Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Trifecta- Hot Fun In The Summertime Edition

Greetings, race fans. We had another exciting finish to last week's Trifecta with JJ bringing home the win for Kristen. Note to Kristen- no more picking drivers to jinx them. That only works when you pick Kurt :o).

In the chase for the coveted Triple Lug Nut trophy, CR still leads the pack with 3 wins. Kristen, Jon, and moseby follow close behind with 2 wins each. Athens, SB, tez, and Hanny each have 1 win. As for Dwindy, well, we still have 18 more Trifectas on this season's schedule, so there's still time.

Some things to note as you make your picks-

Junior Nation will finally see its dream come true as Dale Jr. takes the wheel of the #3 in the Nationwide race. This race will also mark the debut of the new Nationwide COT. Let's hope it doesn't create the same problems as its Cup counterpart.

In Cup, this will be the first restrictor plate race with the spoiler instead of the wing.

Oh yeah, the Beagle will be aboard the winning Cup car.

So, on to the races-

1.) The NASCAR Nationwide Series race from Daytona, Friday July 2; green flag drops at 8:19pm ET (entry list)

2.) The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race from Daytona, Saturday July 3; green flag drops at 7:49pm ET (entry list)

3.) The IRL race from Watkins Glen, Sunday July 4; green flag drops at 3:55pm ET (entry list)

So, there you go. Three up, three down. Everyone have a safe and Happy 4th. We are busy preparing for the neighbor's semi-annual war on trash. Maybe this will be the year that they finally launch the dumpster into orbit.

(One other thing, Tez won't be around this week, but he did send me picks via Facebook. He will start the race last.)


  1. NW - #3 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    CUP - Junyer.

    IRL - Dario

  2. Hey SB!

    Athens... You stole my thunder!

    I'll do it anyway, so there!

    NW - Dale Jr.
    Cup - Kyle Busch
    IRL - Will Power (What its going to take to pull off a victory this weekend...)

    Thanks Miss Speed Beagle!

  3. BTW, Miss Speed Beagle...

    I'm distraught... Is there a prize for the least wins? (sounds like I've got that all wrapped up!)

    Been thinkin' about a Lug Nuts T-Shirt, what color and what it says depends on who wins the Cup title this year or maybe we could have them done up in our favorite driver's colors and their number on the back with our blog handles or?...

    Let me know what you guys think...

    Maybe next year we'll come up with hats... or ?

    Just thinkin' again...

  4. Dwindy1...and wear the T-shirts to the Daytona 500!!! hats for you guys; give us girls sun visors!lol That's a good idea Dwindy!

  5. Thanks for putting this up each week, Speedy!




  6. NNS--Happy



  7. Ok ok, no more jinx picks - really I was just trying to win the dang trifecta and picking JJ always does the trick! LOL

    NW - I'd love for Jr to do it but I'll pick Harvick

    Cup - Kurt (not a jinx I hope!!)

    Indy - Helio

  8. I'm late because they held me up in inspection.

    NW- Carl Edwards ...had to pick a Mustang!

    Cup- Smoke

    IndyCar- Ryan Briscoe

  9. NW - Hope Jr. wins in the #3 but I'll take Ryan Newman

    Cup - Harvick

    IRL - Dario has this one in the bag. He's angry and Ashley needs a new sundress.

    Have a great 4th GGW racers!

  10. The Beagle is going with-

    NW- Junior

    Cuo- Tony(Beagle on board)

    IRL- Helio

  11. Tez's picks-

    NW- Bowyer

    Cup- Tony

    IRL- Will Power

  12. After one race-

    Athens 1
    dwindy1 1
    SB 1
    jon 5
    Klv 5
    Tez 6
    Hanny 7
    moseby 8
    CR 11

  13. Whew...thank god I didnt pick Junior and jinx him. Kurt will get me back in the lead!

  14. He won? Dale, Jr. WON??? I missed the end. I was on the phone being asked out, thinking here's my date for the race at Lanier, but no, he wants to go tubing and fishing, like on "Deliverance." I think I'll go!lol

  15. I'm glad Junior won, and like Kristen, it was worth picking someone else, not to jinx him. I'm so jazzed I'm in last place! Look out everyone, I'm coming though!!!

  16. Athens, I don't think they went tubing in Deliverance. Rafting, yes.

  17. same difference, I've never done either! There will be nowhere to plug up my hot rollers!

    OK, can Junior pull it off tonight? I'm staying with him!lol

  18. Since a couple others have picked Tony, and seeing how I have nothing to loose by dropping him... I'll swap 14 for 48, Jimmie Johnson.

  19. Third times a charm there CR... (JJ's won back to back.)

  20. Not meant to be Dwindy! Guess we can chalk another pick for a jinx point?

  21. Well, hopefully I can get this up before I lose my connection again.

    Athens holds on to the lead by one point over jon. moseby and Kristen still have an outside shot.

    After 2 races-

    Athens 5
    jon 6
    moseby 9
    Klv 12
    SB 26
    Tez 31
    dwindy1 41
    CR 42
    Hanny 47

  22. jon and moseby- you might want to change your irl picks.

  23. SB, see my above pick. I changed it from Hunter-Reay to Wilson immediately after I changed it from Dario to Hunter-Reay.

  24. I'm in the basement with Gene, who's receiving lap dances from a girl who looks like Kyle Busch. It's a NIGHTMARE!

  25. Wow! Maybe I should sleep thru more races!!!lol

  26. Changing to Dixon for the IRL race

  27. And for what it's worth(Stranger things have happened), I'm changing mine to Briscoe.

  28. Last place again! Not fun!

    Canoes in Deliverance.... not tubes or rafts.

  29. WOW! I gotta get to Gene's basement!

    Is Kyle wearing a bunny outfit? LOL

    I gotta hope Danica takes out most the field and leaves Helio alone up front to win this trifecta!

  30. Geeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!

    Two firsts and a 40TH = 42!

    I've gotta change coaches... LOL

  31. Well this has certainly been an interesting race weekend. As dwindy already pointed out, he picked two of three winners, but Kyle's early exit in the Cup race relegated him to the back of the field.

    The winning moment for this week's Trifecta hands down has to be Dale Jr avoiding the "Big One" in the Cup race, bring home a 4th place finish and giving Athens her 2nd win of the season.

    Congrats, Athens.

    The final standings:

    Athens 8
    jon 16
    moseby 17
    Klv 21
    SB 28
    Tez 32
    dwindy1 42
    CR 44
    Hanny 55

    Now it's onto Chicago- where all 3 NASCAR series will be racing, with a side trip to England for the British Grand Prix thrown in.

  32. Scratch that- Trucks will be in Iowa.

  33. good show, Athens! Missed chatting to everyone on here but had a great time up in Whistler, lol

  34. What do ya know? Cool! Who won the IRL?LOL

    No tubing or rafting or canoeing, we're CAMPING OUT in a TENT, roughin' it! lovin' it!

  35. Congrats Athens! Dont got all Deliverance on us!

  36. Congrats Bev! Now you've joined the Two Win Club!

  37. Thanks, Kristen! Today Show just had a secret to sleeping with your hair up so you won't have to restyle it the next morning! We'll see!lol

    Jon, are you in the Two Win Club?lol Thanks!