Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Trifecta- On the Road Again

Ok, so we're not Morocco bound, but this week, the Trifecta is road course bound.

Our first race is Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Race from Watkins Glen, green flag drops at 2:18pmET.

Our second race takes us to Ohio for the IRL Honda Indy 200 on Sunday, green flag drops at 1:45pmET.

Lastly, we head back to Watkins Glen for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race also on Sunday, green flag drops at 2:18pmET.

One driver per race, no restrictions on selection.

Good luck, and let's go racing!


  1. Nationwide: Marcos Ambrose
    IndyCar: Briscoe
    Cup: Tony Stewart

  2. NW -- Kyle "Thorn" Busch
    Indy -- My Dancin' man Helio
    Cup -- He is JUAN!

  3. NNS - Thorn Busch
    IRL - Dario! Dario! Dario!
    Cup - Old Spice Swagger Stewart


  4. 1. NNS - Brad Keselowski
    2. IRL- Scott Dixon
    3. CUP - Marcos Ambrose

  5. 1 - NNS - Brad K.

    2 - IRL - Dario (cause Moseby said so).

    3 - CUP - Tony Stewart

  6. Hey all -- just wanted to let you all know GUNNY has finally joined us! He has a blog set up -- link on the right...go welcome him!

  7. NNS....Kyle



  8. NNS Aussie!Aussie!Ambrose! Oi!Oi!Oi!
    IRL Dixon
    CUP The Cake

    Let's hope Kenseth doesn't have Mr Drunk Guy visit him during the red flag again!

  9. NNS--Kevin Harvick

    Cup--Kevin Harvick

    IRL--Graham Rahal

  10. NNS = Kyle Busch

    IRL = Justin Wilson

    Cup = Tony Stewart

  11. NNS- Ambrose

    IRL- Ashley's Husband (Dario)

    CUP- Vickers

  12. NW - Carl Edwards
    Indycar - Scott Dixon
    Cup - has to be Marcos Ambrose, doesn't it :P

  13. scratch that, I'll go with Briscoe over Dixon

  14. too late for the tri- anyone else get their comped infineon ticket?

  15. YeeMum-

    It's not too late. There are still plenty of good drivers left, and several combinations the drivers that have already been picked. Go ahead and give it a shot.

  16. NW- Kevin Harvick

    IRL- Dario

    Cup- Jimmy Johnson

  17. Ok, I'm going with

    NNS- Ron Fellpws

    IRL- Justin Wilson

    Cup- Tony Stewart

  18. WOW!! Everyone finished in the top 10! Has that ever happened before????

    So here's how we stand:

    HotfootLori 1
    RA6AN 1
    storkjrc 1
    klvalus 2
    moseby 2
    Hanahan 2
    bc525 2
    tezgm99 3
    jon_464 4
    CR_Racing 4
    SpeedBeagle 5
    Forensic2 9
    Beverly 9

    On to Ohio---

  19. Hmm, that could be a first SB. Forensic, our local historian would probably remember if it had happened before.

    Where is everyone!?!??!

  20. I've been sucked into the Facebook void! I've gotten hooked on a couple games there! I've been a pirate half the day, and a member of the mafia the other half!

    Great job on the picks everyone!

  21. WOW... I just realised, that even though my driver came in 4th, I'm tied for the 9th spot!

  22. CR- Yeah, everybody had a good day in the Nationwide race. Unfortunately, we're all stuck behind the Ambrose and Kyle juggernaut. Hopefully, we can get past them in the IRL race.

  23. After the IRL race:

    Once again, we are on the cusp of our first perfect trifecta here at Blogspot. Burthday girl RA6AN has picked two winners so far. Will the Cupcake turn into a birthday cake, and give her the perfect score?

    As for the rest of us, we spread out a little, but it is really still anybody'a game.

    RA6AN 2(McMurray)
    HotfootLori 3(Stewart)
    storkjrc 4(Vickers)
    moseby 5(Stewart)
    tezgm99 5(Ambrose)
    CR_Racing 7(Johnson)
    Forensic2 10(Ambrose)
    Hanahan 10(Kyle Busch)
    Beverly 12(Stewart
    jon_464 12(Harvick)
    klvalus 14(Montoya)
    bc525 15(Stewart)
    SpeedBeagle 18(Stewart)

    Will be back after the Cup- whenever that might be- race to post the final standings

  24. Now that I actually have a decent chance to win this week, is it too late to change my cup pick? the race hasn't started yet. (thanks to the rain delay).

    If the rules permit, I'll change my pick to Montoya. He's been running good and he's hungry. If not, then I'll hope for extra good luck for the cupcake. Thanks~

  25. No, RA6AN you have until the green flag drops to change your driver, so I'll scratch Cupcake and put you down for Montoya.

  26. tez-

    it's tight all the way through. One wrong move by one of the field fillers, and it's anyone's game.

  27. Ra6an,, Cupcake as a 3rd place finish back in 07... lol. Well I see I can not win even if Ambros wins giving me two winners cause Tez has him as well with 5 points. So I need to chang my cup pick as well.

    I will take Denny Hamlin with back to back wins.

    Goodluck to all.

  28. Ok, F2 I have you down for the Hamster.

    Since Katie and I are pretty low on the Tony Stewart totem pole, we're changing our pick to Kurt Busch.

  29. RA6AN NOT taking a Roush driver?? Now THAT'S news! I figured she'd take Edwards or Biff.

  30. Jon, don't think it didn't cross my mind. But I had to ask myself, "Who wants it most?"

  31. tez-

    if the tie is a result of picking the same driver, the tie goes to the person who picked earliest.

    For example, if after the Cup race, RA6AN and HotfootLori are tied(both picked Ambrose in the NNS), the win would go to Hotfoot since she got her picks in before RA6AN. If RA6AN and storkjrc were tied, the win would go to RA6AN.

    Are you with me so far? Here's where it gets messy.
    If there are no common drivers between the tied players, we look at # of winners picked. If they're still tied, then we look at top 5 finishes. If you're still tied after that, we look at top 10 finished.

    After all that if there is STILL a tie, then it is settled on the field of battle in a pie throwing contest.

    Any questions????

  32. jon-

    agreed on RA6AN. I had to do check three or four times when entering the picks in the database for the races. She picked Ambrose in the NNS, and Tez picked Cousin Carl. I thought for sure I had them backwards.

  33. I'm not points racing, I'm going for the win!!! =)

  34. Unofficial Results: Congratulations to Lori! Good picks!

  35. I concur with RA6AN, nice one, Lori! :)

  36. Ok, official results-

    With several of us making last minute driver substitutions, it really was anybody's game. In the end, it still remained pretty bunched up, but a certain Hotfoot put the pedal to the metal and sailed past the pack for the win.

    Congrats HotfootLori!!!!!

    As for the rest of us:

    HotfootLori 4
    moseby 6
    tezgm99 7
    RA6AN 8
    Beverly 13
    Hanahan 14
    storkjrc 15
    bc525 16
    CR_Racing 19
    klvalus 20
    Forensic2 20
    SpeedBeagle 25
    jon_464 47

  37. Congrats LORI! Way to out manuever all those last minute changes...

    Speedy I can't believe you went with Kurt over least he sorta came thru! Thanks for hosting!!

  38. Kristen-

    Like RA6AN, I was going for the win. I originally picked Tony, but had to find a driver that no one else had picked if I wanted to win.

  39. P.S. Make no mistake, we are doing the Happy Dance around here.

  40. Happy Dance here too!

    Thanks y'all, it was fun!