Friday, July 2, 2010


So what did you guys think of Junior's post race interview after his big win??

(especially that bit about "I dont know what I would have gotten from Daddy, he was a loose cannon with me...)

Woot! Thank god I picked Harvick in the trifecta so I didn't jinx him!


  1. It's the beauty of competition... That had to be the best outcome possible.

    Interesting comments about Daddy. Kind of like an aside the way he said it.

    Maybe ten years is what it takes for Jr. to get his head together.


  2. Yea, kinda clear his dad's approval (or lack there of) still haunts him.

    Lets hope this is the spark Junebug needs!

  3. Oh and that comment about how nothing but a win would be good enough for the whole world!

    Oy the pressure on that boy!

    Yea, he is a billionaire and knows pressure comes with the territory but gee whiz...

  4. Kristen I kinda feel he got a good case of tunnel vision while the race unfolded. Everything besides winning became secondary. I'd venture to say he learned something about himself tonight. Hate to see expectations run rampant, but just maybe...

    BTW that GEICO commercial with the drill instructor/pyschologist is priceless! Love the couch side manner!

  5. LOL I loved that commercial too Dwindy! I must say I would like to say that sometimes...

  6. "What is your major malfunction, Numb Nuts?" LOL... That guy was great in Full metal Jacket.

    Wonderful outcome to the race! ...and like you Kristen, I'm glad I picked Carl, so as not to jinx June Bug!

    Great post race interview, and he is his Daddy's son fer sure!

  7. It's "FO SHO", CR!!! Get with it!lol

  8. Biggest surprise of the night was NASCAR not waving the caution after a car wrecked on the last lap. That would have froze the field with Jr leading, and assured his win. So, I guess it wasn't scripted after all. lol

    Congrats to Jr.

  9. Not surprised by the comment. Sr. was always a bit harder on his children than other drivers. Expected them to perform their best. He was always proud when they came out first but he also let it be known that this was just one race. You have another one next week. Let's see how you do then.

    Just a typical dad who wants only the best for their children. Give them praise, but let them know there is still more to be done.

  10. I saw the replay of the race and I'm with Gene, I was surprised that NASCAR let them race to the finish. Congrats to Junior on the win!