Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Trifecta- The Blackout's Over Edition

Greetings, race fans. It's a great week for the Beagle. On Tuesday, UPS left a surprise package for Katie from Stewart Haas Racing on the porch(they give away swag to fans registered on the website every month, and this month was Katie's turn), and the cable imposed race blackout has ended. Yep, we're doin' the happy dance.

This week's Trifecta takes us to the capital of the Confederacy along with a side trip to St. Louis for our three races.

First up is the Nationwide Series race from Richmond Friday night. The green flag drops at 7:43pm ET.

Next is the Camping World Truck Series race from St. Louis Saturday afternoon. The green flag drops at 2:48pm ET.

Finally, we return to Richmond for the Sprint Cup series race Saturday night. The green flag drops at 7:43pm ET.

The Rules:

You may choose any driver; however, you may not use the same driver in both the Nationwide and Cup races(ex: if you pick Kyle B. for the NW race, you cannot use him in the Cup race ahd vice versa).

Driver changes must be posted to this blog prior to the green flag for the race you wish to change.

Good luck, and let's go racing!!!


  1. NW - Allgaier
    Trucks - Hornaday
    Cup - Thorn Busch

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  3. NNS- Kyle Busch

    CWS- Ron Hornaday

    Cup- Denny Hamlin

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  5. NW: Biff
    Trucks: Braun
    Cup: Kenseth

  6. Third time is a charm eh RA6AN? LOL

  7. who knows, there may be a fourth!

  8. awww, the F1 race isn't included :(

  9. NW - Carl Edwards
    CW - Matt Crafton
    cup - Mark Martin

    Thanks speedbeagle for hosting this and glad your going to be able to watch the races now.

    Goodluck 2 all.

  10. Bring it on!

    Trucks - The constant Mike Skinner

    Nationwide - Kyle Busch

    Cup - Denny Hamlin

  11. Danica Patrick. What? she is not racing in NASCAR yet? Never mind.

    Cup. Stewart.
    NW. Happy Harvick.
    Truck. Bodine.

  12. Cup: Dale Jr.
    NW: Kyle Busch
    Truck: Ron Hornaday

  13. Cup: Kevin Harvick

    NW: Carl Edwards

    Trucks: Matt Crafton

  14. NNS- Carl Edwards

    CWS- Ron Hornaday

    Cup- Kyle Busch

  15. NNS - Shrub Busch
    CWTS - Ron Hornaday
    Cup - Jeff Gordon

  16. I love the way some of you mix up the order of the races in your picks... Make the beagle burn some brain cells! LOL

  17. Hey, as long as they identlfy the race, the order doesn't matter.

  18. NNS- Busch, Kyle

    Truck- brian scott

    Cup- matt kenseth (a jinx pick)

  19. NW - Denny Hamlin
    Cup - the new Ford man himself; Kasey Kahne
    Trucks - Johnny Sauter

  20. Time to make my picks-

    NW- Brad Keselowski

    Trucks- Tayler Malsam

    Cup- Jimmie Johnson(don't want to, but it's that time of year)

  21. Wow, everyone is pretty much stacked at the top. Looking at the picks for the truck race, it's probably going to stay that way until tomorrow night.

    F2 1 Crafton
    jon_464 1 Crafton
    Beverly 1 Hornaday
    photogr 2 Bodine
    CR 3 Hornaday
    Jbroomy 3 Skinner
    Tsfan 3 Hornaday
    moseby 3 Hornaday
    Stork 3 Scott
    SB 4 Malsam
    Kristen 8 Hornaday
    RA6AN 12 Braun
    Tez 17 Sauter

  22. It does seem to start out close but have no fear SB - we will separate soon enough! LOL

  23. Denny, you useless slacker! I thought you *liked* racing at Richmond?!

  24. Aw, Tez- tell us how you really feel :o)

  25. Oh, BTW, RA6AN-

    Which one of those deleted posts had Carl for the NW race? :o)

  26. Four laps to go - Ron Hornaday is spun and hit and spun and hit!

  27. Someone needs to take that kid to the wood shed! PUNK! "I ain't scared"... to take out the two leaders in two seperate incidents within a few laps of the finish.

  28. NASCAR flexing it's penalty muscles. GOOD!

  29. F2 @ jon ... I hope you can sleep tonight. LOL

  30. well, that race will shake the points up....we're all chasing jbroomy I do believe, lol

  31. Since jbroom and I both have Denny for the cup race, I'm changing drivers. All or nothing... KYLE BUSCH.

    ...Still shaking my head after the truck race...

  32. CR-

    If Kyle wins, you still lose. Beverly also has Kyle for the Cup race, and she's already ahead of you by virtue of Carl's win in the NW race.

  33. No coaching from the hostess!!!LOL

  34. CR is too emotional to make that decision right now. Where's Jon? They can start a support group!lol

  35. Kristen-

    You can't win with Kyle, either.

  36. I protest that when the black flag was out for Crofton he had 3 laps to take it so he wins.. IT was just hard racing not that i got to see what happen. lol


  37. Yeah, CR, take Mark!lol

  38. Well, that was interesting to say the least.

    After the Truck race-

    Jbroomy 4 Denny
    Stork 6 Kenseth
    F2 7 Martin
    jon_464 7 Harvick
    SB 9 Johnson
    Beverly 18 Kyle
    Tez 19 Kasey
    CR 20 Kyle
    photogr 20 Tony
    Tsfan 20 Jr.
    moseby 20 Jeffie
    Kristen 25 Kyle
    RA6AN 31 Kenseth

    Looks like CR, Kristen and RA6AN may want to make a last minute substitution.

  39. Darn that Crafton!!

    I will make a last min substitute - Kyle is going to win but I wont so give me.....


    Unbelievable its raining at the track with 2 hours til the checkers...

  40. 10% chance of rain for Richmond, but that 10% is right over the track.

  41. I have a stupid dinner party to go to tonight so I wont be around for race chat. BUT if it keeps raining I might be home in time...LOL

  42. And Beverly-

    I don't know if a support group for CR and jon is a good idea. True, they both know the pain of having a race stolen from theur driver, but jon picked Crafton in the truck race :o).

  43. Oh goodie - now football is going long so we are missing the prerace...

    We all know the last 2min in football is the longest 2 min in sports!!!

  44. Ok, give me Cuzzin Carl.

    Paging Carl Edwards... Paging Carl Edwards... Please report to the CRR hauler...

  45. Well, another thrilling Trifecta. The Nationwide race had all but 3 of us bunched up at the top. An unpredictable truck race didn't help much; it broke the leaders into two packs. Coming into tonight's race, I expected anything to happen; however, Denny Hamlin decided that this race was his. Denny's win coupled with a win in the truck race gives Jbroomy this weeks' trifecta win.

    The final standings:

    Jbroomy 5
    F2 11
    jon_464 16
    SB 20
    Beverly 23
    moseby 23
    Stork 31
    Tez 31
    Kristen 32
    CR 35
    photogr 37
    Tsfan 41
    RA6AN 56