, Robert “The Great Rename It” Green came to this country in the early 1700’s… He’s responsible for such things as Greenland, Greenville in both North and South Carolina, Green County in Wisconsin and Kentucky, Green Bay, several Green Rivers and Green Lakes, Green Valley in Arizona and the Green Mountains in Vermont. His son Tom settled in San Angelo Texas (Yes he kept up the family tradition. It’s now Tom Green County…). In later years the family’s penchant for naming things has brought about such things as Green Onions, Green Tea, Green Peace, Green Peppers, Green Beans, Green Hornet, Green Party, Green Lantern, and Green Cards… One thing led to another and NASCAR didn’t go untouched… Green Flag!

  18. Dwindy, I'm just green with envy!

  19. And Dwindy was responsible for the saying, "Dwindy is greenin' us."

  20. ******DRIVER CHANGE********

    Fernando hasn't looked too good in practice, so I'll switch my F1 pick to Mark Webber.

    Wow, there's a lot of history on this page! Stead AFB, horse thieves, Panch Villa compadres, Kermit, Shrek, stock car drivers, and moonshine runners, to name a few!

  21. Who is Speedy's most notorious ancestor? Snoopy?

  22. Well, Katie (the Beagle)'s sire is Sammy Sosa, and she comes from a long line of field champion hunting beagles.

    As for her extraordinarily gifted mind reader, I always knew that my great grandmother's 2nd cousin was humorist Will Rogers(her father and his mother were 1st cousins). Recently, I discovered a book- History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore by Emmett Starr- which traced the major family lines of the Cherokee Nation. Lo and behold, my great grandmother is listed in this book. Her line goes back to an exiled Scottish nobleman, Ludovic Grant, who was exiled to South Carolina in 1716 for having backed the losing side in a war with the English.

    That's where it gets really good. Researching Ludovic back through the ages, all I can say is that this guy was well connected.

    Some of the exploits of my distant ancestors-

    On the Scots side of things-

    A distant cousin was executed for treason by her (and my) equally famous English cousin. A distant grandfather was a famous Scottish king who was murdered by one of his noblemen.

    On the English side of things-

    A distant grandfather signed the most important document in English history.

    And on the French side of things-

    A distant grandfather led the only successful invasion of England from the European mainland.

    I'll leave it to you to figure out the names :o). At least now I know where I get my love of Medieval and Renaissance British and French history.

  23. Speedy, I believe William the Conqueror was the one who invaded England (Norman invaison), and became King William. Of course Julius Caesar was there 1st, but that's another story. The Scotish king may have King James? Really cool that you've found so much!

  24. CR- William the Conqueror is correct. As for the Scottish king, you may have read about him in your high school or college English classes.

  25. NNS - Kyle
    F1 - Hamilton
    Cup - Johnson

  26. Actually, I reckon I could make a case for myself....having figured out before going to highschool that I wanted to be an Engineer, I got the piece of paper saying I achieved that in 2003.

    Despite doing all my education in Australia, I have never officially had a job in my home country (unless you count the 20 odd weeks of work experience during both high school and Uni) since I headed across the ditch to NZ in 2003 where I stayed until 2008 where I then moved to BC.

    Living off my savings for ten months (not fun, never want to go through that again) until I got the job at the airport which ultimately turned out to be a very funky gig since I'd never previously considered working at an airport before.

    When that 12 month contract was up, I was lucky enough to score a permanent FT position at City Hall in their Engineering department so I've been able to keep in touch with the people from the airport since we're all part of the same council.

    Given that my 'life goal' was set in 1994 of living and working in Canada and I managed to do that before hitting 30, only having worked for 2 companies in the process, I reckon I've done alright :)

  27. The Beagle is going with:

    Nationwide-Bad Brad
    F1- Webber
    Cup- the Hamster

  28. Oh yeah- in case you haven't heard. The State Fair of Texas opens this weekend. This year's fried delicacy- Fried Beer.

  29. Magna Carta?

    Sterling Wallace?

    Sounds like two racers got married.

  30. Trucks - Austin Dillon.

    NW - Elliott Sadler.

    CUP - Jamie.

  31. Gene- you got the Magna Carta right(do you remember who signed it?). I think you're thinking William Wallace(Braveheart). My ancestors fought on his side, but he isn't in my family tree.

  32. How in the hell do you fry beer? :0

  33. They pour it in a pastry pouch (sort of like ravioli), seal it, then toss it in the deep fryer.

  34. Hey SB...

    The Greens are actually from Scotland where the name was spelled Greene... The story goes that the name was changed upon migrating to the US... My folks traveled to the Glasgow area and found where the relatives came from. Religious persecution sent them packing (Calvinist Protestants) to Northern Ireland... The same problem there led them to the good old U.S. of A. in the early 1800's. I had two great grandfathers that marched to the sea with Sherman then the family began migrating across the country ending up as farmers in California's citrus industry. Mom's side is Cherokee, English and German... I'm a regular Heinz American!

  35. Dwinfy-

    Where I come from "Sherman" is a four letter word :o).

    Your mom's side is Cherokee? That's the line of my family that I've been researching. My great grandmother was 1/4 Cherokee and raised on the reservation in Oklahoma. How much do you know about your Cherokee roots? Any names?

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  37. SB...

    I've scraped the surface. My Great Grandfather Williford's mother was supposed to be full-blood making me a 16th... I found somthing about them living around Wagoner Oklahoma in the late 1800's. Henry Marshall Williford was his name. He up and moved his family to California in 1902 when my grandmother was 2 years old. That had to be somthing. I've tried to find out what I can without joining a paying internet site. I guess I should go ahead and bite the bullet and delve into it... I really enjoy history and am considering a book that spans three generations following the Trail of Tears then the migration on to the West. Lots of research to do on that...

    If you have Kristen's email address email her and get mine. We can talk more.

  38. Will do. The easiest place to start without having to join a paid site would be to see if your great great grandmother is listed on the Dawes or Miller rolls. She should be listed on the Dawes rolls. The Miller rolls were gathered in response to a federal lawsuit and not everyone made the list. Once you find her on the Dawes Rolls, you can request her packet from the National Archives or from a website calle3d footnote(paid site, of course).

  39. I hate to be a pain in the butt, but...

    *****DRIVER CHANGE******

    I'll go back to my original pick in F1, Fernando Alonso!

  40. The Beagle is taking the penalty and dropping BK in the Nationwide Race.

    New driver- Bodine in the CWTS

  41. All day long I couldn't get "We are Family" out of my head. Then I got mad and couldn't get "It's a great day to kick somebody's ass" from Copperhead Road back in the day out of my head. Now I want to be the one I kick because I chose Elliott over Joey! Grrrr

  42. Athens-

    For a 5 point penalty, you can drop the Nationwide race and pick a driver in the F1 race, I think Tez and CR would agree that any of the F1 drivers picked this week have a better than average shot of winning.

  43. Truck race is not even over and I am dropping T Peters.
    Please give me Vettel in F-1.

  44. With everyone completing one race:

    tez 1
    klv 1
    hanny 1
    moseby 1
    cr 4
    jon 5
    sb 9
    dwindy 11
    athens 31

  45. Thank you, SB! So, I'll take Alonso for the F1 and drop the NW.

  46. Ok, so with everyone having two races complete, the standings look like this:

    tez 4
    cr 5
    athens 7
    hanny 8
    jon 10
    klv 12
    sb 12
    dwindy 15
    moseby 20

    Tez has completed his race schedule, but it's not quite over. A Newman win will give CR a tie and the win based on the tie breaker.

    So the question is- will CR stick with the Rocketman, or will he change drivers?

  47. bah - Hornaday screwed me...JJ is certain to win today! LOL

  48. JJ dominates today. From my sources at Magic 8 Ball Inc.

  49. And the answers to my little family history quiz-

    The cousin executed for treason- Mary, Queen of Scots

    The English cousin who had her executed- Elizabeth I

    The Scottish king killed by one of his noblemen- Duncan (remember MacBeth???)

    The grandfather who signed the important English document- King John(yes, Robin Hood's King John)

    And the grandfather who successfully invaded England from the European mainland- William the Conqueror.

    The fascinating thing about all of this is that it comes from the Cherokee side of the family. Who'd have thought????

  50. Well, Ron Hornaday and Lewis Hamilton kept Kristen and moseby from perfect scores. That allowed Tez to sneak in and claim his 5th win of the season, giving him the overall lead in the chase for the Coveted Triple Lug Nut Trophy.

    The final standings:

    tez 6
    cr 13
    klv 13
    hanny 14
    athens 20
    dwindy 21
    moseby 21
    sb 21
    jon 25

  51. Congrats to tez on his out right lead!

  52. Congratulations, TEZ!!! Thank you again, SB, for the tip! 5th from first or 5th from last? I'm having a "glass half full" kind of a day, so I'll just say I came in 5th. Have a good week, everybody!

  53. cheers all. I think we all know that I was lucky Ron had a rather ordinary race (for him anyways) and that Lewis forgot to signal when switching lanes this weekend, lol

  54. Sheesh..the week I decide not to follow your F1 picks you win! Go figure...

    Congrats Tez!!! Well deserved...

  55. PS. Fascinating family history you got there SB!

  56. Thank you SB! Your family history is really something!

    Tez is lucky, tez is lucky, tez is lucky,...LOL

    WTG tez!

  57. it's the trifecta Gods, Kristen....they know when we copy picks from someone else and come down harshly on us!