Monday, August 3, 2009

Could Jimmie Be Retiring Soon?????

Well, it seems that Friday's rains brought out the silliness in the NASCAR press corps gathered at Pocono. One enterprising reporter even went so far as to ask Jimmie Johnson if the three time champ would forego a fourth straight championship in exchange for $100,000,000. Jimmie first asked if the money would be tax free, and when the reporter said yes, JJ said he'd have to seriously consider it.

So come on NASCAR bloggers(and anyone else who wants to contribute), let's get together and get this thing done!!

"We can raise the money. We have decals to prove it."


  1. Speedy:

    Do you think he would take $50,000.00?

    Sorry I can't donate too much. I got an Obamacrat tax bill comming up soom.

  2. LOL Speedy! Hanny's quote had me rolling...

    I think JJ should pay us!!!!

    Still very impressive to come from 3 laps down -- even with Nascar helping you with cautions...

  3. will Tony retire if we give him some shares in a brewery, SB?

  4. photo-

    I don't know. According to the reporter, JJ balked at the idea until he heard it was tax free.

  5. kristen-

    isn't that a great quote? Hanny left it as a response to another comment on my 1st Digger blog(gee, I miss my blog comments from over there)

  6. Tez-

    He might as long as no one from ESPN was around to report on it :o).

  7. When is the last time anyone made up three laps at Pocono ?

    He is a Lucky Dog that is already worth at least $40 mil

  8. What would we have to give Knaus to go with him? If JJ left, Chad would just plug in another so-so NW driver and win multiple Cup championships. Right?

    That Hanahan sounds like a rather witty chap.

  9. RLG- I agree. I don't see how JJ winning a 4th straight championship can be good for the sport.

  10. Gene-

    I have a feeling that we'd end up in a bidding war trying to get Knaus out. There's a rather large faction of Junior Nation that would love nothing more than to see Knaus moved to the #88.

    Yep,Hanahan is certainly a master of wit. That's just one pearl of wisdom he left on my blogs.