Monday, September 7, 2009

Hey All You Lug-Nuts and Fan Addicts

Did you know that many of your friends are on Facebook? We have a thriving little group- I won't name names because I know I'll forget someone. If you're already on Facebook, search for Katie Scarlett O'Beagle and send me a friend request. I'll get you hooked up with the rest of the gang. If you've thought about joining Facebook, this gives you a reason to go ahead and sign up.

We'd love to have you join us!

IMPORTANT- Please include your blogger name in your friend request. That way, I'll know who you are :o).


  1. Thanks for the invite SB - Sounds like you guys have quite the community started on Facebook.

    I just can't get on there because too many clients on there and I already dont have any time to blog as it is so I will just have to catch up with you all here.

    BTW - big WELCOME TO GERREL who finally joins us here as an author...

  2. Kristen-

    I understand, but you could always sign up as Millie Leit. F2 is signed up under his Ask Forensic persona, and of course, I;m hiding behind the beagle :o).

  3. hey SB, when I looted a pistol on MW, the positioning of it made it point right at your avvie's head :O