Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bowyer Cheated

Post race inspections on Clint Bowyer's winning Chevy, Sunday at NHMS resulted in a 150 point deduct and six week suspensions for his crew chief and car chief.

What a way to kick off the Chase!

It seems that parts of the #33 RCR Chevy did not match the pre-scanned barcodes that NASCAR had on record. Two weeks ago at Richmond NASCAR officials warned RCR that the #33 had pushed the envelope as far as possible, and gave the team a warning.


  1. WOW - well apparently to win the Chase you need an edge...I wonder what parts didn't match bar code - NASCAR tracks a billion of them now.

    He's done.

  2. Ouch! That kind of puts Hamlin further in front of the pack. Now I can see why Kevin has just been scraping for good finishes. I feel fairly certain that the 29 team has been inside the envelope.

  3. Ok, I might as well be the 1st Lug Nut to say it... Hendrick isn't doing so well, so NASCAR screws RCR! It passed prerace inspection, so is NASCAR doing it's job effectivly? Have they ever?

  4. Kristen... he's done fo sho. NASCAR will make sure of it.

    What were they thinking after being 'warned' the week before after Richmond?

  5. CR... LOL. I suppose you also feel fairly certain about the other 41 cars out there?

    It is always strange when they catch something in post-race... TWO DAYS after the race... that they didn't find in pre-race. Hmmm...

    Theory: RCR knew that Saint Burton wouldn't do it, so they have Bowyer keeping the officials busy why Kev's rig slides under their radar.

  6. Yep Gene. There probably isn't a top 5 finishing car from any race that's 100 percent legal. A lot of times a team will run a car though inspection with something blatantly out of spec, to draw attention away from what they really want to hide! lol

  7. NASCAR checks the barcodes on parts as the cars roll off and are garaged on Thurs PM and Fri early - so there is plenty of time to switch out parts. There are only certain parts - usually engine, transmission and a few others that the officials stand there and observed the changes.

    I'll have to ask my official buddy what he knows about it.

    I dunno about a teammate taking the hit so another can slide - maybe in the old days but NASCAR doesn't miss much. Can't imagine the sponsors would be cool with that these days either.

  8. there is, apparently, more than one line in the rulebook!

    not only was there the usual 'actions detrimental to stock car racing', they also pinged the #33 on 'any determination by NASCAR officials that the race equipment used in the event does not conform to NASCAR rules' and 'car body location specifications in reference to the certified chassis did not meet NASCAR-approved specifications.'

    so....anyone speak marketing and can figure that out since I certainly don't being an Engineer :P

  9. ahh, they are going to appeal according the jayski: we feel certain that the cause of the car being out of tolerance by sixty thousandths of an inch, less than 1/16 of an inch, happened as a result of the wrecker hitting the rear bumper when it pushed the car into winner's circle. The rear bumper was also hit on the cool down lap by other drivers congratulating Clint on his victory. That's the only logical way that the left-rear of the car was found to be high at the tech center. We will appeal NASCAR's ruling and take it all the way to the NASCAR commissioner for a final ruling, if need be.

  10. I heard Childress on Speed earlier claiming what tez just wrote.


    Always boils down to the wrecker!

  11. Latest Cup Standings...
    Rnk +/- Driver Points Back
    1---+8---Denny Hamlin----5230--------
    2---+1---Kevin Harvick---5185--- -45
    3---+1---Kyle Busch------5168--- -62
    4---+4---Jeff Gordon-----5155--- -75
    5---+5---Kurt Busch------5144--- -86
    6-- -1---Jimmie Johnson--5138--- -92
    7---+2---Carl Edwards----5135--- -95
    8---+4---Greg Biffle-----5122-- -108
    9---+1---Jeff Burton-----5118-- -112
    10- -4---Tony Stewart----5106-- -124
    11-------Matt Kenseth----5094-- -136
    12-------Clint Bowyer----5045-- -185

    Hope RCR thinks it was worth it...

  12. Hope jon is taking this in stride.

  13. Hate to say it, but I agree with Kristen. Bowyer's done. In this year's Chase, you CANNOT afford one bad slip up. Bowyer EFFED up BIG TIME. He basically went from first to 40th.

  14. yeah, I agree with klv and jon, the #33 team won't be hoisting the Sprint Cup trophy over their heads after Homestead.

  15. Jon... I wouldn't put it on Bowyer. I seriously doubt he came up with this idea.

    So, now, he won't be the champion? Some actually thought he had a chance?

  16. well, Clint didn't have a bad race in the 2007 Chase, Gene (nor did Jeffy) was just that Vader went on that tear and won 4 on the trot, so it was a possibility.