Monday, September 7, 2009

UM? Is this a record yet?

Well, Last night I watched as Dave Blaney got his 21st DNF in 22 tries, this one due to a electrical issue. I would have thought I might see a long list of accidents , WRONG. The list covers just about everything. 5 brake failures, 4 for overheating, 2 electrical issues, 2 accidents, 2 engines, 2 rears, 1 fuel pump, 1 vibration? 1 transmission, 1 steering and a partridge in a pear tree.

Anybody know what the problem is with this team? Anyone know what the record is for DNF's in a season? Or dnf's per start ratio? Gotta be a trophy in there somewhere.

On another note; Yeah Kasey, YeeMum must have gone topless for all 500 miles, Yeah YeeMum, way to take one for the team.

On another note; I see where my buddy jon464 was a tad bit unhappy with the late yellow and thinks Happy got jobbed? I say jon goes under the bus for the sour grapes.


  1. It's took all of us to calm Jon down today! He was a mess!LOL

    'Bout time you showed up! There you go talking about Yee Mum again.

    Have a great week, Mister!

    It was a good race, I thought.

  2. B@O-

    Blaney is a start and park driver. He goes around the track a few times, pulls into the garage with some problem that prevents his returning to the race, and collects a nice little paycheck (average about $60,000 a race). Blaney is usually good for about 20 t0 30 laps. Other start and parkers(Todd Bodine) run considerably less.

  3. Hey B@O - SB has already explained the Start and Park (or Cash for Clunkers) phenom this year in NASCAR. They claim it is part of the economy fall out that teams cant afford to run the entire race anymore...

    I say if Blaney can do it, so can we.

    Good to see you around here!

  4. Is this really Blue? If you are, who were the Mets' starting infield in 1986?

  5. Gene; 1st Keith Hernandez, 2nd Wally Backman or Tim Teufful, ss Rafael Santana or Kevin Mitchell, 3rd Ray Knight or Howard Johnson, C Gary Carter

  6. Bev; New name? I thought it was a great race. Jon knows I'm kidding, about the bus anyway. And I just cant seem to stay off Yeemum.

    Beagle and Kristen; I follow the sport enough to know Blaney's 40 and out policy, I was seriously curious as to the record? Anyone?