Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? -- August 2, 2009

After a three-week hiatus, this column is back in a new locale. As before, Who Would You Throw Under The Bus? will be posted on Sundays for the foreseeable future with the exception of the 14th of this month. I will be taking a brief vacation from the 15th to the 18th. I have some nominees.
Minnesota Vikings: they flirted with the possibility of Brett Favre coming into camp for several months. I wonder how Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson were feeling, particularly Rosenfels. Favre spurned the Vikings, now the team has egg on its face. I realize that the Vikings HAD to do something in order to bolster its Super Bowl chances, but to court a washed-up QB? For giving its fans false hope, the Vikings get thrown under the Bus.

Pittsburgh Pirates: for being a farm team to the more successful teams, particularly the Boston Red Sox. Seriously, did the Red Sox’ AAA team move to Pittsburgh? This once-proud franchise, the franchise of Roberto Clemente, the franchise of Willie Stargell, has become a clearing house. Every year it’s the same song: the Pirates trade their best players for prospects. Meanwhile, the Buccos are well on their way to their 17th straight losing season, a major league record. To say that they are the Clippers of the MLB would do the L.A. Clippers no justice. The Clips HAVE made the playoffs in recent years, unlike the Pirates. The Pirates, their ownership, and their front office ALL get thrown under the Bus.

Those are my nominees for the week. Feel free to come in with yours!


  1. Question- is it considered throwing someone under the bus if what you're saying about another person is the truth?

  2. Let the bus take a lap on Pocono Speedway. And throw NASCAR under it as well.

    Why give two races, in 6 weeks, to Pocono? In the rainy season? Is there any other season in Pocono? Oh yeah, the snowy season.

    NASCAR should require them to correct their 'weeper' problem before they get even one race date. Whenever you see workers cutting grooves in a track with portable concrete cutoff saws, it's not a good thing.

  3. I'll second Gene's comment. Why two poconos and why are they both so long?

    Rosenfels played at ISU, so we've heard all the angles on the Favre story. Sage has done OK in the past with a few teams. It would be nice to see what he'd do if he isn't looking over his shoulder at the other guy.

  4. Hey Jon, Rosenfels is perfectly capable of leading the Vikings, it's their coach that I would worry about.

    I have to be honest, I am totally confused by the Pirates. What's the point in developing prospects if your going to trade them away?
    When should the league step in and say enough is enough?

    Good picks this week. Have a great vacation.

  5. Hey Jon-- I've got nothin' to throw other than Pocono this week but glad to see your signature blog back in action!

  6. Nice one jon, did not know that Minnesota had a Super Bowl caliber team. This cant be if they were thinkin of bringin in the Old Gun Slinger.

    Favre tosses the ball like I toss a salad.

    There is a team in the Major's that is worse than Baltimore and Washington ? I beleive you ....I live between both cities and they S U C K ! The Orioles have been so bad for so long they would have to have a winning record for three years for me to pay attention. The Nats, I will cut them some slack for a minute but they still stink.

    Hmmm ....Pocono, I like the track for sentimental reasons but the sport just hasnt geared for good racing there for quite some time. The last 20 laps at Pocono are reallll loooong .....snorrrrr ....

    Have a good couple off


    Do the Pirates still have a team? At least Andrew McCutchan is making us all forget about McClouth.

  8. Does Pittsburg have a base ball team? There you go. Throw me under the train. I know they have a hot football team.

  9. Denny Hamlin....he may have won the race but he also took out 2 top 10 cars (Ruetimann and Ambrose) in the process.

  10. SB, that's a good question! I use this forum to call out a team or an individual for idiocy, malfeasance, etc.

    Gene, why give ANY race to Pocono? The racing was good in the early 90's, but not now. It's BRUTAL. And TOO LONG. I'd be in favor of taking a nuke to that raceway and blowing it off the face of the earth. You'd have to warn the nearby populace first.

    Iowa-Girl, my question is why bring in Rosenfels if you're flirting with Favre? That's why I called out the Vikings for their Favre Flirtation when they brought in a perfectly capable QB in Rosenfels. As an aside, I'm GLAD Pocono is over!

    Aero, it seems like the Pirates want to perpetuate losing. It's like giving their fans a HUGE F U. Thanks on both counts!

    Kristen, thanks! Yeah, Pocono definitely deserves to go under the Bus!

    RL, I'd cut the Nats some slack as well, as it appears they want to build a good farm system. They need a veteran skipper for the young guns they have.

    Fireballr7, McCutchen will be traded in the next year or two to one of the following teams: Braves, Giants, Red Sox, or Yankees. Any good prospect the Bucs have, they trade away.

    Photogr, at least Pittsburghers have both the Steelers and Penguins to look forward to.

    Tez, I couldn't throw Hamlin under, at least not this week. Maybe next week if he goes bonehead.