Thursday, July 1, 2010

Will there be a HANAHAN sighting this weekend at Lanier?

How would I know which one is him?

The Heartbreaker!!!

I think he's taken!

The International Playboy!
The Pink Cowboy hat would be easy to spot in a crowd!LOL

There's just something about this one!♥
(the one on the right, not Kenny!)

or could the falling down drunk Mike Hanner show up?
Hanner should bring some brass knuckles to this neck of the woods!

Just clowning around, Gene. I've got too much time on my hands. I don't have a job!!!

Kyle Busch, climbing in his car at the Lainer (2009) when
Kyle came in 1st and his friend Jason Hogan, came in 2nd.


  1. Athens...

    He's the handsome one, now go figure...

  2. Where is Lanier and what does one do there?

    Hopefully not break another laptop!

  3. klvalus...

    I heard there are a lot of those naughty bars there!

    Gene might get his lap broke not his laptop! LOL

    (Weird, twisted, off-color sense of humor... The devil made me do it... Sorry ladies!)

  4. Lanier Speedway - FIREWORKS and RACING Saturday July 3rd. North Georgia's Largest Fireworks, and better Racing than anything you will see on tv. Make plans to join us and please share this with all your FB friends. Gene confirmed he was attending on Facebook. Where is Gene? Is he laughing?

    Jason Hogan, a driver from up the road, too, is friends with Kyle Busch so maybe Jason has hooked them up!

    Lanier is about 50 miles from Atlanta and about 30 miles from ME! Can't make it, cousin has been hospitalized since last Friday. Waiting on more test results. If he were well, he'd be there, too! Maybe Han could make it to my yard sale Saturday!lol

  5. Kyle Busch (above) at Lanier.

  6. I'll be at P Diddy's White Party at Harrahs in AC this weekend.

  7. Ah then a broken lap is much more likely!! Have fun Gene!!

  8. Now that's the $64 question!

  9. Figured you'd be taller, Gene....but opinions vary

  10. And all this time I was looking for some one that looks like Sam Elliot.

    Gene breaking his lap? Better keep the heavy weights off your lap.

  11. Atlantic City over Gainesville, GA? Gainesville is the chicken capitol of the world, all those poultry processing plants! Just take a deep breath and you'll smell why!LOL

    I swear y'all. He marked yes to attending the race at Lanier! Maybe his stunt double will be