Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Trifecta- The Night Time Is The Right Time Edition

Hello, race fans! No, you didn't sleep through most of the week. Thanks to NASCAR scheduling, the Trifecta comes early this week so that we can bring you tomorrow night's Camping World Truck Race from Bristol.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news. The weather from Bristol isn't looking too condusive for racing this weekend: 50% chance of rain tomorrow and Thursday; 40% chance of rain Friday(Cup qualifying and everything Nationwide); and a 10% chance for rain on Saturday(looking better than earlier reports, but we all know what the weather said last week at Michigan). Added to all of this is Hurricane Bill which is expected to hit the outer banks of North Carolina this weekend.

On to the races--

Up first is the Camping World Truck race Wednesday(8-19). The green flag drops at 8:46pm ET(6:46pm PT).

Next is the NASCAR Nationwide race Friday(8-21). The green flag drops at 8:13pm ET(6:13pm PT). You must pick a driver for this race who DOES NOT run full time in the Cup Series.

Finally, we have the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Saturday(8-22). The green flag drops at 7:43pm ET(5:43pm PT).

The last few weeks, there have been some questions concerning deadlines for driver changes. You may change your driver for a race anytime up to the posted time for the green flag. As long as your change is time stamped BEFORE the start of the race, the change will be accepted. Since this blog time stamps in Pacific Time, I have provided those times as well.

Next week is an off week for the Cup drivers; however, there will be a Trifecta next week.

Good luck and let's go racing!!!


  1. Truck - Thorn Busch
    NW - Justin Allgaier
    Cup - Kurt Busch

    I am betting we don't have any of the races on any of the days they are supposed to be on...

    Rage on Bill and to those of you on the E.C batten down those hatches...

  2. truck: Newman
    Nwide: Gaughan
    Cup: Edwards

  3. gene will kill me, but I got here first.

    Truck- Kyle Busch
    NNS- Kyle Busch
    Cup- Kyle BUsch

    and I predict now that he will make the Chase!

  4. LOL stork(although Kristen beat you to Kyle in the truck race)

  5. Truck - Hornaday

    Nationwide - Brad K.

    Cup - Tony Stewart

  6. hey! I thought we can't pick FT Cup drivers in NW race...stork!! =P

  7. Oops. Kristen is right NO full time cup drivers in the Nationwide race. stork, you need to change your driver.

    Thank you, Kristen for catching that.

  8. Trucks - Mike Skinner
    NW - Brad Keselowski
    Cup - Kasey Kahne

    and a bonus....F1 - Lewis Hamilton :P

  9. trucks - Todd Bodine
    NW - Mike Bliss
    Cup - Jimmie Johnson

  10. NCS... Matt Crafton
    NNS... Steven Wallace
    Cup... Ryan Newman

  11. CWTS.....D Setzer

    NNS......J Keller

    SCS......Kyle Busch

  12. Trucks: Colin Braun
    N'wide: Brad Coleman
    Cup: Mark Martin

  13. no mention of the FT in the NNS race in this weeks description. ;)

    I guess i will take Steven Wallace (CR has him too, but i have different Cup and Truck)

    Maybe his old man taught him how to get around Bristol.

  14. stork... That's exactly what I was thinking! Maybe a little "father like son" might come into play. Rusty had that track figured out!

  15. Trucks--Matt Crafton (he breaks Hornaday's streak at 5)

    NNS--Justin Allgaier

    Cup--Clint Bowyer.

  16. Trucks Mike Skinner

    Nationwide Danny O'Quinn Jr.

    Cup Denny Hamlin

  17. My picks:

    CWTS- Ron Hornaday(I think Tez may be right; KHI may just have that pesky Lug Nut)

    NNS- Jason Leffler

    NSCS- Kurt Busch

    Will there be a race tonight????? It's raining in Bristol at the moment.

  18. Trucks - Hornaday
    NNS - Leffler
    Cup - Kasey Kahne

    Let the monsoon begin...

  19. Standings after the Truck race-

    klvalus 1
    storkjrc 1
    CR_Racing 2
    jon_464 2
    Beverly 3
    moseby 3
    SpeedBeagle 3
    RA6AN 4
    HotfootLori 12
    Hanahan 21
    Tezgm99 22
    Tsfanpc 22
    Forensic2 32

    See you Friday for the Nationwide race. I will check in periodically for any driver changes.

  20. well, there goes 4 of us this week....what are you guys doing this weekend now Hanny, Tsfan and Forensic?

  21. Tez-

    The rest of us could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time in the other races. Don't give up yet.

  22. It is just impossible to pick against Thorn Busch in the trucks...now the rest of the picks are way more suspect! LOL

  23. Nah, it's entirely possible to not go with Kyle; remember Martinsville last year when he did that bonehead move? Or, same track, when he scraped up against the pitwall to get rid of some debris and got pinged for a pitlane violation as he didn't pit?

    I'm rather cautious when it comes to taking Kyle in the trucks on a short track, lol

  24. is it the weekend yet? Man, I had forgotten how difficult dealing with local residents while trying to do your job was, LOL!

  25. Hi Speedy, I would like to switch to Brad Coleman for N'wide. Thanks!

  26. After the Nationwide Race:

    Beverly 6
    moseby 9
    SpeedBeagle 9
    storkjrc 18
    CR_Racing 19
    Tezgm99 25
    klvalus 28
    jon_464 29
    RA6AN 33
    Hanahan 37
    HotfootLori 41
    Forensic2 47
    Tsfanpc 54

  27. OUCH! Dang it Lil Gator! Mid pack might be able to recover...

    Cant believe RA6AN missed out on Ragan! Congrats girl on your two hotties battling to the checkers (sorta)

  28. Kristen-

    She couldn't pick David- he's a full time Cup racer; however, I'm sure David's win will ease the pain of dropping her original driver(Gaughan- finished 19th) for Brad Coleman(finished 29th)

  29. Yes, I was bummed to see Coleman go down, but I really don't care right now!!! WOOHOO!

    At the beginning of the season, when Hanny made his predictions, he picked Ragan to win tomorrow's race. He must've forgotten. I'm gonna stick with Carl, though. No more changes.

  30. Beverly is at work and cant get on here to comment so I am passing this along from her:

    "Yippee!" on the lead in Trifecta and on one of the Georgia Boys finally came through!"

  31. am tempted to change to Matt for the race....but I'll stick with Kasey even though he's starting way back, lol

  32. Beverly just sent me a message on facebook. She is changing her driver to Kyle Busch.

  33. Well, well, well. A last minute substitution paid off this week. Here are the results--

    Beverly 7
    SpeedBeagle 16
    storkjrc 19
    CR_Racing 25
    klvalus 35
    moseby 37
    Hanahan 38
    HotfootLori 43
    RA6AN 49
    jon_464 50
    Tezgm99 53
    Forensic2 55
    Tsfanpc 59

    Congrats, Beverly!

    The Cup series takes the week off next weekend, but both the IRL and F1 will be racing along with the Nationwide and Truck series. There WILL be a Trifecta next week.

  34. And I slept through it!!!lol Thank you, SB for changing it at the last minute.

    I think Kyle would have won the NW race, too, if that rookie hadn't ran into him. But did anyone notice how understanding he was about that wreck? Maybe Joe Gibbs has had the "Tony Stewart talk" with him.lol

  35. Congrads to Beverly on the win. I learn my lesson about changing drivers from last week and I so wanted to change to Matt Crafton this week but said no. Heck I even thought it was a sure thing Jimmie was going to win late for my SYMT driver but nooooo. lol.

    Its all good when its family. Cheers2All.

  36. Congrats Bev! Gutsy call changing at the last minute.

    Will look for the "non Nascar" Trifecta this week...