Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Gem!

Picked this up off - gotta give the drivers props for being willing to do ANYTHING to promote the Chase...make sure you watch til the end!


  1. I watched this yesterday and had to laugh...took me a while to figure out who was wearing the sunglasses, lol

  2. As the old Frito-Lay man used to say...

    Interesting, provocative... Well seasoned!

    I have to agree with Tony.

  3. It is Hermie and John wearing sunglasses right?
    If not who?!?

    You can tell who gave it a good try and who didnt (tony, kenseth!)...Hamlin was the ONLY one besides maybe Gordon who actually was on the beat singing...

    Good sports all!

  4. Yeah. it was on the pre-race show yesterday. The 'talent' from Speed TV were actually better than the drivers.

  5. Hamlin's what... A water sign??? I think they sing good... LOL