Monday, June 28, 2010


Just a short post here to rep the 843. USC (the real one) vs UCLA in the College World Series. Best of three series starts tonight in Omaha. The Bruins have an ace pitching staff, and they're all lined up with a killer pitcher to start each game. While the Gamecocks have had to burn through their rotation just to make it to the championship round.

UCLA is the all-time leader in NCAA titles, with 106 in 17 different sports. Please join me in cheering on the University of South Carolina as we deny the Bruins their first one in baseball!



  1. Sorry Gene...

    You know where I'm from. I've got many friends and acquaintances that attended UCLA and I'd be remiss if I pulled for a bunch of Game Cocks (?) against the mighty Bruins! In my jargon USC stands for the University of Spoiled Children! LOL

    One swipe of the mighty paw and it's feathers city man!

    Good to see you remain loyal in the face of total annihilation!

  2. D-One... you are in SEC country now! LOL

    A....what starts with 'A'

  3. It's too bad we can't run pictures on here like the old Fox site... I had a guy over there expounding on the virtues of the NUMBER ONE RANKED TEXAS LONGHORNS who got taken down by a bunch of Horned Frogs!

    There's a reason UCLA in particular and the PAC 10 (12) outstrip all comers when counting NCAA championships... Shall I say why?

    Bring on the Game Cocks!

  4. Dwin.....I was thinking the same thing. I have a GAMECOCK CEMETERY cartoon I'd love to post!lol

  5. Have you guys tried running picture link in comments?

    I;ll say go GAMECOCKS since I hate all schools in SoCal on principle! =)

  6. Heck... UCLA always has had a hard time dealing with USC...

    There'll be another tomorrow.

    What's that they say about a blind squirrel?

  7. Me being from California and having known and do know UCLA Alumni: GO BRUINS!!

  8. Hey Gene...

    Congratulations on your Gamecocks. One helluva final couple of games!