Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus?

Sports fans, this is the time of week to throw whoever you think goes under the bus. I only have three.

ESPN: These idiots were ROOTING for a late caution because they KNOW that Kevin Harvick would have won the race. They were still smarting from the @$$-kicking that Happy laid on the field in the NNS race the night before. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ESPN?? DAMN YOU TO HELL. UNDER THE BUS YOU GO FIRST!!!!!

Clint Bowyer: he brought out the last caution with his spin. Clint, next time get your car under control. For costing Happy a win, you get thrown under the Bus. DAMN YOU!!

Shawne Merriman: for allegedly assulting Tila Tequila. I'm not a Tila fan, but NO WOMAN deserves to be assaulted. Shawne, you shouldn't be doing that. You get to go under the bus for allegedly assaulting a woman.


  1. Come on, Jon. That was the most genuine excitement that's ever come from the announcers' booth! Every thing else is

    I hope you lived thru the night! You sound like you were on the verge of an aneurysm!lol

  2. Beverly, there are two things about the caution I have a hard time with: ESPN's bias, and Harvick's own teammate costing him a win. I can deal with the bias. I have a harder time digesting the fact Bowyer cost Harvick a win. And Bristol? That was incidental contact between Bowyer and Harvick. Harvick was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    One good thing came out of this: I think the #29 crew figured out the nuances of the car and I think they'll run much better the rest of the year. Look out in 2010!

  3. And they won't have David Stremme to run into them next season!!

  4. I don't mean to make light of it, Jon. I'm sorry. If that was DJ out there, I'd be on top of the coffee table as was custom, so I understand your passion!:(

  5. Just read a statement by Merriman in which he claims that he was just restraining Tila Tequila from getting behind the wheel of her car. And that paramedics were called and no evidence of injury was found on her. Sounds like it may be a case of he said, she said.

    Should be interesting to hear what the Paramedics have to say about the subject.

    As far as Bowyer and Harvick, I thought ooops, Bowyer just paid Harvick back for Bristol.

  6. Wow. Tell us how you really feel, Jon. LOL

    Looks like Harvick had the same setup both nights....took 20 laps to get going. This may propel them back up front front the rest of year....OR it could have just been they found a golden Atl setup?

    Under the bus goes Ga coach, Mark Richt. They ran the ball down OSU's throat on their opening drive....then they completely changed their game plan after that. WHY?

  7. My friend, Joanne's comment on UGA Saturday:

    "SO!!!! You can always count on the dawgs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but it usually doesn't happen until the last half of the season when they are in first place. what a lousy team. I think I will "cross the floor" and change my allegiance to the Gators. For the love of God...They suck mud. They absolutely suck."

    LOL! She's a hoot! She's 60-something! Her son works for Penske and she loooves Junyer! Ya'll would love her!!!

  8. you forgot the leaders' pitcrews, jon....nearly every time they pitted under caution, the leader on exit wasn't the guy who came in first, lol

  9. NASCAR, For not giving anytime in schedule for night pratice. I know we seen some great drivers showing us they can hang on to a loose race car,, but this is not the Outlaw Sprints on dirt.

    Throwing the yellow flag for Jimmie and the other one when they kept going, when they have left it green for some one smaking the wall hard.


  10. LOL Jon - man am I sorry I missed this one on race chat - sounds like you coulda used some of my anger management expertise! =)

    Can totally understand your annoyance, although I was listening to the race in the car on the way home from our travels this weekend and you will be "Happy" to note PRN had no such bias.

    I am sure Harvick was thrilled to run up front, will be fun to read him on twitter the next few days.

    Ok Jon, deep breath in...slowly out....

  11. Beverly, my heart sank when that final caution came out. Then I blew a gasket when the ESPN crew went orgasmic because of the implications involving Kahne. I wonder if they would have reacted the same way if it was Smoke or Kyle in the same position? Most likely NOT.

    Tsfan, the more I think about it, the more I sense drama queen. Still, Merriman should have let her go and not let her come back. As for Bowyer, it was definitely payback for Bristol. Bowyer's Chase chances were done, and since his car was wicked loose, he figured he'd go into the turn a little too fast, spin out, and bring out a caution. If Happy lost because of that, oh well. And if it's true, I'm sure RC took Clint behind the woodshed and read him the Riot Act. At Bristol, both Harvick and Bowyer's positions in the race were in the mid teens. Neither were leading. At the ATL, Harvick had the race in hand. I don't want to think that Bowyer paid Harvick back that way, but it's hard not to.

    Gene, that's G-rated compared to how I REALLY felt. The whole race was pretty much choppy--there was only one green flag pit stop the entire race. And when that happened, Harvick checked out on the field. It's going to bode well for their 1.5 miler program. Kansas is similar to the ATL, and if Harvick gets ANY kind of break, I think he wins at Kansas for the first time.

    Beverly, the Dawgs are already battered with injuries. Sturdivant will miss his second consecutive season because of another torn ACL. He's arguably the best OL in the SEC, and when a team loses its anchor on the line, they're behind the 8 ball. I feel for the guy. I bet Joanne IS a hoot!

    Tez, because of my anger at Bowyer, I forgot about the crews. I had them in mind, particularly Happy's crew, until Bowyer's spin. (I think that's the first time I've ever been mad at Bowyer for what he did!)

    F2, NASCAR definitely goes under for that. They need to revisit how cautions are thrown. Both JJ and Bowyer got their cars under control without causing wrecks. They are inconsistent at best when throwing out cautions.

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  13. OK, Jon, be professional and move on!

    My friend, Joanne, found the SportsChump! Pray for Chris!LOL

  14. oooo, I got another one....whoever the pitcher was that beaned that Toronto batter (I *think* it was Ruiz) the other day. That was one nasty hit as it missed the little side flap thing on the helmet :O

  15. yup, found it via google: Randy Ruiz got hit by a pitch by New York Yankees pitcher Josh Towers....dang cheatin' Yankees! :P