Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will Someone Do Me A Favor????


Right now I am unable to to anything on my old blog at Foxsports.com. I can't even comment to other people on their blogs. For some reason, when I try to access my account, or to comment, or anything else, it sends me to my registration screen and doesn't let me do anything after that.
So, I have a favor to ask (or two).
Favor 1: Fuzzboss has commented a couple of times on my blog and has now asked where I went and if the Film game is still going. Will someone go on Fox and leave fuzzboss a message, tell him what's up and give him the link to my blog? http://boltbacker21.blogspot.com/
Feel free to leave this blog's link as well. I think fuzz would be a great addition to this site.
Favor 2: Will someone leave a blog post telling everyone on Fox where I am and that they can use that same link to find me? http://boltbacker21.blogspot.com/

Thanks bunches!!!


  1. Hey Bolt -- I got the message to Fuzz directly on his Foxmail and put it up on the Sheep Squadron forum...both your blog and this one.

    I can still log on so let me know anything else you might need to message over!

  2. Thanks Kristen! You're the best!

  3. It might be that Fox is fighting back with us that are leaveing links to other sites? Is anyone else having problems?? Yes Fuzzboss needs to be in here.


  4. Fuzz just Foxmailed me and said he would find everyone...that he misses you guys!

    I think it is just kinks in their suped up new system F2...