Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wild and wacky rulings

With the talk about the #33 car being an ant's...uh, leg width outside the limits, I figured we could have a post about what you reckon is the worst/weirdest/silliest/etc penalty you've witnessed in motorsport?

For me, there are two that stand out, both in F1; Montoya's drive-through in the 2002 Malaysian GP when he went side-by-side with Michael Schumacher, who understeered into the Williams yet Juan was judged to be in the wrong despite leaving the Ferrari plenty of room...he still went on to finish second that day.

The second being the 2008 Belgian race which saw a titanic scrap on a damp track at the end between Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. Lewis slithered past at the bus-stop chicane but missed his braking point so he gave the spot back to Kimi before nailling him under brakes for the hairpin. Unfortunately, the officials said Lewis hadn't given Kimi enough time ahead and slapped 20 seconds onto his finishing time which gifted the win to Kimi's teammate, Felipe Massa, after the Finn had crashed on the last lap.

Over to you any head-scratchers?


  1. This year's finish to the IndyCar race in Edmonton, fits the bill for wild and wacky rulings. In my humble opinion, and Helio's, no doubt!

  2. Uh, how about the countless times that the yellow flies for 'debris' just before Jr loses his position as the first car one lap down.

    Or, is that a real rule now?

  3. Oh, I forgot the '98 British GP where Schumi won while sitting in the pitlane, LOL!

  4. true, that was a pretty bad one, Kristen.

    yeah, it's been called the 'Lucky Dale' for a good year or so now over on yahoo, Gene :P

  5. If that is true Gene, then why is Junior always a lap down!!?!? LOL